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Shower Doors: 3 Natural Cleaners You Need

If you have a glass shower door, you would definitely know that keeping it shiny and sparkling at all the times would not be an easy task. Although getting rid of unsightly grime and built- up mineral deposits in glass shower doors could be accomplished easily with a quick squeegee after every shower, we all […]

Published 14 May 2022
Three effective natural cleaners for glass shower doors
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If you have a glass shower door, you would definitely know that keeping it shiny and sparkling at all the times would not be an easy task. Although getting rid of unsightly grime and built- up mineral deposits in glass shower doors could be accomplished easily with a quick squeegee after every shower, we all know that it’s not easy to maintain discipline. Bad news is that consistently skipping wipe-down could result in a streaky, stained and foggy glass shower door, which obviously undermines the cleanliness of your bathroom.

There are several commercial cleaning products that are supposedly useful for restoring the clarity and shine of your glass shower door, but removing soap scum may be done effectively with some natural ingredients that you likely already have around your house. In this article, Sparkling and Beyond will recommend three effective natural cleaners for your glass shower doors and practical cleaning tips with these magic natural cleaning solutions to restore the luster of your glass shower door without strong, irritating chemicals.

What to use to clean glass shower doors naturally ?

When it comes to cleaning, if you are not a fan of using chemicals and always try to take full potential of natural antibacterial ingredients available around your home, there are many options you can try. The most common are vinegar, lemon and baking soda. Here are natural ways to clean your dirty glass shower doors with these easy- to-find ingredients.

How to clean your glass shower doors naturally with vinegar ?

Before giving your glass shower door a decent treatment with vinegar, you’ll need to prepare the following tools below:

  • White vinegar
  • An empty spray bottle
  • A Scrub sponge
  • A microfiber cloth
  • Essential oil of your choice (optional)
  • Shower sprayer 

So how to clean your glass shower door naturally with vinegar ?

Vinegar and water cleaner for glass shower doors (Source: Internet)

Step 1: Making your cleaning solution: Fill your empty spray bottle with ¼ cup dish soap, a cup of water, and ½ cup distilled white vinegar. If you want to avoid a lingering bitter scent from the vinegar, put a few drops of your go-to essential oil into the mix.

Step 2: Spray the solution: Spray your vinegar-soap-water solution up and down the shower door glass, making sure it covers the surface entirely, especially corners and crevices. Then let it stand for about 30 minutes to allow vinegar to break down built up grime and stains. (Note: Don’t leave the solution too long as its acidic nature can cause some streaks on your glass shower door)

Step 3: Scrub the door: Scrub the door clean with a soft clean sponge, working from top to the bottom, pay more attention to any stubborn soap scum and hard to reach corners.

Step 4: Rinse the door thoroughly: Turn on the shower to rinse any residual solution off the glass shower door. If the spray of the shower does not reach, you can use a drink pitcher to rinse.

Step 5: Dry the door: Using a microfiber cloth to dry the door from top to the bottom. When drying, you can use the cloth to buff out any remaining streaks or smudges. Leave the door open to ensure any residual moisture evaporates from the surface of the glass.

How to clean your glass shower door naturally with a lemon ?

Lemon juice, one of the greatest cleaning agents that you will undoubtedly have in your cupboards, is a perfect cleaning option for washing down shower doors. Lemon has proved its great ability at not only eliminating tough soap scum and mineral deposits, but also removing streaks from glass shower doors.

Clean a glass shower door with a lemon (Source : Internet)

What you’ll need:

  •  A lemon
  • Lemon squeezer (optional)
  •  An empty spray bottle
  •  Distilled water
  • A clean soft cloth

Natural way to clean a glass shower door with a lemon, a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Preparing your cleaning solution: Slice the lemon and squeeze its lemon juice in an empty spray bottle. Then, add a cup of water into the spray bottle

Step 2: Spray the cleaning solution: Apply your cleaning solution on the glass shower door by spraying, make sure to cover your entire shower glass screen with the mixture. A spray bottle is incredibly ideal in this situation since it can reach spots high up that you may ordinarily struggle to get to.

Step 3: Let it soak: Leave the cleaning solution at your cleaning- needed glass shower door for about 15 minutes to soak in.

Step 4: Scrub away: After 15 minutes, scrub the door with a soft cloth. Try to give your glass door a gentle wipe down, if you scrub too hard you can sometimes leave streaks.

Step 5: Rinse the door: Using a shower to rinse any potential leftover solution on your glass shower door.

Step 5: Dry the door:  Using a microfiber cloth to dry any leftover watermarks. This is very important as leaving water to gather on the door of your shower may lead to mold or other problematic marks on your glass. 

How to clean your glass shower door naturally with baking soda ?

Using baking soda could be considered as one of the best ways to clean your glass shower door. Stubborn soap scum or any tough built up mineral residue will be dislodged completely from your shower door by water-baking soda mixture.

Clean a glass shower door with baking soda (Source: Internet)

What you’ll need:

  •  Baking soda
  •  An empty spray bottle
  •  A clean towel

Step 1:  Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 2 cups of water and pour that mixture to a spraying bottle.

Step 2 : Once the water and baking soda mixture is fully combined, simply spray it around your shower door from top to the bottom. Then, let the cleaning solution stand for the length of your current favorite song (about three to five minutes).

Step 3 : Wipe your shower’s glass door down with a towel to remove any of the water-baking soda mixtures that still remain.

Don’t have time for cleaning your shower glass door. We’re here to help.

Sparkling and Beyond hopes you figure out what are the most ideal natural cleaners for glass shower doors and get useful know-how for cleaning your shower glass door after reading this article. Cleaning your shower glass door is a lot less labor-intensive, and a lot less annoying cleaning task compared to other equipment cleaning in your bathroom. However, we understand you may not have the time to clean the bathroom’s equipment or other rooms in your house due to your busy work schedule, or just simply because you want to have some time for yourself.  If this is your case, we recommend our standard cleaning service for you. With our service, you won’t need to worry about house cleaning anymore and can simply use your time for other things you prefer.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to book our professional cleaning service today !


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