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Housekeeping Service

Sparkling and Beyond Cleaning Service specializes in providing regular housekeeping services, helping people across Nottingham maintain a beautifully clean home with our team of cleaning professionals who are committed to take care of everything for you. We offer flexible scheduling options so that there’s always time during the week or day suited just right around your needs.

We also offer a high quality service for clients that want to live in hotel standard conditions. Our staff will come daily and clean rooms, change linens and do the laundry.

With our housekeeping services, customers will feel much more comfortable and satisfied. We offer a high quality service for clients that want to live in hotel standard conditions. Our staff will come daily and clean rooms, change linens, do the laundry, etc. Staff from Sparkling and Beyond have experience in working with hotels so they are confident to give the best service for clients looking into living at a hotel standard condition!

We can free you from your weekly cleaning chores so you can focus on other important aspects of your life. Spend more quality time with your family and friends.


Housekeeping Service Checklist

For all rooms
  • Remove reachable cobwebs
  • Dust ceiling fans and reachable A/C vents
  • Clean mirrors
  • Dust window sills and ledges
  • Dust doors and door frames
  • Dust blinds
  • Dust baseboards
  • Vacuum floors (carpet and hard surface)
  • Mop hard surface floors
  • Clean and sanitize toilet and toilet area
  • Remove soap scum & mildew in shower/tub
  • Sanitize counter tops
  • Sanitize sinks and polish fixtures
  • Wipe counter tops
  • Spot clean cabinet fronts
  • Clean microwave
  • Clean/polish appliance exteriors
  • Sanitize sink and polish fixtures
  • See All Rooms List
  • Clean Inside Oven
  • Clean Inside Fridge
  • Detailed Baseboards
  • Clean inside cabinets and drawers

How Much Does It Cost For A Housekeeping?

We offer a wide range of housekeeping services that will suit any need and budget. In general, a householder must pay an average of $170 for housekeeping services cost. Housekeeping services cost typically between $40 and $80 per hour, depending on the cleaner. If you only want housekeeping services such as cooking, cleaning, washing, and so on, you may hire them by the hour; but, if you require room cleaning, you must pay them by the square foot of your property. So, depending on the amount of work that has to be done, you may employ housekeepers for roughly $130 to $270.


Why Do You Need A Housekeeping Service?

Reasons Why You Might Need to Hire Housekeeping services.

Nowadays, wherever you live, you’ll find plenty of companies that specialize in housekeeping services for seniors, housekeeping services for hotels or housekeeping services for airbnb. They’re professional, efficient, and affordable, for the most part. In that spirit, here’s a useful guide with some compelling reasons why you should consider hiring the services of a professional housekeeping service.

Guaranteed Safe and Healthy Home

A clean house is always favorable to excellent health, wellness, and a productive atmosphere. Cleaning your floors, carpets, curtains, furniture, and décor items on a regular basis cleans the room and removes dust particles and pollutants from the air, which can cause allergies and respiratory difficulties. A few times a week visits from a skilled housekeeper should help keep your interior totally safe, healthy, and habitable.

Get the Job Done to a Higher Standard

Cleaning is more than just removing a few scattered items and cleaning once a week. Those difficult-to-reach areas require the same amount of care. Professional cleaning services have the necessary equipment and expertise to thoroughly clean your property from top to bottom, ensuring that it is safe and germ-free.

Our Cleaning Services & Benefit

Why waste time cleaning every detail of your home when you already have our Professional cleaning service?

We will make your home cleaner than ever before! With our specially selected products, we offer a wide range of cleaning services includes:

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Building Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Bank Cleaning
  • Store Cleaning
  • Day Care Cleaning
  • Post Construction Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning services
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Floor Care
  • Vacation Rental Cleaning and so on

Let us take care of your chores so you can focus on other important aspects in life!

Basic house cleaning service

Basic House Cleaning Services

Sparkling and Beyond provides professional cleaning services that will make your home sparkle like never before. Basic house cleaning services, also known as standard cleaning, refers to all of the vacuuming, dusting, and tidying that we all perform on a daily basis.


Deep House Cleaning Services

With years of experience and a handful of good reviews from our customers, we’re here to help you with your home, office, or business on a budget. Our deep cleaning house services will help you resolve all of your cleaning concerns, even the tiniest issues.


Move-in Cleaning Services

Seeking for a professional move-in cleaning service to secure your tenancy deposit? Worry no more, Sparkling and Beyond Cleaning Service is here with a team of experts dedicated to provide you move-in cleaning services as stress free and seamless as possible.


Move-out Cleaning Services

Our professionals at Sparkling and Beyond Cleaning service have all of the cleaning equipment and experienced cleaners to offer every thorough move-out cleaning services that you need to ensure a hassle-free handover to your landlord. As such, you can also be ensured that your deposit of the rented property is secured and definitely refundable!


Airbnb Cleaning Services

Are you owning an AirBnb and looking for a professional cleaning service to maintain your place in immaculate condition? With Sparkling and Beyond’s AirBnB cleaning service, you can forget about long and boring days of scrubbing and sweeping. Our experienced AirBnb cleaners are fully vetted.

Housekeeping service

Housekeeping Services

We specializes in providing regular housekeeping services, helping people across Nottingham maintain a beautifully clean home with our team of cleaning professionals who are committed to take care of everything for you.


Office Cleaning Services

We specialize in commercial or industrial cleaning, office cleaning services for your office space, including deep scrubbing of drapes. Our team will make sure that every surface has been cleaned to the depths they deserve - from fabric seats all way down into hardwood floors (and even carpet



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About Our Cleaning Services Team

We adhere to strict standards of customer satisfaction. With a team of cleaning experts who are highly trained, every type of our house cleaning service and office cleaning service is carefully considered, from the flexibility of our scheduling options to the professionalism of our crews and, of course, the results you can expect.

Customers review

I contacted this company late last week to schedule for Wednesday, May 26th. Three workers arrived on time, requested a walk-thru to make sure they understood the job and then got to work! They all worked hard, efficiently and thoroughly.
The job was done very satisfactorily and on schedule. And I was charged just what I was quoted.
I don't do this often but if and when I need to do it again I'll definitely call this company.
PS: I just went up to the bathroom they cleaned. The sun had come out since they left-I was astonished-the bathroom shown! The bathtub gleamed!! Our house is 40 years, we've been in it for 35 years and this bathroom has never looked like this before today...WOW!

Arlene N.
Hayward, CA

I reached out to multiple vendors regarding electrostatic cleaning for our garage gym. Sparkling and Beyond cleaning had the most competitive pricing with great communication.

They were able to provide same day service upon my request and their cleaner showed up early, and performed the electrostatic cleaning in a professional and timely manner.

They have great processes in place to ensure timely and efficient execution of their services and also provide a receipt/invoice upon completion of the work.

Will definitely work again in the future and highly recommended for anyone looking for a reputable cleaning vendor/company!

Ronel M.
Hayward, CA

Overall this team did a GREAT job with deep cleaning my home. I would definitely hire them again and recommend their services to anyone.

-Quote was very reasonable
-Professional & timely communication
-Team was on-time, hardworking and polite
-Cleaning products did not have any strong odors

Andrea P.
Fremont, CA

As a real estate agent I needed a quick deep clean on a listing in Hayward and they were able to respond quickly and schedule at last minute. They came with 4 people, an evening appointment and stayed until almost 10p to make sure everything was in immaculate condition. Mind you I did stay to manage what needed to be spotless, and they made sure it was. Would work with this company again!

Desiree G.
Bay Area

I needed to have my kitchen cleaned because my brother in law decided to gut, clean, and cook some fish he caught. He didn't really clean up too well and I hated the way the kitchen smelled after he was done. I contacted them and they were able to come the next day to clean. Now my kitchen smells clean again.

Stephen T.
Oakland, CA