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How to clean my Ugg boots?

Ugg boots, a pair of tender, cute and comfortable footwear that is suitable for colder days, are many people’s favorite type of boots.

Published 08 Mar 2022
How to deep clean your ugg boots

Ugg boots, a pair of tender, cute and comfortable footwear that is suitable for colder days, are many people’s favorite type of boots. Their velvety fur with lined wool make them classy and elegant. However, when it comes to cleaning, ugg boots, or simply Ugg, should be cleaned cautiously as they are made of delicate sheepskin. Therefore, you might wonder how to clean ugg boots at home? This is the question that Sparkling and Beyond will try to answer in this article. We will offer suitable methods of how to clean your Ugg boots properly without damaging their nap and surface. Also, the easiest way to clean ugg boots is with proper maintenance and we will also cover this topic. Ready to make your Ugg boots fresh and spotless again? Let’s see what we can do.

How to clean ugg boots at home? Prepare these tools 

Before we start cleaning the shoes, here are the tools we need:

  1. Suede brush
  2. Sponge
  3. Suede cleaner
  4. A soft white cloth
  5. Paper towel or newspaper
How to clean ugg boots at home prepare these tools
How to clean ugg boots at home prepare these tools

You can purchase the suede cleaning kit from leather shoes shops, general shoe stores or even big-box stores.

Steps of how to clean the Ugg boots at home 

  1. Firstly, any dirt on the shoes should be removed. You can do this by using a suede brush to wipe off any mud, debris and grime on the surface. 
  2. Soak the sponge into cold water and squash it firmly as we just need the sponge to be mildly wet. If the Ugg boots are drenched with too much water, the wool could be detached from the sheepskin. Next, use the sponge to dab the boots until the whole surface is wet.
  3. Apply a small amount of the suede cleaner onto the sponge and brush the Ugg in a circular movement. As you scrub across the boots, spray a bit more cleaner on the sponge when needed. While some people may prefer using vinegar solution as the cleaner, this may potentially discolor your Ugg. 
  4. Wash the sponge and squeeze it. Then, use the sponge to dab the cleaner away with the circular movement. Keep doing this until the cleaner and dirt are fully removed. You may wonder why we don’t directly wash away the cleaner but dabbing it with the sponge. The reason is that some suede cleaner can be served as a conditioner for the boots. If rinsing away fully, the cleaner cannot condition the shoes’ surface.
  5. Use the white cloth to wipe the boots dry as much as you can. The reason for the use of white cloth is to avoid any color on the cloth from contaminating your Ugg boots. 
  6. At this stage, we are ready to fully dry out the shoes. However, sheepskin can change its shape even with a little water left on the surface. In order to maintain the shape of the Ugg boots while drying, ball up the paper towels or newspapers and fill the shoes with them. Make sure the boots are fully stuffed.
  7. To totally dry out the shoes, put the shoes in a cool place with good ventilation for 24 hours. Do not dry the shoes with a dryer, hair dryer, radiator or direct sunlight as the heat and sunlight will make the sheepskin shrink and rupture or even cause the boots to discolor.
  8. After the boots are fully dried, the fur on the surface may be flat. Use the suede brush to brush through the surface from the top toward the toe. Remember to brush in the same direction all the time. After brushing the whole surface, the deep clean is all done.
Steps to clean the ugg
Steps to clean Using a suede brush to wipe off any mud, debris and grime on the surface the ugg

The easiest way to clean ugg boots is to have proper maintenance 

How to clean your Ugg boots easily? Well, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is also true for your lovely Ugg boots. Here are some tips to maintain your boots properly.

  1. Applying protective suede spray on the boots can effectively avoid dirt sticking on the boots. To do this, bring the shoes outdoors or places with good ventilation and apply the spray evenly on the boots’ surface. While spraying, keep the spray can 6 inches away from the shoes. Remember not to drench the boots. After this, put the shoes in a cool area with good venting for no less than 24 hours.
  2. To avoid the inside of the boots becoming dirty or smelly, make sure to wear socks or tights with the Ugg all the time.
  3. Do not dampen the shoes or keep them wet for too long. This can damage the adhesives and make the boots lose their shape.
General maintenance of your ugg boots
Applying protective suede spray on the boots

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