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How to Keep Your Laundry Room Clean

Laundry rooms are the sanctuary of our clothes where the dirty outfits are polished and refreshed.

Published 13 Feb 2022
Keep your laundry room clean
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Laundry rooms are the sanctuary of our clothes where the dirty outfits are polished and refreshed. However, we usually underestimate how dirty the laundry rooms can be. Laundry room can also become dirty just like other rooms in our house. Also, the dryer and washer could generate smells without maintenance from time to time. In this article, Sparkling and Beyond will walk you through some easy tips for laundry room cleaning and maintenance to make your laundry room as tidy as other places in your house.

Clean the washer and dryer in the laundry room

It is often misunderstood that washers and dryers will clean themselves while clothes are being washed. Unfortunately, this is not correct. Washers and dryers should be cleaned regularly or they will develop an unpleasant smell. We have covered tips for cleaning the washer in the previous article.Therefore, this article will focus on cleaning the dryer alone. When drying the clothes, the moisture on the clothes will leave on the dryer and create opportunity for the mold to grow and also generate odor over time. In addition, lint blockage in the ductwork may cause a fire hazard if left unexamined. 

In order to clean the dryer, unplug the dryer from the electric socket and move the dryer away from the wall. Then,  remove the vent duct from the wall opening by unscrewing the clamp that connects the vent pipe to the wall opening. After this, you should check the vent pipe for any damage or examine its general quality. The pipe should be renewed if needed. Next, check the inside of the vent for any rubbish or blockage and remove them with your hand. It is suggested to wear gloves to do this because the debris may contain something sharp. You can use a vacuum to clean the area in the vent that cannot be reached by hand. For other vent tubes, it is recommended to buy spericalized dryer cleaning kits to clean these tubes and spots deeper inside the dryer.

When the inside of the dryer is done, remember to also go outside and check the outer part of the vent opening, which is usually at the outside of the wall near your dryer or on the roof. Use the same way you clean the dryer vent to tidy up the exterior vent. After this, inspect the surrounding of the exterior vent to make sure nothing is blocking the airflow because sometimes, tree branches, bird nests could interrupt the operation of the vent. Make sure to remove them if needed. You can also install a vent cover to prevent animals or debris going inside the vent pipe. When these are finished, the cleaning is done and you can reinstall the dryer back. Finally, turn on the machine and go outside again to check if any debris is showing up when the machine is running.

Clean the washer and dryer
The lint traps and screens should be removed and cleaned

Tidy up other appliances such as irons and steamers in the laundry

Other appliances like irons and steamers in the laundry room should also be taken care of. In general, these appliances should be cleaned with sanitizing rags or all-purpose wipes to eliminate germs on the surfaces. You can also use an all-purpose wipe to deal with cabinet surfaces, counter tops and other hardwares. 

Tidy up other appliances
 Sanitizing rags or all-purpose wipes can eliminate germs in the laundry room

Clean the laundry hampers in the laundry room

While laundry hampers keep carrying dirty clothes, why should these baskets be cleaned anyway? The reason is that they could also develop odor if not cleaned regularly. To maintain the freshness of the basket, simply wipe clean the hampers with a damp cloth and all-purpose cleaner. Leave the baskets to dry out and they will be as fresh as new.

Clean the laundry hampers
Clean the hampers in the laundry room


When tidying up your house, make sure the laundry room is also on your checklist. The washers and dryers should be cleaned regularly to avoid bad odor. The cabinet surfaces and countertops can be wiped clean by an all-purpose wipe. Finally, make sure not to miss the hampers. If you are interested to check more cleaning tips, visit sparklingandbeyond.org or dial 415-966-1101 and book a cleaning service with us today!


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