How to clean office carpets in different ways

Commercial carpets are used in many different spaces like common offices, hotels, airports, and hospitals. Over time, dirt and other messes will be trapped and stained in the carpet fibers, which will cause carpets to become odorous and soiled. Therefore, it is important to clean the carpets from time to time to maintain their durability and lifespan. If they are not taken care of properly, the carpet will need to be replaced sooner than expected, causing additional costs for the business. In order to help you choose the proper way to clean your office carpets, Sparkling and Beyond will discuss several cleaning methods on how to clean office carpets and the pros and cons of carpet cleaning in this article.

What to consider for office carpet cleaning?

Before you decide which cleaning method to use, there are several factors you need to consider about how to clean office carpets:

  1. The type of carpet you wish to clean
  2. The cleaning methods available to you at the moment
  3. The type of your business

These factors can help you choose the method that is suitable for your office carpet. For example, if your carpet has high traffic, it is better to choose the methods that have a short drying time. Otherwise, the carpets will become grubby.

Identify your type of office carpet to find the best cleaning method [source: Internet]


How to clean carpets in the office?

We will introduce 4 common ways how to clean office carpets and compare the benefits and drawbacks of each method.

1. Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is popular due to its simple procedure and affordable price. This method only requires a cleaner and a brush, so the expense is not high. The procedure is simple. Apply the cleaning solution to the whole surface of the carpet with the scrub. The carpet will be cleaned in this process. After this, use a vacuum to remove the residue and it is done. 

The benefit:

  • Affordable cost
  • The quick and simple cleaning process 
  • Only a few pieces of equipment are required

The disadvantage:

  • The drying time is long
  • It is not effective for high pile carpets
  • The residue can make the carpet sticky
  • The carpet can become grubby in a short time
This method only requires a cleaner and a brush [source: Internet]


2. Dry Carpet Cleaning

Also called compound cleaning, this solution is new and also effective. Most importantly, it is very convenient because it does not require a drying time. The cleaning procedure is also simple. Sprinkle a specialized powder throughout the carpet and spray a small amount of water. The powder and water will cause a reaction with the carpet fiber and effectively remove any dirt and germ. Once this is done, vacuum the carpet to remove the dirt.

The benefit:

  • No need to wait for the drying
  • Only requires a short amount of time for cleaning
  • The process is simple so no professional cleaners are needed

The disadvantage:

  • The chemicals used in the method may damage the carpet and have a bad smell. Check with your carpet manufacturer to see if your carpet can be cleaned in this way to avoid any damage.
  • The dust may accumulate after the cleaning
  • Is it not always strong enough to remove stains on the carpet
Vacuum the carpet to remove the dirt [source: Internet]


3. Encapsulation cleaning

Encapsulation cleaning is another popular and creative way of commercial carpet cleaning. It breaks down and absorbs the grime particles to cleanse the carpet, which is quite different from other methods. The encapsulation detergent will create foam in order to capture the dirt. When the foam dries out after 24 hours, the residue will become crystals or powder, which can be vacuumed away.

The benefit:

  • There are fewer remains left for vacuuming after the cleaning
  • The carpet stays clean for a longer time
  • It only involves mild water, which is safer for the electrical types of equipment in the office

The disadvantage:

  • The crystallized residue should be thoroughly cleaned by the vacuum cleaner.
  • It is also not effective for stains or very soiled carpets.
Encapsulation cleaning helps the carpet stay clean for a longer time [source: Internet]


How to steam clean the office carpet

Steam cleaning the office carpet is very effective and it can clear up to 97% of dirt and germs. Also, steam cleaning can also go into the lower layer of the carpet and remove unyielding stains. The way these method works is by utilizing hot water and high pressure. The cleaning machine will spray hot water at high pressure onto the carpet to loosen any speck of dirt. Then, the high pressure is able to clear the dirt out of the carpet. Finally, use a vacuum cleaner to wipe off any residue. Some detergent is usually added in to the water for steam cleaning. However, it is suggested to contact professional cleaners for steam cleaning as they will know the suitable water temperature for your carpets.

Steam cleaning can clear up to 97% of dirt and germs [source: Internet]


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Hopefully, our suggestion of different cleaning methods for carpets can help you know more about how to clean carpets in your office and find the proper way to clean your workplace. If you are considering finding a cleaning company to tidy up the office for you, let us do the job!

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