Plant Decorating and Office Ideas to Improve Your Mood at Work

Most of us spend a third of our lives at work. What if our working environment appears to be unlively and boring? Obviously, we will likely get moody or even demotivated. Sadly enough, this happens several times, for several people. 

Have you known the “magic” to boost your mood at work? Well, a cute friend can help. It’s called plants, like these two: 

Lovely plants on desk
Lovely plants on desk

These lovely creatures can breathe a little life into our shared areas with coworkers. For many white-collars, observing a live plant thrive and producing oxygen in their surroundings lifts their spirits. And you can catch your teammates’ eyes and attention, too!

Even if you work from home, you may include plants in your workspace since they offer additional health advantages. 

Interested? This article will walk you through benefits of plants at work, the top 12 adorable office plants and unique decorating ideas. Read on since it may change your work, or in other words, a third of your life!

Benefits of plants at workplaces

If you are unsure whether it is critical to add some more greenery to your work spaces, here are some facts: 

  • Plants are scientifically proven to help reduce stress, boost people’s motivation and productivity at work.
  • Plants have been shown to improve air quality. According to research from Liverpool’s John Moores University, most indoor air pollutants may be removed by plants. Additionally, the amount of mold and germs in the air drops by 50–60% in workplaces with plants.
  • Plants increase humidity, thus coughing can be reduced. 
  • According to a study by Wageningen Environmental Research, plants can help decrease sick days by 20%.

It goes without saying that they’re so much more than just decoration, as both foliage and succulents are highly effective to reduce worker’s stress and improve their overall health and quality of life. 

Plants can do wonders for your workplace
Plants can do wonders for your workplace

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Top 10 adorable office plants for high productivity at work

Sansevieria (Snake Plant): Because they offer all the advantages of indoor plants with relatively little upkeep, sansevieria make excellent office plants for beginners. They don’t require much watering and can survive in poor light.

English Ivy (Hedera Helix): Ivy performs well in low to medium light, however greater light will hasten its growth. It’s also regarded as a great office plant for cleansing the air!

ZZ Plant: ZZ Plants are ideal for all lighting conditions and can survive in low light. Because their subterranean rhizomes store water, they only need a little irrigation.

Spider Plant: Because spider plants readily multiply, they are a fantastic choice for low to medium light workplaces. You may also repot the offspring and maintain the plants in other parts of your house.

Pothos: Pothos can tolerate missed watering days and may grow well under dim lighting. If you know what to look for, they will communicate with you by drooping when they need water.

Jade: Because they are excellent symbols of luck and success, jade plants are perfect Feng Shui plants for offices. Succulents require little irrigation and thrive in bright light.

Schefflera (Umbrella Tree): A beautiful canopy of leaves from the Schefflera, commonly referred to as a Dwarf Umbrella Tree, enlivens any workplace setting. It works better in stronger light and looks fantastic on a desk.

Fittonia (Nerve Plant): Fittonia is a fantastic indoor air purifier that can survive in low light, although it does require routine watering.

Leaf Fig: Fiddle-leaf fig plants may grow indoors and outdoors, so if yours expands quickly, you should consider moving it outside. If your fiddle-leaf fig plant is overgrowing, don’t become alarmed. They are happier as they develop more quickly! 

During the summer, moving your fiddle-leaf fig plant outside is a terrific method to provide it with light and support its growth. Just make sure your luxuriant tree will fit in the container when the weather turns chilly.

Monstera: The Swiss cheese plant is for you if caring for plants is not your strong suit. No matter how busy or forgetful you are, there’s a strong chance you’ll be able to keep this plant alive, according to The Independent. 

They may thrive in pots or hanging plants and only require watering every two weeks. You must choose a pot or planter with enough room because they are also developing quickly. They are also renowned for having extraordinary air-cleaning abilities.

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Amazing ideas to decorate your office with plants

For private office or home office

If you have a private office of your own, you will have ample room to arrange things as you see fit. You have many more alternatives available than simply placing a plant on your desk. The floor, the windowsills, and the walls are all yours to take! 

Here are some suggestions for the various ways you might use plants to spruce up your workspace.

Choose the right place to decorate: While smaller plants like the Monstera may be positioned on a window sill, larger plants like the Leaf Fig can be exhibited on the floor. 

Choose the right place to showcase your plants at work
Choose the right place to showcase your plants at work
Utilize desk space for plants
Utilize desk space for plants

Consider the lighting condition: Depending on the lighting in your office, you’ll need to decide what plant to buy. You should know the particular requirements for each indoor plant and how to take care of it. If there isn’t enough light, succulents are always the most fantastic choice; flowering plants, on the other hand, require enough light to be healthy and flourish.

Use a plant stand or a pot: Consider purchasing a plant stand for the pot if you want to place a huge plant on the floor in a room with lots of space. This will have a really fashionable appearance. 

White pots may be classic and modern, making them a wonderful accent. Using a pot with a motivational saying or a cute animal face might liven things up a little. If you have a lot of imagination, you could even decorate your pot plant with repurposed materials like used Coca-Cola bottles.

Growing plants in Coke bottles can be a nice idea
Growing plants in Coke bottles can be a nice idea

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For shared limited space  

What if I don’t have a private, ample working space? – You may ask. 

Utilize your walls: Well, even though your workspace is restricted to the cubicle’s panels, you may still hang some plants from your four walls! 

You should check with your company to ensure it won’t be an issue initially as this will turn into a tiny hole in the wall. If that’s an issue, no worries. You may hang your plant across dividing walls using a hanger, or make your own by using metal rope and attaching it to the pot and top of the wall.

Decorate walls and desks with plants
Decorate walls and desks with plants

Little plants can go well with your space: Your desk is probably the ideal surface for one, two, or three plants… You might have a single large plant or a variety of little cacti and succulents!

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