7 Ideas To Keep Your Commercial Property Clean and Green

If you are the facility manager of an industrial building, you definitely have many problems to deal with. You’re in charge of maintaining order and cleanliness in addition to making sure everything runs smoothly. Your job becomes much more difficult in a world that places more and more emphasis on green living.

How can you keep your commercial property clean while being thoughtful about environmental impacts? Here are seven ideas to help you keep your industrial space clean and green:

Hire professionals to clean thoroughly

Even while you should definitely clean your commercial property frequently, it is still preferable to hire experts to fully clean those difficult-to-reach areas. To maintain the cleaning procedure waste-free, prioritize eco-friendly products and use industrial pressure washing services as often as you can.

The majority of people believe that pressure-washing harms the environment. Instead, it really has the advantage of speed, which results in less energy and water being lost. Additionally, you can seek for a service provider who makes use of non-abrasive, mild cleaning agents. By doing this, you may remove the polluted water without worrying about damaging the environment.

Hire experts to fully clean those difficult-to-reach areas (Source: Internet)
Hire experts to fully clean those difficult-to-reach areas (Source: Internet)

Identify places that require regular cleaning

Nowadays, keeping your commercial property clean is more about keeping everything hygienic than getting rid of dirt and grime. As a result, you want to identify the locations that need regular inspection and cleaning. The following surfaces are some to be aware of:

  • High-touch locations: Throughout the day, it is advisable to frequently wipe and disinfect surfaces such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, and other objects composed of plastic or metal. Alcohol should be sufficient to wipe them down and sanitize them, which should stop the spread of illnesses.
  • Soft surfaces : It’s important to frequently wash carpets, rugs, and curtains. Use disinfection products that have been shown to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 and other deadly bacteria while cleaning them. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) collated List N as a valuable resource to determine whether a product is effective against coronavirus.
  • Laundry: If you manage a hotel or rental property, you need carefully wash all of the clothing, towels, and linens. Before using the items, make sure they are thoroughly dry.
  • Tablets, PCs, touch displays, keyboards, and remote controllers: all require routine disinfection. If you can, cover these electrical equipment with wipeable materials to make cleaning and sanitizing easier.
Elevators’ buttons are in need of regular cleaning (Source: Internet)
Elevators’ buttons are in need of regular cleaning (Source: Internet)

Keep track with the amount of your waste

Unless you own a restaurant or another type of food business, waste from offices and other commercial locations is likely to be overlooked by management. 

However, you should be aware of how much waste your commercial property produces each day or each week. Your waste-reduction program may be considerably impacted by getting an accurate measurement of this component of operations.

Track your waste amount (Source: Internet)
Track your waste amount (Source: Internet)

Properly seal the floor

Concrete floors are certainly something you’re familiar with when working in an industrial space. Because concrete floors are simple to maintain and clean, they are the best option for industrial facilities. However, as you are surely aware, concrete needs to be sufficiently sealed in order to remain spick-and-span and low-maintenance.

By sealing concrete, you can prevent stains from absorbing into the surface. Additionally, it keeps moisture out, protecting the flooring’s structural integrity. Given how common concrete flooring is, there is now an entire line of eco-friendly, green sealers that offer all the advantages without the use of hazardous chemicals.

Decide on greener sealants when sealing the floor to maintain everything easy to clean. Before applying the new sealer, be sure to remove any previous sealer from the concrete.

Concrete floor needs properly sealing (Source: Internet)
Concrete floor needs properly sealing (Source: Internet)

Invest in better lighting

There are a lot of lights in commercial property. It’s tough to maintain clean and eco-friendly in a dimly lighted warehouse. If maintaining cleanliness is a top priority, the area must have sufficient lighting. Don’t use any old bulbs, though.

Switch to energy-saving lighting options like LED or compact fluorescent bulbs. About one-fifth of the power of conventional bulbs is used by these substitutes. Consider turning on motion detection for all of the warehouse’s lights while you’re in energy-saving mode.

The lights will be upgraded, which will reduce energy use and subsequently lower electricity expenses. Additionally, for the same reason, look at smart thermostats.

Spend money on building lighting system (Source: Internet)
Spend money on building lighting system (Source: Internet)

Check your plumbing system

If you want a commercial property that is environmentally friendly, you should also pay attention to how your business uses water. Check whether your building’s restrooms have low-flow toilets, which consume only 1.6 liters of water every flush, if you haven’t already. 

You should also think about switching to a dual plumbing system. In this configuration, there are two sorts of water. First, there is the possibility of having potable water on your land, which is suitable for drinking, washing, and cooking.

Second, reclaimed water, which comes from sewage, is also available. This type of water has previously been filtered and treated to ensure that there are no harmful bacteria present, despite the fact that it may seem disgusting or potentially toxic. Furthermore, you shouldn’t worry because you’ll just use it to flush.

Dual plumbing systems have the disadvantage that it can be expensive to maintain two different pipelines. Saving rainfall or the water collected from hand washing and using it to fill toilet tanks or water plants is an alternative that follows the same principle.

Pay attention to how your business uses water (Source: Internet)
Pay attention to how your business uses water (Source: Internet)

Install solar window films

Solar window films can also help you lower the carbon impact of your building. These fixtures let natural light into your workplaces while limiting overheating so that your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep the space cool. As a result, you can save energy and cut back on carbon emissions.

Solar window films can also help you lower the carbon impact (Source: Internet)
Solar window films can also help you lower the carbon impact (Source: Internet)


In addition to being essential for efficiency, maintaining your commercial property clean also ensures the safety of your staff. Warehouses will need to be more environmentally friendly as the world advances toward efforts that are more concerned with the environment. Start making those modifications right away to get ahead of the curve.

Although your job is challenging, if you follow the advice above, your facility will be cleaner and greener in no time.

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