9 things you need to know when living in San Mateo, CA

1. How to find good restaurants in San Mateo 

San Mateo is a diverse city and its restaurant options reflect a melting pot of flavors. Downtown San Mateo has many choices for a delicious meal or drinks. 

Wondering where to grab a bite to eat in San Mateo? Make your way down SB Street and find your spot. We’ve found some good restaurants in San Mateo that will satisfy anyone’s appetite. 

Let’s head to Ramen Dojo for its on top of the world ramen and Uji Time to taste Japanese fusion desserts.

Head to Ramen Dojo to taste Japanese cuisine
Head to Ramen Dojo to taste Japanese cuisine

2. College of San Mateo

College of San Mateo is the oldest of three colleges in San Mateo County Community College District. This school is located on a 153-acre that provides a panoramic view of the north Bay area. 

Situated close to San Francisco and several fine colleges and universities, College of San Mateo is part of a colorful community that enjoys many cultural advantages. 

To assist students in profiting from their education, the College helps them explore their interests and abilities, choose their life work, and plan an educational program that will prepare them for that work. The College recognizes the educational value of organized student activities and encourages students and faculty participation in these activities. 

College of San Mateo is the oldest
College of San Mateo is the oldest

3. San Mateo High School

San Mateo High School is a National Blue Ribbon comprehensive four-year public high school in San Mateo, California, United States. It serves grades 9-12 and is part of the San Mateo Union High School District. 

In 20017 San Mateo High School was ranked the 50th best high school in California by Niche. In 2015, it was ranked the 216th best public high school in the country by Newsweek. 

There are a variety of activities to boost your mind and enhance your well-being. The first one is the dance team. San Mateo High School is well-known for its hip-hop showcases, school assemblies, football, basketball half-time shows and so on. 

Besides, it has a recognized biotechnology program. And the Quiz Kids team has qualified for the NAQT championships in Chicago for three years in a row, and won the Bay Area Quizbowl contest in 2008. 

San Mateo High School has a variety of activities
San Mateo High School has a variety of activities

4. San Mateo Campground

San Mateo Campground lies a short distance inland from the 3.5m=-miles of sandy beaches within San Onofre State Beach A 1.5-mile Nature Trail connects the campground to Trestles Beach, a world-class surfing site. 

There are 157 campsites at this campground, each with access to fire pits, picnic tables, restrooms and hot showers. The campsites have an 8-person maximum occupancy but truly can’t be beaten in terms of the great beach access. 

The proximity means that San Mateo is an excellent choice for anyone coming from out of town to check out the surf breaks.

There are 157 campsites at this campground
There are 157 campsites at this campground

5. What to know about San Mateo medical center

We all believe that everyone deserves optimal health. And San Mateo Medical Center will be the best place for everyone to experience excellent health care. 

This is because San Mateo Medical Center is a public hospital and clinic system fully accredited by The Joint Commission. San Mateo Medical Center is proud to be recognized by The Joint Commission as a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures.

On the other hand, San Mateo Medical Center is led by a talented team of strategic thinkers who have dedicated their careers to serving the community. 

As part of San Mateo County Health, the medical center serves the healthcare needs of all residents of San Mateo County, with an emphasis on education and prevention. 

Everyone deserves optimal healthcare
Everyone deserves optimal healthcare

6. San Mateo Movie Theater 

In San Mateo, we have a well-known cinema called Century 12 San Mateo. It’s located at 320 2nd Ave. 

It was opened on February 7, 2003 by Century Theaters, now operated by Cinemark.

Amenities include all stadium seating, RealD 3D, digital presentation, lobby cafe, online ticketing and first-run attractions.

San Mateo movie theater is very modern
San Mateo movie theater is very modern

7. San Mateo Apartments

First, you can start on some websites to filter by the amenities you want. After that, you should open up Google to view ratings on google and many rating apartments websites to see what the main complaints are. 

The important step is visiting the apartments’ websites to see what offers they have. And finally, let’s schedule an appointment to view the unit that you will be moving into to make sure there won’t be any surprises. 

On average, you can find savings of at least $500 a month from the usual rent price. Depending on what your budget is, you can move into a very nice place for under $2,400 a month for a one-bedroom unit. 

If the idea of driving around appeals to you, we would recommend first driving up and down a large swath of El Camino Real. There are a lot of apartments for rent on this road.

It's not difficult to find an apartment for rent in San Mateo
It’s not difficult to find an apartment for rent in San Mateo

8. San Mateo County Jobs

One great suggestion for you is to join The County of San Mateo. There are a variety of jobs with many attractive salaries ranks from many fields like Healthcare, IT, Finance, and so on that you must consider. You will have the great opportunity of impacting the future and improve the lives and well-being of San Mateo County residents. 

You can choose to work in full-time, part-time, regular or limited-term positions. Let’s start as an intern, fellow or volunteer or maybe join as a contractor. 

The County of San Mateo conducts an annual employee engagement survey. In 2014, 78% of employees ranked their experience working for the County as “very good/good” and 85% stated that they would recommend the County as a great place to work.

The best choice is participating in the County of San Mateo
The best choice is to participate in the County of San Mateo

9. San Mateo Library

The San Mateo County Libraries (SMCL), formerly San Mateo County Library, is a public library system and Joint Powers Authority in San Mateo, California.

San Mateo County Libraries have been an integral part of its diverse community for over a century. 

San Mateo County Libraries are incomparable destinations for learning and growth. Each of their thirteen libraries is part of a larger family offering worlds of discovery and technological opportunities. 

In fact, more than 65 percent of the service population have library cards, and more than 2.2 million people visit them in person annually. 

They provide unmatched service to their community members, and they are consistently ranked as one of the best libraries in the nation. 

More than 65 percent of the service population have library cards
More than 65 percent of the service population have library cards

Here is something you need to know to better your standard of living in San Mateo. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to tell us. This is our pleasure to hear your opinion.

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