How to get makeup out of carpet: Comprehensive guide

Makeup has become indispensable to a lot of people’s lives. Whether you are a beauty makeover artist or only use makeup when you have to, you’ve probably run into a makeup stain on your clothes. What if makeup drop onto your carpet? 

Many of us have tricks to clean up makeup but do you know how to get makeup out of carpet? Luckily, in Sparkling and Beyond, we always update tips in our library of handy cleaning guide

We’ve decluttered thousand homes, so we know how to make your carpet dirt-free! Here’s our ultimate guide to get make up stains out of your carpet

Ultimate tips to get make up stain out of our carpet

Makeup can be a culprit for creating horrific stains on all sorts of carpeting. When you’re finding how to get make up out of carpet, it’s unnecessary to resort to toxic carpet cleaners. 

Before you learn how to get makeup stain out of carpet, there’s a couple of rules:


  • Use a dry, white cloth or non-dyed absorbent paper.
  • Always work from the edge of the stain towards the centre.
  • Act fast! Blot the stain immediately with a white dry cloth.


  • Don’t leave any stains to sit for too long. The more you procrastinate, the harder it will be to get it out.
  • Don’t wipe and brush harshly! These actions can cause the stain to soak right through the carpet pad and destroy it.
  • After you clean the stain, don’t air-dry! This can cause noticeable rings to appear on your carpet.

Tips to get make up stain out of our carpet
Tips to get make up stain out of our carpet (Source: Internet)

Let’s begin!

You will need:

  • Spray bottle
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Baking soda
  • Hair spray
  • Rubber gloves
  • Multiple clean, white microfiber cloths

How to get makeup stains out of carpet:

NOTE: Tackle right away for the best result!

  • Check your care instructions
  • Test your stain remover on another area to ensure colorfastness.
  • Dab makeup stains. Don’t rub or scrub as you could drive the makeup deeper into the carpet fibers.
  • To stop the stain from spreading, work from the stain’s edge toward the center.
  • Avoid dabbing spots with colored cloths or paper towels. The color of the fabric can transfer to your carpet.
  • After removing a makeup stain, vacuum the fabric to fluff up the fibers. Wait until your carpet is completely dry.

Now you know the most basic tutorial of how to get makeup out of carpet. Let’s go through a few different techniques for a few different cosmetics.

get makeup stain out of carpet
How to get makeup stains out of carpet (Source: Internet)

How to Get Foundation Out of Carpet

Since foundation comes in powder and liquid, you’ll need to know how to get foundation out of carpet for both formulas. You’ll need a stain remover that will break down the oil and clean the carpet fibers because liquid foundation is frequently an oil-based product.


There’re 2 possible solutions for the removal of liquid foundation:

Option 1: Use a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution and clean water

  • Simply soak a portion of a clean, white cloth in the undiluted hydrogen peroxide.
  • Dab the wet cloth directly on the stain. 
  • Repeat this process using a clean section of the cloth with each dab. 
  • Once the stain is gone, add clean water to the area. This will dissolve the hydrogen peroxide so that no additional cleaning should be required.

Option 2: Use cornstarch and water

  • Remove as much of the foundation on your own as possible.
  • Use warm water and a clean cloth to dab away the stain. 
  • Then, sprinkle the cornstarch on the area liberally. It should sit untouched for up to 24 hours. When you are ready, vacuum the cornstarch. Any remnants of the stain can be treated with a store-bought carpet cleaner.


Powder foundation isn’t as sticky and thick as liquid foundation, so getting powdered makeup out of carpet can be easier. Here’s how to get makeup powder out of carpet:

  • Vacuum excess foundation, putting your vacuum on its highest setting.
  • Mix a few drops of liquid dish soap with water in a spray bottle.
  • Soak the makeup stain with the soapy solution.
  • Use a dry microfiber cloth to dab up the foundation and soapy water.
  • Rinse the stained area with a clean wet dishcloth and let the carpet air dry.
There are 2 formulas and different ways to remove them (Source: Internet)
There are 2 formulas and different ways to remove them (Source: Internet)

How to Remove Mascara From Carpet

Similar to eyeliner, mascara can be difficult to remove. You will need water, a microfiber towel, and eye makeup remover if you have a mascara stain on your carpet.

There’s an important difference between water- and oil-based mascaras. Water-based makeup cleans up easily with soap and water, while greasy makeup stains need a bit more work.

Here’s how to remove water-based mascara from your carpet:

  • Combine a few drops of dish soap with water in a spray bottle
  • Soak the mascara stain and let the solution sit for five minutes.
  • To remove the soap and mascara residue, wipe the area with a damp microfiber cloth.
  • After wiping it off with a damp dishtowel, let the stain air dry.

For oil-based mascara:

  • Soak the mascara stain with rubbing alcohol.
  • Apply a clean, dry cloth to the stain to blot it.
  • Continue blotting using clean parts of the cloth until no more color is absorbed.
  • When the carpet has dried, vacuum the soiled area after wiping it down with a moist cloth.

How do you know if your mascara is made with oil or water? A mascara with an oil base is usually waterproof. You can also check the product’s ingredients. If you come across ingredients such as paraffin or hyaluronic acid, chances are the product is oil-based. 

Mascara is a stubborn stain to remove (Source: Internet)
Mascara is a stubborn stain to remove (Source: Internet)

How to Get Lipstick Out of Carpet

Lipstick typically has a vivid color and is very sticky, making it a real pain of a stain to remove! But do not worry; it can be done! Simply follow our step-by-step guide on how to get this makeup out of carpet:

You will need:

  • White vinegar
  • Washing up liquid
  • Warm water
  • Cold water
  • Clean white cloth

How to get lipstick out of carpet: 

  • Use the edge of a butter knife or plastic spoon to gently scrape away any excess lipstick from the area.
  • Mix a tablespoon of washing up liquid with a tablespoon of white vinegar and around 500ml of warm water. Dip your cloth into the mixture to dampen it and blot the stain. 
  • Repeat this process, moving to clean areas of the cloth until no more colour is absorbed and the stain disappears.
  • Rinse the area by blotting with a fresh cloth dipped in cold water before allowing to air dry. Vacuum the area once dried to restore original carpet pile appearance.

And that’s how to remove lipstick from carpet!

It’s not hard to get lipstick out of your carpet (Source: Internet)
It’s not hard to get lipstick out of your carpet (Source: Internet)

How to Get Eyeshadow Out of Carpet

The worst stainer imaginable is here—eyeshadow. This is because most contemporary eyeshadow contains some form of oil. Wonderful for makeup, not so great for removing it from carpets.

That’s why you need hydrogen peroxide, microfiber towels, and water.

IMPORTANT: Hydrogen Peroxide may lead to discoloration since it has bleaching effects! 

Here is what you need to do to clean eyeshadow:

  • Put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on the stained area of the carpet
  • Leave it like that for a couple of minutes.
  • Dab the area gently with a dry towel. Don’t scrub or dab to hard as it might cause the eyeshadow to get into the carpet’s fibers. Once it is sufficiently cleaned off, grab another towel and dip it in water.
  • Pat the area with the water towel to get the last remains of the hydrogen peroxide.
  • To top it all off, pat the area with a dry towel and let it airdry.

Eyeshadow - The worst stainer imaginable (Source: Internet)
Eyeshadow – The worst stainer imaginable (Source: Internet)

Now you know how to get makeup out of carpet! Easy peasy! 

With these tutorials above, you’re armed with all the essentials you need to get makeup out of carpet.You can confidently get ready for your next day or night out and know that no amount of makeup stains will ever put a damper on your plans. Just get your gear and start! 

Got any more tried and tested tips on how to remove makeup from carpet you’d like to share with us? Drop us a tip on our social media pages below and help us all out!

Don’t let those stubborn stains bother you!

We hope our tutorial on how to get makeup out of carpet helps you achieve your goals, but if the makeup stain persists after following these techniques, you might want to hire a professional cleaning team!

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