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KonMari Method and How to Declutter?

Most people know Marie Kondo from her bestseller “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. When it originally launched in 2014, Kondo came up with a revolutionary idea (organizing category by category instead of room by room) and a track record of clients who never go back to their old hoards. Ways. Today, she’s become a […]

Anh Son Ngo
Published 22 Nov 2022
What is the KonMari Method and how to declutter the Marie Kondo way
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Most people know Marie Kondo from her bestseller “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. When it originally launched in 2014, Kondo came up with a revolutionary idea (organizing category by category instead of room by room) and a track record of clients who never go back to their old hoards. Ways. Today, she’s become a household name visiting literally American homes in need of her help on her popular Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. And it also gets people off the couch: now everyone wants a piece of the KonMari method. 

What is the KonMari method?

The KonMari method is Marie Kondo’s minimalism-inspired approach to taking things category by category rather than room by room. There are six basic rules for the Marie Kondo method. These steps must be performed for each cleaning session. The goal is to create joy and a decluttering base you can use every time to get work done effectively and create a space that helps you live your best life. Here are Marie Kondo method steps:

1. Commit to work

If you want to see results, you have to be fully committed and dedicated to cleaning work. It gives you the motivation to keep going, even when things seem overwhelming. It also gives you the energy to keep going and get it all done in one sitting.

2 . Imagine your ideal lifestyle. 

Visualize what your ideal lifestyle looks like. What kind of space would you like to live in and what would you like to do there every day?

Try to flesh out that thought by writing it down, drawing it, or creating a vision board. This will give you a clear picture of why you want to order.

3. Prioritize discarding

Before you can tidy up, you need to dispose of your clothes. I don’t need you or I don’t serve you anymore. Think through each point carefully, thank it for what it gave you or what it taught you, and then let it go.

This is how you create more space for the things that make you happy.

4. Focus on categories, not locations

It might seem logical, one room at a time to order, but this can actually create more work as you may have the same items in different areas of the house, forcing you to do the same job many times. Sort by categories like clothes, newspapers, or books to better understand how many of these things you really have and to complete each category at once.

5. Follow the correct order

Kondo’s experience has taught her that there is a particular order in the ordered categories that facilitate the streamlining of the process. Start with clothes, then move on to books, papers, odds, and ends, and sentimental items in that order. This order will help keep you motivated as you progress through each category.

6. Decide if it triggers joy

The main goal of the Marie Kondo Method is to create an environment to create that really makes you happy. To do this, you must ask yourself if the items you are keeping bring joy. Think about how each element makes you feel and how your body reacts to it. If an item makes you happy, it’s a good choice for your home.

Also five categories to deal with: 

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Paper
  • Komono (aka Miscellaneous Items)
  • Sentimental Items
What is the KonMari method (Source: Internet)
What is the KonMari method (Source: Internet)

While many people use her method to tidy up, it’s actually about getting rid of worthless items. To determine what makes the cut, Kondo asks you to start by taking everything from your closets and drawers, all the books from your shelves, all the papers from your desk, and all the trash cans. Once you have a big pile, you need to take it piece by piece and see if it’s enjoyable. While Kondo admits this may seem uncomfortable or unnatural at first, she assures readers and viewers that over time you will recognize what brings joy as you do the cleaning.

Once you’ve filed items into each category, you should be left with a much smaller set of items to put back into various cabinets, drawers, shelves, and boxes. Remember that you must finish one category before moving on to the next. 

Because you are selecting items that bring joy and discarding those that don’t do this, the Marie Kondo Method intends to create a tidy home that can bring more joy and prosperity into your life. As you tidy up, she encourages you to imagine the life you want to live, such as being less stressed and what it takes to get there. She says anything that doesn’t help on this journey isn’t worthy of your place or you.

Does “KonMari” mean anything? 

There is no deeper meaning here: KonMari is simply the combination of the former and last name and first name. Kondo trademarked the term because it’s his name (and a great idea!). 

What is the Marie Kondo folding method?

It’s really how you store your clothes that makes the difference. Leaving clothes in a pile, no matter how neat, makes them hard to reach and even harder to see. Instead, keep the clothing upright to stay true to Kondo’s idea of ​​appreciating objects through touch and wear.

KonMari’s folding method (Source: Internet) 
KonMari’s folding method (Source: Internet) 

What is the KonMari checklist? Do I need it?

Check out Kondo’s book “Spark Joy” for a guide to help you decide what to keep and what to throw away through a full list of categories including kitchen tools, cleaning supplies, and even digital photos. So if you find yourself generally indecisive, yes, this checklist will greatly speed up your cleaning process. It also covers folding from shirts to socks.

KonMari Checklist (Source: Internet)
KonMari Checklist (Source: Internet)

Can I hire Marie Kondo to do the work for me?

Being so busy building an empire of organization, Kondo can no longer be hired. However, you can hire one of their 200+ consultants to put your house in order. 

Moral of the story: if you’re not rich, you’d better do the work yourself. And if you find your enjoyment in KonMari, you can eventually become a consultant.

Cleaning is not just tidying up!

Tidying up is the key to creating a living space that encourages you to live your best life. You can refer to the Marie Kondo method. It can change more than the organizational aspects of your life. A thorough cleaning with our house cleaning services can make your squeaky clean space even more enjoyable.

Need some tips? We’re here to help

Following Marie Kondo’s method can breathe new life into your house and your daily routine, giving you back valuable time to do things at your own pace. If you want to enjoy all of the benefits a home cleaning expert can supply, request a booking with us today.

We provide you with affordable and reliable cleaning services and a lot of helpful tips.

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