Reason why Office Cleaning can improve Productivity

Just breathing in a dirty atmosphere will make you unpleasant, so can working in an unclean and unhealthy workplace also give negative impacts on people’s health and working productivity? To give you an answer, Sparkling and Beyond wrote this post: Reason why Office Cleaning can improve Productivity which will show you the importance of office cleaning

According to an article of, there are some statistics which transfer much information:

  • The average employee loses 9 working days per year because of sickness and some problems related to health which may be contributed to the lack of a healthy and clean workspace.
  • Each office keyboard can have up to 7,500 bacteria at any time if they are not cleaned and disinfected..
  • Viruses can remain in unclear tables, desks or phones for 24 hours.  
An employee loses 9 working days per year because of sickness
An employee loses 9 working days per year because of sickness

How Office Cleaning can improve Productivity

A clean workspace makes employees happier

Each employee spends at least 8 hours a day in the workplace. The office looks like the second home and colleagues become members of the family. 

Therefore, the significant amount of time at work affects the staff’s emotions very much and of course, affects productivity too.

Working in a messy workspace can make your employees stressed, unhappy and maybe anxious. A clean workspace with a nice smell in the air and bright colors can make the employees feel a welcoming vibe everytime they walk into the office. And furthermore, with happy and pleasant employees, the working productivity will be increased.

Working in a healthy workplace makes people happier
Working in a healthy workplace makes people happier

A tidy working environment ensures your employee’s health

As the statistics we showed above, the average employee will be absent 9 working days a year for reasons related to both physical and mental health which can include the lack of a healthy working environment. 

When an employee has health problems, he/she can be away for a while to rest at home or go to see the doctor. 

To this staff, they will cost an amount of money to heal and buy medicines while to the business, the workflow will be interrupted because a position in this flow becomes vacant.  

Tidy working environment keep people healthy
Tidy working environment keep people healthy

A hygienic workplace stimulate creativity

There are many people outside there who say that a mess is a part of their creativity. Having all things in order just prevents them from thinking clearly and creatively. 

However, this is the case of free creativity which can’t be applied in an office environment. 

In an office, it’s necessary to keep all the things and processes in order because it’s related to many people, many positions and the way the business operates. 

There are documents, tools, equipment, files, information that need to be kept in place consistently.

When employees take their time to arrange their office space consistently, it can be seen clearly that they feel more relaxed and creative. 

As they enjoy the neat and clean workspace, the whole morale of the business gets a boost. 

A messy workspace reduces focus and productivity

In a messy workspace, employees can be easily distracted by cluttered objects, a mess, some noises from the colleague sitting next to them. 

A report which was published by Harvard Business Review found a strong connection between the physical environment and employee performance. 

This research indicates that the physical environment of an office can affect a person’s emotions, behavior, decision-making and even the relationship with each other. 

In a messy workspace, a worker will lose some precious time just looking for something in the mess which can increase stress and frustration. 

Moreover, employees can be more open to distractions such as coworker talks, deliveries or computer notifications when they work in an open working environment. 

While staff’s attention can be easily diverted to whatever around them, lowering their efficiency in a messy workplace, a neat and orderly working environment allows employees to focus on the task at hand and not spend time trying to locate the operational necessities to continue. 

It gives them a sense of “controlling themselves” and makes them concentrate. And when they concentrate, the working results will be better. 

A neat workplace help employee focus and productivity
A neat workplace help employee focus and productivity

The vibe and the atmosphere of an office can affect company’s image and culture

It is understandable that the physical workplace environment plays an important part in keeping and attracting both clients and employees. 

When a partner or customer visits your company, with a hygienic atmosphere surrounding all your business, they will get the impression that you are a professional and trustworthy company. 

It’s the same for employees. All the employees would like to work in a clean and neat organization.

It can bring dispositions to employees, which at the end will be reflected in the sales and services they provide to the customers.

The cleanliness can be reflected in the office toilet, office lunchroom, office cafeteria or any other common spaces, making all the employees in the company and the guests visiting more conscious of keeping things in order and clean. 

The corporate culture will become one of high standards of luxury. Just a simple space can make people feel that this is a luxurious and professional place.

The atmosphere of office effects a lot on company’s image and culture
The atmosphere of office effects a lot on company’s image and culture

FAQs about Office Cleaning can improve Productivity

  • Q: How can I create a cleaner office?

A: – Need to clean and disinfect the equipment used during working processes and office regularly. 

These things can be: printers, computers, telephones, floor, table, toilet seat, etc.

– Implement some rules about keeping a clean and tidy working environment for your employees. Make sure that everyone joins hands to create a green-clean-beautiful working environment.

– Carry out some deep cleaning processes every month with the high-touch surfaces.

– With more information about office cleaning procedures, read this article: What is the Ultimate Checklist for Office Cleaning Supplies?

  • Q: Should I hire an office cleaning agency to help me clean the office?

A: You can consider this option as a better solution if you can’t clean it on your own. 

If your business is medium or big, it’s better to hire professional cleaners to assist you. 

There are some advantages of using office cleaning services such as: high-trained cleaners, available at any time, suitable schedule just depending on your budget and your demand. About the benefits of using cleaning services, we also have a post about it which you can read it here: How Office Cleaning Services Support a Return to the Workplace

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