Hacks for baseboards cleaning

Baseboards may not be most people’s cleaning priorities due to their position. However, without proper cleaning, baseboards can become pretty grimy. The dirt and scratches can easily make the white baseboards become dismal with yellowish color. Therefore, having a fresh and white baseboard can really enhance the tidiness of your house. Sparkling and Beyond is going to share with you some cleaning hacks for baseboards. Due to the position of the baseboards, it is inevitable that you need to bend over to clean. Fortunately, there are also ways to clean the baseboards easily without lowering yourself down, which we will also cover in this article.

The best way to clean baseboards in your house

Firstly, here are the tools you need:

  1. Vacuum
  2. Duster
  3. Sponge
  4. Dryer sheets
  5. Cotton swab
  6. Dishwashing soap
  7. Vegetable oil
  8. Distilled white vinegar

If you plan to clean the whole house, leave the baseboards cleaning to the last step. The reason is simple. While cleaning the walls, the dirt will fall down to the baseboards. If you have already clean the baseboards, you will need to dust them again.

The best way to clean baseboards
Tools for cleaning baseboards in your house (Source: Internet)


Cleaning hacks for the painted baseboards

If your baseboards are covered with paints, monthly cleaning should be adequate. Here are the steps to clean:

  1. We need to remove any loose dust and debris first. Attach a brush to the vacuum cleaner and vacuum through the top ledge and the trim of the baseboards. Put extra effort to clean the gaps at the corners or between the trim and the floor. 
  2. Now we turn our attention to spots and pileups. Soak the sponge into a solution of the dishwashing soap and warm water and brush away any scuff mark you can see. You may also need some elbow grease to take care of blots and spots
  3. To clean the hidden spots, use the cotton swab to dip the cleaner and reach to smaller gaps to get rid of  any grime inside.
  4. Soak a microfiber cloth with warm water and wipe through the baseboards to remove any remaining cleaner.
  5. Use a dryer sheet to wipe through the baseboards. This can effectively avoid any dust to stay on the baseboards.
Cleaning hacks for the painted baseboards
Use a dryer sheet to wipe through the baseboards (Source: Internet)


Cleaning hacks for the wooden baseboards

  1. Vacuum the wood baseboards the same way as the painted baseboards mentioned above. After this, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe through the baseboards to remove any dirt left.
  2. To make a cleaner for the wood baseboards, mix a tbsp of vegetable oil and 1/4 cup of dishwashing soap in a bucket of warm water. This cleaner is suitable to clean wooden wares in your house. The small amount of soap will not damage the wood and the vegetable oil can polish the wooden surface. Next, soak a sponge into the mixture and brush the wooden baseboards to make them clean. 
  3. Again, use the cotton swab to dip the cleaner and clean up any smaller gap and hidden corner.
  4. Rinse the sponge with hot water and squeeze it dry. Next, use it to mop through the baseboards to remove the remaining cleaner. The vegetable oil will stay on the wood and form the protection.
  5. Finally, mop the baseboards dry with a microfiber cloth. Also, wipe the baseboards with a dryer sheet to protect the boards from dirt.
Cleaning hacks for the wooden baseboards
Wipe the baseboards with a dryer sheet to protect the boards from dirt (Source: Internet)



If I have a bad back, how can I clean baseboards without bending over?

Spending a long time to deep clean the baseboards with back bending over is a tiring job. Here are some tools and tips for you to clean the dashboards without bending over.

An easy way to clean the baseboards by standing up

Tip 1. A flexible dust mop is suitable for baseboard cleaning. Simply press the mop on the baseboards and mop through. Longer chenille strings can cover the whole baseboards to help you wipe clean the baseboards effectively. When this is done, wash the mop head with vinegar to make it dirt-free and tender again for the next use.

Tip 2. You can use a floor mop to mop through the boards after dusting. You can do this only for dirtier dashboards. Simply dusting the baseboards will be enough for less soiled boards. 

Tip 3. Instead of carrying a bucket of cleaner or water with you for mopping, you can use a spray bottle to bring the cleaner. Spray bottles are more portable and lighter so they are better for your back if you suffer from a bad back.

Tip 4. As we mentioned before, you can use a dryer sheet for extra protection of the baseboards. To apply the sheet without bending over, you can attach the dryer sheet on a swiffer wand and mop it through the baseboards.

An easy way to clean the baseboards by standing up
You can press the mop on the baseboards and mop through (Source: Internet)


To clean baseboards easily, here are a few tips to remember

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is also true for the baseboards cleaning. In order to keep the baseboard dust free all the time and make the deep cleaning less tiring. Here are two things you can do. Firstly, we would like to repeat this point again, applying dryer sheets on the baseboards can effectively prevent the dust from building up. Secondly, make sure to dust the baseboard from time to time to quickly remove any dirt pileup. You can do this with an extension duster or a vacuum cleaner with a dusting attachment.

Few tips to remember
Clean the baseboards easily with a vacuum (Source: Internet)


Don’t have time to clean the baseboards? We can do the job!

If you simply don’t have the time to clean the baseboards or your house. You can contact us to do the job for you! Sparkling and Beyond provide standard cleaning service for customers who need regular house cleaning. Although our typical standard cleaning does not include baseboards, we are happy to add this into the cleaning service for you. Check our website to get a free quote today!

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