Asset preservation tips for facility managers of commercial buildings

Asset preservation is a type of hospitality service specialized for commercial properties. It cares for and prolongs the lifespan of major property-bound assets like floors, surfaces, carpets, upholstery, and windows, and by doing that help preserve the service worthiness and prolong the service lifespan of the property itself. The service typically involves yearly deep cleaning […]

Published 30 Jun 2022
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Asset preservation is a type of hospitality service specialized for commercial properties. It cares for and prolongs the lifespan of major property-bound assets like floors, surfaces, carpets, upholstery, and windows, and by doing that help preserve the service worthiness and prolong the service lifespan of the property itself. The service typically involves yearly deep cleaning and monthly maintenance.

In this article, we will provide some tips on asset preservations for facility managers of commercial buildings, that will help them do the job better. These tips will give you a very good idea of what types of maintenance might be involved, and how you can perform these works efficiently and effectively.


Professional commercial floor cleaning service
Professional commercial floor cleaning service (Source: Internet)

When it comes to asset preservation, the first thing that comes to mind is hard floor surfaces. The floor makes up such a large part of a commercial building, it is the body of the property itself. Floors can last and stay pretty for years if properly maintained; cleaning mistakes on these materials, on the other hand, can be absolutely devastating enough for the floor to be replaced, which will be costly for high-end materials like marble or granite:

So your best bet is to find a maid service company with a good track record at commercial floor cleaning services. And even with such a company being recruited, you want every individual person in the team sent by the company to be the most capable hands they have, since, as we explained, mistakes can be brutal.

So here is a range of flooring types that you may have in your commercial properties:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • VCT tile
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Wood

Each of these floorings has its very own Achilles’s heels – the don’ts that you never want to commit. So, what you want to do is to know what type of flooring is being used on your property, what are the dos and don’ts for such material, and monitor the cleaning team to make sure they are taking the due diligence for the material. A lot of companies out there, with decades of track record, do get by rubbing any type of floor with powerful chemical products that will give immediate but not necessarily sustainable results.

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Professional commercial carpet cleaning service
Professional commercial carpet cleaning service (Source: Internet)

Carpeting is definitely a big asset to lose, especially for a commercial building with thousand square feet of floors. Carpets may come at many different grades and prices, but on such a scale, it would still be a big expenditure. So you want to make the best value out of it, by taking very good care of it and keeping of service-worthy for as long as possible.

That being said, carpet is a very tricky material to deep clean or maintain. Carpets are likely exposed to heavy traffic and a wide range of stains, some of which may require special treatment using specialized equipment; while the carpets themselves are particularly vulnerable to harsh cleaners and overwetting. All of these factors give you the necessity to find a specialist company that actually knows what to do with dirty carpets.

For maintenance, which is basically weekly vacuuming of the carpet, especially in heavy traffic areas, a commercial cleaning service should suffice. For deep cleaning, which should be done at least once a year, you should send for a professional carpet cleaning service.

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Professional commercial window cleaning service
Professional commercial window cleaning service (Source: Internet)

The windows are the facade of a commercial building; it is what people see as they walk past the building. And the cleanliness portrayed by these well-maintained windows would sparkle up that positive feeling that a commercial building should be able to inspire in customers. 

Due maintenance of windows doesn’t stop at making them shiny, you also clean the tracks, seals, and frames, thus prolonging the lifespan of the windows. The well-maintained windows are also less likely to become worn out or leaky, which saves you expensive repairs and increased energy bills.

Due to cleaning windows (especially for large-scale properties like commercial buildings) being such a laborious job, and also due to it requiring special equipment to clean or even just to access the windows, the techniques and equipment used by the window cleaning industry are simply not so widely available elsewhere. And, as we have explained, we want to achieve a little more than just cleaning the glass. So, for deep cleaning of a commercial building’s windows, you would be much better of hiring a company that is specialized in window cleaning.


Upholstery cleaning done by commercial cleaning services
Upholstery cleaning done by commercial cleaning services (Source: Internet)

The furniture and draperies should be regularly deep-cleaned: Clean, well-maintained furniture is a great way to impress the customers, and being clean also helps prolong the service life of these assets.

Cleaning upholstery definitely belongs to the spectrum of non-specialized cleaning services; meaning that you can actually hire a commercial cleaning service for the job, as long as they have a respectable track record. Nonetheless, there are a couple of things that you can do to guarantee the value you gain from the cleaning service.

  • Ensure that the people in the cleaning team are experienced and capable. Just like with floors and carpets, cleaning upholstery does involve lots of different materials, and for that reason, the personnel needs to be experienced to not ruin the pieces.
  • Make a checklist of tasks and supervise the cleaning team. Despite being simple, cleaning upholstery is still a laborious process that involves thousands of pieces of furniture in the case of a commercial property. So the cleaning team might feel the incentive to cut corners if they are not properly supervised.

A thing to note is that some pieces in some areas of the facility might get more use than others. For example, the chairs in your reception areas probably get more use than the rarely-visited conference room. So a thing you can do is to coordinate the commercial cleaning service’s schedule so they will deep clean the regularly-used pieces and areas more frequently.

More cleaning service tips and professional cleaning services from Sparkling and Beyond

Satisfy with our tips for asset preservation? Sparkling and Beyond still have even more to offer! We have more tips that can assist you in finding suitable cleaning services for your need. And we are also a cleaning service company that provides professional cleaning services, including deep cleaning services, at a very competitive price. Just book our service, and we will clean your commercial facility to utter satisfaction.


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