How to clean a grimy oven glass door

While doing the oven cleaning, you might find it hard to make the glass oven door completely shiny and transparent. There are always streaks and dirt residue still sticking on the glass door after a tiring deep clean. Do you still remember how spotless and clean the oven door was when you purchased it? In this article, Sparkling and Beyond will give you some practical tips on how to clean your oven glass effectively to let your oven glass door restore its former glory. Without further ado, roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

How to clean the outside of an oven glass door

We should start our cleaning journey from an easier task, which is cleaning the outside of your oven glass window. We recommend using lemon juice as the cleaner for its effective cleaning power and good smell. 

The tools you need are:

  • 2 lemons 
  • A spray bottle
  • Microfiber cloths

Steps to clean:

  1. Squeeze the lemons to make 3 tablespoons of juice. Mix the juice with a cup of water in the spray bottle.
  2. Spray the lemon mixture onto the surface of your glass door. 
  3. Use the microfiber cloth to wipe clean any dirt by moving it from top to down of your oven door
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 if the dirt is more stubborn.
  5. Clear any streak residue out of the door with another dry microfiber cloth.
How to clean the outside of an oven glass door
Use the microfiber cloth to wipe clean any dirt [source: Internet]

How to clean the inside of an oven glass door

The grease on the inside of the oven door has been roasted repeatedly for weeks so cleaning it can be a bit harder. Fortunately, baking soda can be the cleaner for the oven glass and help us solve this problem!

The tools you need are:

-Baking soda (1/2 cup)

-A bowl of small or medium size

-Microfiber cloths

-A razor blade (optional)

Steps to clean:

  1. Open the oven and use a wet microfiber cloth to clear any loose dirt off the inside of your oven door.
  2. Make some baking soda paste as the cleaner for the oven glass. To do this, put the baking soda in the bowl and slowly pour in some water to create a paste. When the paste reaches the thickness of shaving cream, it is ready to use.
  3. Apply the paste onto the inside of the oven door and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Slightly dampen a clean microfiber cloth and remove the paste with it.
  5. If there are still grimes sticking on the surface, you can gently scrape them away with the razor blade. Remember to use the flat edge instead of the corner of the razor to do this. Otherwise, you might leave some scratches on the glass.
  6. If needed, repeat the steps 1 to 5. Finally, remove any streaks left with a dry microfiber cloth.
How to clean the inside of an oven glass door
Use a wet microfiber cloth to clear off any loose dirt [source: Internet]

Cleaning the dirt between the windows of the oven door

Now we have cleaned the inside and outside of the oven door glass but you might still see the gunk stucking between the windows. Fortunately, they can also be cleared in the following steps.

The tools you need are:

– The manual of your oven (you can try finding it online if you don’t have a copy)

– A screwdriver

– A clean towel or sheet 

– Half cup of baking soda

– A bowl of small or medium size

– Microfiber cloths

– A razor blade (optional)

– Another person to assist you

Steps to clean:

  1. Check the screws that hold together your oven door and make sure you have the correct screwdriver to remove the screws.
  2. Place the towel on the kitchen floor where you are about to work on the oven door.
  3. Read the oven manual to know how to disassemble your oven door.
  4. Ask another person to remove the oven door with you. The door is usually heavier than you expected so do not do this alone.
  5. Put the door onto the towel and let the inside of the door face upward. After this, detach the screws from the door.
  6. Put the two sides of the door next to each other. The inner side of each half of the glass should face upward.
  7. Clean the inner side of the oven door with the same method in How to clean the inside of an oven glass door.
  8. Finally, put back the oven door carefully with your helper.
Cleaning the dirt between the windows of the oven door
Cleaning the dirt between the windows of the oven door [source: Internet]

Clean the oven door glass with self-cleaning function

If you don’t have enough time to clean the oven door glass manually or you are not confident about how to clean the oven glass by yourself, the self-cleaning mode of your oven may help. This function can not only clean the door but also the whole interior of the oven.

  1. Empty the oven first to make sure the self-cleaning mode can function properly. Then, ensure the windows are open as self-cleaning mode will raise the temperature inside the oven, causing the machine to release fumes. Therefore, proper venting is important.
  2. The self-cleaning cycle could take 2 to 4 hours to finish. After this, all the dirt and grime inside the oven will become ash. Wait until the oven becomes cool and clean the ashes with a damp cloth.  
Clean the oven with its self cleaning function
Clean the oven with its self-cleaning function [source: Internet]

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