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Are there any cleaning apps or tools that can help make cleaning more efficient?

You can be one of two types when it comes to cleaning your home: Either clean, or organize your space. Being more organized may lead you to believe that you are cleaner. However, “True Cleaners” are aware that appearances are deceiving and that nothing is truly neat. The dust that is accumulating on the baseboards […]

Thu Pham
Published 17 Feb 2023
Cleaning apps or tools that can help make cleaning more efficient
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You can be one of two types when it comes to cleaning your home: Either clean, or organize your space. Being more organized may lead you to believe that you are cleaner. However, “True Cleaners” are aware that appearances are deceiving and that nothing is truly neat. The dust that is accumulating on the baseboards is not noticed by tidy, cobwebs accumulating in the corner don’t bother tidy. Furthermore, tidy is not aware of the urine that is crusting behind the toilet.

The way you manage your business might be greatly improved by cleaning  apps. They can speed up your scheduling and billing processes, help you organize, wow your clients, and locate additional employment

But how can you choose apps when there are so many possibilities available? Sparkling and Beyond have put together a thorough list of the top 12 cleaning apps to assist you in making an informed choice.

Cleaning apps or tools that can help make cleaning more efficient
Cleaning apps or tools that can help make cleaning more efficient

What are the top house-cleaning apps?

You want to avoid being exposed to your home’s more dangerous features, the fact is that someone will have to deal with it. And when it all builds up, it becomes more and more obvious that you should set up the tools necessary to help you handle the literally endless list of household chores.

Rather than the other way around, the greatest cleaning app will work for you. They allow you to establish a tempo that fits your way of living. It’s time to make changes or reassess if a cleaning app ever feels more difficult than it should.

The top house-cleaning apps
The top house-cleaning apps

1. Spotless: Most minimalistic choice

Feeling overburdened by never-ending cleaning lists? The Spotless home-cleaning app seeks to assist you in maintaining a tidy and clutter-free home. Users can make work lists for each section of their homes, including the kitchen, living room, and bathroom, for example. Afterward, you may check off each task as you finish it and set due dates for tasks.

This is essentially a to-do list raised, from the restful lack of alternatives to the restrained color scheme. Simply evaluate your work lists after setting up your home and its present condition, then click the checkmark when finished. Reminders can be set up or turned off. How easy it is!

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2. Tody: Editor’s choice

Tody is the perfect cleaning app if you want to develop a cleaning routine. As would likely be true with any cleaning app, the setup is the hardest part. The Tody app, which works with iOS and Android devices, makes it simple for customers to organize their house cleaning chores. By making cleaning into an entertaining game, it hopes to inspire people. It will also provide you the ability to take credit for your deeds in addition to notifications to motivate you throughout the day.

The good news is – It’s a one-time task cleaning app. Add an area type first, you can give each room or region a specific color before adding chores. Tody offers a variety (dust, sweep, floor, organize, storage, and more – plus custom options) to pick from. You then can decide on the schedule and establish a regular plan for tasks like dusting the living room bookcases once a week or organizing the attic every four months.


3. Sweepy: Best choice for involving the family

This cleaning app is the best choice for you if you want to engage your children and they have mobile devices. This is due to the fact that Sweepy makes cleaning into a game in addition to tracking and organizing household activities. To share the workload at home while competing for a spot on the leaderboard, you can add family members to your account. Once you’ve given the go-ahead for their chores, adults can even reward helpful children with praise and points. You may filter tasks in Sweepy based on their level of difficulty as well. 

Consequently, you can choose cleaning jobs that demand less work on days when you just don’t feel like it.


4. Cleaning Checklist: Best digital task list

Thanks to a straightforward checklist, the Cleaning Checklist app helps users organize their cleaning duties precisely. It offers a hassle-free approach to keep track of what needs to be done by being divided into rooms. It makes it simple for consumers to complete all of their jobs, from cleaning windows to wiping down surfaces.

Additionally, you have the option of uploading your checklist and sharing it with your loved ones. Do you live with a roommate who is unhelpful with chores? You can provide them with the checklist to complete. The Cleaning Checklist is also one of the most convenient cleaning apps for you and your family in the cleaning routine.

Cleaning Checklist
Cleaning Checklist

5. Clutterfree: The top personalized app for organization

Similar to the cleaning app, Clutterfree customizes the program to your house. You’ll get a detailed road map that will lead you directly to that minimalist lifestyle after you upload your space. With bonus plans, you may unlock achievements that motivate you, overcome everyday obstacles, and conquer challenging regions. 

Additionally, there is a 14-day trial period so you may try it out if you’re unsure whether you can really commit to organizing your entire home using a cleaning app. Clutterfree will provide you with the inspiration and kickstart you need if you’ve been putting off cleaning up and simplifying your home.


6. TOSS: The best free app for daily decluttered

Does organizing your home in a few minutes a day really work? With this extremely simple and very enjoyable daily cleaning app, TOSS is bringing the satisfaction of tossing away trash to the digital environment. It couldn’t be simpler to use and requires no registration: just launch the cleaning app, choose whether to delete, skip, or mark completed a daily job that appears. For example, you’ll constantly be curious to see what is next for you to do. 

The most important thing is – this cleaning app is free for everyone. You can just download and use TOSS without paying any fee to sign up. How interesting it is!

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7. House Cleaning List: Good choice for your home-cleaning routine

Utilize this user-friendly cleaning app to organize your home. You can remain on top of your chores with the help of the numerous lists, and the customize option lets you make it unique for your house. You may create new lists, remove accomplished items from them, share them with family members, and even backup jobs for later use.

House Cleaning List assists you in creating routine checklists, sends you reminders, awards gold stars when activities are completed, and allows you to completely customize it.

Planning a thorough spring cleaning? Get this app to help you out more.

House Cleaning List
House Cleaning List

8. Homey: Best app for chores to teach children about money

Simple goals are created, household chores are assigned, done, and money is earned. Through a cleaning app that goes beyond a straightforward cleaning schedule, Homey instructs children on the value of hard work and how money is made. You can add jobs that kids can get compensated for after setting up unpaid duties. 

Additionally, people might make more money by working longer or harder. Within the app, you can talk, set due dates and savings objectives, as well as deposit or remove money from wallets. The app is functional on a single or a number of devices, in addition to being vivid, colorful, and simple to use.

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Get the best cleaning apps for your family right now!

Numerous cleaning apps can help you better plan, run, and promote your cleaning business. Although each app is unique and can benefit your task in a different way, don’t download them all at once to avoid clogging up your smartphone or tablet.

Instead, make an effort to give priority to the programs that will currently benefit your home-cleaning routine the most. You’ll accumulate a number of cleaning service applications over time that are crucial to the effectiveness of you.

Need some tips? We’re here to help

We hoped that our research into the top user-friendly cleaning app would enable you to effectively organize your home.

No matter what your cleaning problems are, you can count on sparklingandbeyond.com to make your life easier! We provide you with affordable and reliable cleaning services and a lot of helpful tips.

In case you want to book our services, feel free to contact us today! Our experienced cleaning experts are waiting for you!

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