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Simple Hacks for a Sparkling Bowl

A dirty and smelly toilet may be a paradise for mold and disease-causing germ. Not everyone is aware of how to clean toilet fast and easily.

Published 07 May 2022
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A dirty and smelly toilet may be a paradise for mold and disease-causing germs. Not everyone is aware of how to clean the toilet fast and easily.  Are you tired of cleaning up your toilet and weren’t able to get rid of the horrible smell? Having worked in cleaning for years, here are some clean toilet hacks from experts that Sparkling and Beyond is applying. 

Clean toilet tips

How often should I clean my toilet?

Brushing the toilet may not help you to release stress like cooking or watering flowers but if you ignore it, the mission seems to be harder day by day. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, give it at least 1 – 2 times of cleaning a week. Follow our cleaning toilet tips below to keep your toilet shiny and hygienic.

What do I need to prepare?

With the advance of technology and design, doing a common task like cleaning the toilet is not such hard work with a lot of convenient tools which are designed for cleaning. Here are something you need to prepare for: 

  • Rubber gloves: Some detergent chemicals may negatively affect your skin, such as bleach, so it is better that you do everything with gloves. 
  • Toilet brush: We advise you to use a plastic brush that is specifically designed for cleaning the toilet bowl (usually has a long handle angular) so that you can clean the hard-touch areas much more easily. 
  • Rags, small brush: There are some corners of the toilet that the toilet brush can not touch, you can use the rag or small brush to do so. 
  • Toilet cleaner: There are many kinds of toilet detergent that you can easily find in the grocery but some of them will have an odor that you may not like so be careful to choose them. Besides, remember to read the instructions on the pack for usage, some kind of bleach will need to be soaked in minutes. 
  • Mask: wearing a mask is a basic way to protect yourself from dust and germ in the air. 
Some cleaning tools you need (Source: Internet)

Now, what do I need to do for toilet cleanliness?

When it comes to cleaning the toilet, it is not as simple as using a brush to rub the toilet. You also need to disinfect it. Fortunately, most of the recent common-using toilet detergents contain some forms of bleach and surface disinfectant so they can both remove stains and germs in the toilet. 

Before cleaning, you should check all the parts of the toilet such as the rim, under the seat or even the toilet tank, etc…. to make sure nothing is overlooked. Then, let clean each part of the toilet following the guides below: 

  • Clean the outside of the toilet: you can use soap or hot water which can eliminate bacteria and mold, to clean the outer of the toilet. 
  • Clean the toilet tank: The toilet tank has some parts inside so you need to follow steps in order not to damage something while cleaning. Simply follow our steps on what you should use to clean the toilet tank effectively?.
  • Clean the toilet bowl: To have a clean toilet bowl, you should shed the bleach from the top of the bowl (right under the rim) and let the bleach cover all the surface of the bowl. Remember to check the instructions of the bleach to make sure if you need to soak before scrubbing or not. 
  • Clean the toilet seat and lid: Although the seat and the lid are not likely to contact with dirt, they should not be neglected. However, these parts are often made of plastic which can be damaged or darkened by some kinds of artificial bleach. You should clean them with hot water or natural detergents instead. 

Cleaning the toilet with natural detergents

There are a lot of natural detergents that are affordable and easy to find in your kitchen. You can get rid of both dirt and bad smell by following our guides on cleaning with natural compounds. Here are some types of  natural detergents and cleaning toilet tips for each of them:

Cleaning the toilet with Lemon: 

The acidity of lemons is a perfect cleaner to eliminate any dirt. You will need 3 – 4 lemons each time, squeeze to have lemon juice (you can add a little more water to have enough liquid). Then, water them on the dirt. Close the toilet lid in about 30 minutes (or more if the stain and mold are hard) and then brush it with the toilet brush again, your toilet will be clean and have a lemon smell. 

Cleaning the toilet with Lemon (Source: Internet)

Cleaning the toilet with Banking soda: 

Banking soda is a multiple-function and common compound that can help you to clean dirt anywhere. You can find it in the grocery near your house. To use it, you add it to warm water and then water it in the dirt. After about 15-30 minutes, brush the toilet with water.

Cleaning the toilet with Banking soda (Source: Internet)

Cleaning the toilet with White vinegar: 

Vinegar is also a kind of acid that can kill bacteria and mold so you can use it to clean your toilet. You just need to shed it on the stain and mold, then close the toilet lid in about 30 minutes and brush the toilet again. However, after cleaning, you may find your toilet or bathroom have the smell of vinegar. If you don’t like it, keep your toilet and bathroom open in about 30 minutes, it will disappear.

Cleaning the toilet with White vinegar (Source: Internet)

Cleaning the toilet with Pineapple’s leaf: 

Not only a natural dye, pineapple’s leaf brings us a comfortable flavor that helps your bathroom and toilet smell better. You can boil this leaf with water and use it to wash your toilet, the scent of pineapple’s leaf will remain in 1 – 2 days. 

Cleaning the toilet with Pineapple’s leaves (Source: Internet)

I always keep my toilet clean but why does my clean toilet smell?

Sometimes, your toilet looks sparkling and completely clean but there is still a foul smell. If you have done all the above clean toilet hacks but the smell survived after  several cleaning efforts. Follow our guide below to find the cause and resolve the problem.

Low air block water level inside the toilet bowl

Cause: To prevent air and gas from travelling up through the toilet, the bowl is filled with water to block the air flow. Without frequent usage, the blocking water may be out of function because of the vaporization leading to the unblocked air flow from the sump causing the smell. If you see that the toilet bowl is almost out of water, it can be a reason for the bad smell. 

Solution: To deal with this, it is simple that you flush the toilet so that the water will be added to block the gasses again. If the toilet is not used frequently, you can flush it 1 – 2 times a week to maintain the water level. Remember to close the lid after that to reduce the vaporization speed.

Reasonable water level (Source: Internet)

Leaky wax ring

Cause: If you are not an expert in the cleaning service, you may not know what a wax ring is. Actually, it is a ring that sits on the floor to make a seal between the pipe and the toilet and it is made of real wax. Normally, it works stably for decades but if the temperature and moisture is too high, the wax can melt.  

If that is the case, you will see the floor around the toilet pedestal become wet or have some water leak. 

Solution: Checking the wax ring is a demanding task that requires physical strength and carefulness. If you are not familiar with these components of a toilet, calling a plumber to investigate is the best solution.

Where is the wax ring in the toilet (Source: Internet)

Blocked vent pipe

Cause: Some old toilet designs have a vent pipe (built in the wall) that is built vertically from the toilet to the roof of the house. The top of this pipe is opened to the air and is responsible for releasing the sewer gasses. The disadvantage of this design is that it can be blocked by leaves or  animal’s nests. 

Solution: As the pipe is built inside the wall, the only way is to check from the roof of your house using a flashlight. However, the pipe may be too long for visual assessment so it is better to call a plumber for help. 

Vent pipe (Source: Internet)

Conclusion part

Finally, the toilet is an important part in a house that needs to be clean and hygienic so cleaning it is an unavoidable chore. However, it can’t be denied that cleaning the toilet is the most obnoxious work that you need to do for your house. Having shared the trouble with a lot of housewives, Sparking and Beyond completely understand your difficulty.  Our professional cleaning services have helped a lot of housewives to get out of the boring housework. They now have much time for their children and to enjoy their lives.  If you don’t have time to follow our clean toilet hacks or don’t want to spend time doing it, simply give us a request, our experienced staff will take care of it for you!


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