How to clean upholstery by yourself?

We all have the experiences of accidentally spilling our morning coffee onto our armchair, leaving some mud on the bottom of the couch or our children dropping chocolate crumbs on the car upholstery. Therefore, cleaning upholstered furniture may be part of your cleaning routine. Compared with other cleaning experience, upholstery cleaning could be a bit tricky as it cannot be removed from furniture. However, it can still be polished effectively with the following easy tips. Sparkling and Beyond will share with you tips on how to clean upholstery furniture and car seats so that your upholstery can be polished and spotless again!

Vacuuming upholstery regularly

It is advised to vacuum your upholstery furniture once per week. This will make the furniture free of dirt constantly and also be easier for you to deep clean the upholstered furniture. Firstly, take off the throw cushions and bring them outdoors to give them some gentle hit to remove any dust or grime. Next, attach the vacuum with upholstery attachment and hoover the surface of the upholstery furniture in a slow sweeping motion. The upholstery attachment can work on furniture made of fabric. If the furniture is made of leather, use the brush attachment for the vacuum to avoid scraping the appliances. After this, install a crevice tool to the vacuum and hoover any corner of the furniture. Finally, put back the throw cushions and the vacuuming is done!

Vacuuming upholstery regularly
Vacuuming upholstery regularly

Spot clean stains on the upholstery

You can try the following methods of how to clean stains on upholstery. Make sure to check the label instruction from the manufacturer to make sure the cleaning methods are applicable to your furniture. Also, remember to always dab the surface gently to clean instead of firmly scrub it as this may only move the dirt further into the upholstery or damage the fabric.

Spot clean stains on the upholstery
Dab the surface gently to clean
  1. Velvet upholstery

For the velvet upholstery, try to remove any grime with a teaspoon. If the surface already has a guard treatment, simply vacuum the furniture to wipe off the grimes and use a white microfiber cloth with warm water to clean the spots. After this, let the appliances dry out themselves as heating devices can damage the velvet.

Velvet upholstery
Simply vacuum the furniture to wipe off the grimes
  1. Linen upholstery

Similar to velvet upholstery, use a teaspoon to remove the grime first. Following this, soak a clean cloth and gently dab at the spots repeatedly to polish them. This dabbing process may take a longer time based on the size and how dirty the spots are. Remember not to rush it by firmly mopping the stains as this can only make the dirt go further inside the linen. If the specks were more unyielding or you encountered liquid spills, you could apply a little soap or cleaner while dabbing off the stains. As linen is a delicate material, a little soap will be sufficient.

Linen upholstery
Soak a clean cloth and gently dab at the spots
  1. Fabric upholstery

You can use baking soda to do the job perfectly. Simply put some baking soda onto the spots and wait for a few minutes to let the white powder take effect. After this, vacuum the baking soda away and dab the stains with a wet cloth until they are fully clean. Finally, let the furniture dry out by itself.

Fabric upholstery
Baking soda can clean the fabric upholstery effectively

How to clean upholstery in your car  

The upholstery in your car can get dirty quickly as debris or dust can easily get into our car. Therefore, it is important to know how to clean upholstery in your car. Here is the method of cleaning the upholstery in your car properly. Due to the space of this article, we will focus on fabric upholstery as this is the most popular type of car seats.

  1. Similar to furniture cleaning, we need to get rid of larger debris on the upholstery in the car. Use a soft brush to detach any stubborn dirt sticking on the upholstery. Next, vacuum the upholstery to remove dirt and debris. We suggest using the handheld vacuum that is suitable for car cleaning. It is also more effective if you attach the crevice tool to the vacuum for cleaning as this narrow tube allows you to reach to the hidden corners where gunk and dirt usually pile up.
  2. Mix equal amounts of dishwashing liquid and water to form a cleaner and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Keep the bottle 6-8 inches away from the seats and spray the cleaner onto the upholstery. After this, gently scrub the seats with a soft brush and use a wet cloth to rinse the surface. Make sure the cloth is dampened with warm water. Finally, dry out the seats with a microfiber cloth.

How to clean upholstery in your car
Vacuum the upholstery to remove dirt and debris

Let us clean the upholstery for you!

We hope you have learned how to clean upholstery by yourself from this article. If you are busy with your career or children and simply don’t have the time to tidy up your house, we can do the job for you! Sparkling and Beyond provides regular standard cleaning service that our professional cleaning team will come to your house weekly or monthly to make your place tidy and spotless. All you need to do is to relax and enjoy a clean home with your family! Get a free quote today!

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