4 cleaning habits of neat people

Do you have those kinds of friends who have the ability to keep their house in constant order and seem ready to welcome guests to their spotless residences all the time? Indeed, maintaining a tidy living space is not easy, yet it is not impossible.

Let Sparkling and Beyond disclose to you the secret to owning a neat and unspotted space! Building these 4 easy cleaning habits can make a big difference to the level of tidiness of your home without putting extra burden on your daily work.

Cleaning habit 1: Making laundry timetable

Doing laundry regularly as cleaning habit
Doing laundry regularly as cleaning habit (Source: Internet)

The more people there are in your house, the more frequently you need to do the laundry.

Tidy people with a sizable household tend to wash clothes everyday to make this task governable.

For a family with just 2 to 3 people, it is recommended to make a timetable for laundry such as every Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

The principle for a laundry schedule is to make it coherent and prevent accumulation. Otherwise, a mound of unwashed clothes is usually overwhelming to deal with.

Cleaning habit 2: Weekly checking of your fridge

Checking your fridge weekly is a good habit
Checking your fridge weekly is a good habit (Source: Internet)

The stock in your fridge should be inspected weekly. Dispose of expired food, wash up ignored leftover plastic boxes and wipe away food stains.

This habit can effectively make the fridge management easier and allow you to have a record of stocked food and what you should buy, which also saves you from wasting money.

Cleaning habit 3: Cleaning when cooking

Cleaning while cooking is more efficient
Cleaning while cooking is more efficient (Source: Internet)

It is natural that people want to focus on cooking and leave unwashed dishes and culinary tools after dinner to clean up altogether.

However, it could be challenging to sort the kitchen out after cooking and eating. If leaving dirty dishes for too long, the food stain on them will stiffen, making it harder to wash away later on.

Try applying these tips when cooking next time:

  1. Get the dishwasher ready to use
  2. Load the kitchen sink with a small amount of warm water with soap
  3. Keep at hand a piece of wet cloth and use it whenever the food spills while cooking
  4. When finishing using cookers and culinary tools, rinse or soak them in the sink immediately before placing them in the dishwasher.
  5. Whenever you have free time while waiting for boiling or grilling, wash the plates in the sink before putting them in the dish rack. These tips could greatly reduce your cleaning time after dinner. Simply wash the rest of the kitchen ware and place them in the rack. Remember to remove the dishes you have washed during cooking as they should be dry by the time you finish your meals.

Cleaning habit 4: Donating unwanted stuff

Making it a cleaning habit to donate unwanted stuff
Making it a cleaning habit to donate unwanted stuff (Source: Internet)

Dispose of unwanted things can keep the house tidy with less effort as there is less stuff that should be sorted eventually.

Donation is a good method to cope with undesirable things while giving it to people who need them.

You can donate your old clothes or books whenever the new ones are bought.

It is also efficient to place a donation bucket in place and visit second-hand stores regularly to empty it.


With these cleaning habits in mind and practicing them constantly, you can also make your residence orderly like those neat people.

Remember to do the laundry regularly to prevent the collection of clothes, examine your fridge weekly to clean it and check the food stock, clean the plates and cooker while cooking and lastly, donate additional things in your house.

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