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How to clean a ceramic stovetop properly

In recent years, ceramic stovetops have become the centerpieces that add modern beauty to the kitchen and indirectly reflect the favorite kitchen style of homeowners. However, maintaining them and keeping them free from built-up splatters and stains is a labor-intensive task, which is normally neglected until they are too dirty to ignore. And if you […]

Published 27 May 2022
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In recent years, ceramic stovetops have become the centerpieces that add modern beauty to the kitchen and indirectly reflect the favorite kitchen style of homeowners. However, maintaining them and keeping them free from built-up splatters and stains is a labor-intensive task, which is normally neglected until they are too dirty to ignore. And if you are not familiar with cleaning these smooth-stove tops, there is a high chance that you will leave permanent damage on the surfaces after cleaning.

In this article, Sparkling and Beyond will share with you several useful methods to properly clean a ceramic stovetop.

Best ways to clean ceramic stovetop

Although a streak-free and sparkling stovetop is a beautiful thing to behold, a stovetop with built-up debris and burn-on splatters will definitely undermine the cleanliness and modern look of your kitchen. Here are some step-by-steps guides and some advice for the upkeep to make your stovetop clean and hygiene all the time.

How to clean a black ceramic stovetop ?

Clean a black ceramic stovetop ( Source: Internet )

The black color of ceramic stovetops not only make food residues, grease and dust out of sight but also turn the surface into one that is highly sensitive to scratch and fingerprints. Thus, it’s incredibly important to gently touch and buff out any stubborn smudge when cleaning your black ceramic stovetop to prevent ruining the surface. Here is the easy-to-follow cleaning tip to clean a black ceramic stovetop:

  • Step 1: Turn off your stovetop. Prepare your cleaning solution by mixing two parts of distilled white vinegar with one part of water.
  • Step 2: Fill that mixture into the empty spray bottle and apply it on your stovetop’s surface. Let in stand for about 30 minutes to an hour to loosen tough food residues and hardened stains.
  • Step 3: Gently wipe it down with a damp cloth to reveal a shiny, clean stovetop. Remember to wipe it as gently as possible to avoid accidental scratches.

How to clean the ceramic stovetop with baking soda ?

Things you will need:

  • Baking soda
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Two clean, soft cloths
Clean your stovetop with baking soda ( Source: Internet )
  • Step 1: Turn off the stovetop burners.
  • Step 2 : Sprinkle baking soda over the ceramic stovetop. The amount of baking soda needed heavily depends on how grimy and greasy your stovetop is. If your stovetop is full of tough dirt and built-up food residues, make sure to sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda to let the job of loosening the burn-on areas get more promising results.
  • Step 3: Soak a microfiber cloth in vinegar-water mixture for a few minutes. Once the time is up, wring out the excess water. You only need to wring it gently. Don’t rinse out the cloth. Then lay that damp cloth over the baking soda applied area and wait for about 15 minutes. ( Note: Ensure the cloth you get that is large enough to entirely cover the stovetop.)
  • Step 4: After 15 minutes, use that damp cloth to wipe off any remnants of burned residues. Try to  buff away as much stuck-on grime as possible during this step.
  • Step 5: Get a clean, soft cloth and soak it into lukewarm water. Use that cloth to wipe your stovetop to remove any leftover baking soda solution. Repeat this step until you see a clean, shiny residue- free stovetop.

How to clean burnt-on stains off a ceramic stovetop ?

  • Step 1: Use a metal cleaning scraper to clean off build –up. This small, sharp blade will help you remove even burnt or embedded soiling in a matter of seconds without much effort. Hold the scraper at a 45-degree angle, making sure the blade stays flush with the surface, and scrape off any water or baked-on food. 
  • Step 2: Once the stovetop cools, add a few drops of stovetop-approved cleansers like Cerama Bryte, Carbona, or Affresh Cooktop Cleaner. These cleansers contain mildly abrasive cleaning particles to make them strong enough to cut through stubborn stains. You might be afraid that these products could cause a streak on your stovetop’s surface. Don’t worry. They won’t pose any risk at your stovetop.
  • Step 3: Wet a microfiber cloth and wipe down the stove. You should buff away any remaining stains and pay more attention to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Step 4: Dry the stove with paper towels.

Advices for the upkeep:

Clean your ceramic stovetop after every use:   

It’s highly necessary to clean your ceramic stovetop for every single use if you don’t want to struggle with mists of grease and stubborn food debris which definitely requires a considerable amount of elbow grease to remove. After cooking, wait until the stove has entirely cooled down, soak a cloth into vinegar-water mixture and wipe your stovetop down to get rid of crumbs and any food splatters on the surface. It just takes you 3 to 5 minutes to clean your stovetop after every use whereas you probably have to spend more than half an hour to eliminate hardened stains and food residues built-up over time if you delay the cleaning task. In addition, with daily effort to clean your ceramic stovetop, you can cut down on the number of deep cleanings that you have to do to keep your ceramic stovetop clean.

Clean your stovetop after every single use ( Source: Internet )

Stay away from strong cleansers and tough scrubbers:

The beauty of your stovetop will be definitely ruined by using strong cleansers and scrubbing it aggressively during the cleaning process. Highly abrasive cleaning solution and scrubbers often leave permanent damage on your stovetop.


After reading this article, you probably agree with us that a ceramic stove is kind of a pain to keep clean all the time. If you don’t have time to clean your stovetop or other kitchen appliances by yourself, you can book our kitchen cleaning service at or call us on 415-966-1101. We offer all kinds of professional cleaning services to help make your place nice and tidy!

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