How to clean cast iron products properly?

Cast iron items have long been popular because of their superior thermal retention, heat dispersion, and resistance to become sticky after cooking. Cleaning cast iron things, on the other hand, is a difficult task. Stains and rust dull the luster of your cast iron kitchenware, reducing the heat in the pot and making the cooking less effective. So how to clean cast iron products properly? Today Sparkling and Beyond will show you some tips to clean rusted cast iron pans and pots in the most efficient way.

1. The origin and usage of cast iron objects

Nowaday, cast iron is utilized to produce pots and pans. Iron is made of Steel and Carbon alloy containing more than 2.14 percent Carbon. Other elements found in cast iron include silicon, manganese, phosphorus, and sulfur. 

The origin and usage of cast iron objects
How to clean cast iron products properly? (Source: Internet)

Did you know that cast iron pans, in addition to being more sturdy and long-lasting, can help you cook better than nonstick pans?

Because of the cast iron pan’s extended heat retention and uniform heat dissipation, it is perfect for cooking all kinds of food. For example, the fry has a wonderful, crisp outside shell, the steak is perfectly coated, and the stir-fry has an amazing taste!

In addition, using cast iron pans can help you save money on cooking oil while also controlling your oil consumption. 

The benefits of Cast iron skillets are that they are thought to be safer than nonstick skillets. Because the waterproof coating used to keep food from adhering to the pans includes PFCs (perfluorocarbons), a chemical linked to liver illness, cancer, abnormal menstrual cycles, and early menopause.

According to research published in Clinical Endocrinology Journal, the non-stick skillets can store many toxic chemicals. When heated to high temperatures, PFCs can be expelled as gas from an anti-stick pan which can easily stick to food or enter the body.

Moreover, this chemical can also scrape and damage the pan..

While there are many benefits of cast iron pans, unfortunately, itis difficult to clean cast iron items and make them sparkle. So how to clean cast iron products properly? If you follow the cleaning instructions listed below, it will be easier than ever: 

2. Cleaning cast iron enamel

Firstly, the following items must be prepared: 

  • Dishwashing liquid. 
  • Hard bristle brush. 
  • Dry towels or paper towels. 
  • Cooking oil. 
  • Oven/microwave.
Cleaning cast iron enamel
How to clean the cast iron enamel? (Source: Internet)

So how to clean the cast iron enamel?

Step 1: Preheat the cast iron skillet and rinse it under the faucet. 

First, preheat the cast iron pan in the oven (high temperature setting). In this way, The stains will be melted and readily detached from the pan surface due to the heat.

The pan should next be rinsed with lukewarm water and dishwashing solutions.

Finally, scrub the marks with a firm bristle brush.

Step 2: Secondly,  bake the cast iron skillet the second time in the oven. 

Continue to place the cast iron object in the oven/microwave to eliminate steam and moisture, and then thoroughly dry the surface using a paper towel. 

Step 3: Seal the top of the pan with a paper towel. 

Pour a small quantity of oil onto the pan’s bottom. Then, using a paper towel, distribute the oil evenly around the surface of the pan, including the exterior of the wall.

Step 4: Bake the pan one more time. 

Turn the oven/microwave tray upside down and place the baking tray or a sheet of aluminum foil below. This aluminum foil tray/layer is used to stimulate the heat, preventing oil from flowing out. Finally, continue to bake the pan for 1 to 2 hours.

3. Clean rusty cast iron skillets

The following Items must be prepared:

  • One raw potato cut in half. 
  • Salt. Hot water. 
  • Dishwashing liquid. 
  • Hard bristle brush. 
  • Paper towels/dry towels. 

4. How to clean rust off of cast iron?

Clean rusty cast iron skillets
Clean rusty cast iron skillets (Source: Internet)


  • Step 1: Soak the cast iron pan in salt for 30 minutes. Next, cover the surface of the cast iron pan with coarse salt. In the case of injury rust in the pan, make 1 brass/pot of coarse salt and reheat the entire pan in it. Rust stains on the pan’s surface will be melted as a result of the salt plaque action.
  • Step 2: Rub the potatoes on the pan’s surface. Rub the surface of the pan where the rust spots are with the cut-in potatoes. The influence of salt and moisture from potatoes can increase roughness of the cast iron skillet, making cleaning simpler.
  • Step 3: Using a hard brush, scrub the pan. Pour more hot water into the pan and continue to scrub away any leftover rust with a rough brush. Continue rinsing the cast iron skillet with water to remove stains that have been cleaned, then dry the pan surface with a paper towel. As a result, rust streaks on the pan can be removed quite easily.

These two techniques of cleaning rusted cast iron pan are very simple and straightforward to apply without too much effort. Also, It’s simple and quick to do at home.

5. Tips for maintaining the pristine condition of your cast iron pan.

Clean rust off of cast iron
Clean rusted cast iron pans and pots (Source: Internet)

Wash the pan with hot water. 

After processing, immerse the pan in warm water for a few minutes to soften the stains. Cleaning your cast iron pan will be easier than ever once you complete this step.

  •  Clean rust off of cast iron products at least once a week

You should scrape the pan on a frequent basis to ensure that the entire surface is clean. As a result, stains can be hard to penetrate and irritate, making them easier to clear for subsequent pan cleanings.

  • To prevent the cast iron pot from becoming rusty, it should be washed in hot water and dried as soon as possible.
  • When buying cast iron pots and pans,before you start using them, fill the cast iron products with sawdust and heat them to extend their longevity of usage. To clean the pots regularly, clean rusted cast iron pans and pots with a piece of pottery or sandpaper. When black or rust markings are found on the pot/pan, it should be cleaned with water and then heated. Finally, pour in the vinegar and scrape the interior of the saucepan with a little brush.
  • To avoid rusting, wipe away any adhesion on the pot/surface pan’s using yellow sand or ash and absorbent straw. After that, pour some oil into the pan and wait for it to evaporate before wiping it off with a paper towel to effectively clean rust off of cast iron products.

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