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Simple clean shower head hack

Although cleaning the bathroom is one of the daily household chores in every family, rarely do people think of cleaning the shower head. In fact, the shower head can be clogged or have yellow stains because of water build-up so it needs to be cleaned sometimes. It seems that the shower head is not easy […]

Published 14 May 2022
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Although cleaning the bathroom is one of the daily household chores in every family, rarely do people think of cleaning the shower head. In fact, the shower head can be clogged or have yellow stains because of water build-up so it needs to be cleaned sometimes. It seems that the shower head is not easy to clean by hand or brush. However, cleaning the shower head is much more simple than you may think with a simple clean shower head hack of Sparkling and Beyond

How often should you clean the shower hack? 

It depends on the speed of water build-up inside and outside of the head. As soon as yellow stains appear on the surface of the shower head, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. Starting the work easy with the following clean shower head hack.

What is needed to clean the shower head?

For cleaning a shower head, there are a few things that you need to collect:

  • Scrubber sponge.
  • White vinegar or baking soda.
  • Plastic Bag (close and no leakage).
  • Brush or toothpick.

Note: If your shower head is gold-plated, do not use vinegar or baking soda, try to find other kinds of cleaner in the grocery.  

Now, follow our guides on how to clean shower head pores and clean shower head holes that won’t scratch or damage the head. 

Step 1: Prepare hot water

Simply turn on the heater in your bathroom to have some hot water to use for cleaning.

Step 2: Soak with Vinegar

Soak the entire head shower with an amount of white vinegar for 15 minutes. The acidity of the vinegar will dissolve all the dirt and the hard water build-up so that it is easier for cleaning

Note: In some cases, if you leave your shower head uncleaned for a long time, the soaking time maybe 1 – 3 hours or a day. You can check the dissolved debris appearing in the bottom of the container to make sure if it can be scrubbed or not. 

The hand-held head shower is detachable so you can disconnect it with the pipe and soak it in vinegar in a bucket or pot that is available in your bathroom.

If you have a fixed head shower (or rainy head shower), you can use a plastic bag to contain the solution and cover the head, making sure that all of the head is submerged entirely. Then, secure the bag to the shaft with a twist tie or rubber band.

Cleaning fixed shower head (Source: Internet)


Step 3: Clean shower head pores (clean shower holes)

With a toothpick or small brush, you can easily remove all the debris and dirt blocking the pore. 

Note: Be careful when using a toothpick, it can be broken and block your shower head if you use an overly strong thrust. If the debris seems stubborn, soak it with hot vinegar again. 

Cleaning the shower head with a toothpick (Source: Internet)


Step 4: Clean shower head body

Use a long grip brush to scrub inside the shower head if possible. Some hand-held shower heads are so long that the hole is too deep to handle cleaning, clog the head and shake it with vinegar inside. 

Cleaning shower head body (Source: Internet)


Step 5: Clean and pure shower head filters

Not all kinds of shower heads have a filter but if you have one, it needs to be cleaned separately. Most of the filters are designed to be the connection between the shower head and the pipe. They are dispatchable so you can disconnect these three components to get the filter screen. Then, scrub it with a toothbrush to remove all the stains and debris. 

Shower head filter (Source: internet)


Step 6: (optional) Scrubbing with Baking soda

If the vinegar does not remove all the dirt, you can sprinkle baking soda on the surface of the shower head and scrub with a sponge. Scrub the showerhead again with a sponge with water to remove all the solution.

Risen shower head (Source: Internet)


Step 7: Risen with hot water

Finally, rinse it with hot water inside and out until all stubborn limescale deposits have been removed. 

Risen with hot water (Source: Internet)


Step 8: Dry the shower head

As you use hard water to clean the shower head, if you leave it wet after cleaning, it is possible that the stain will appear right after that. Therefore, you should dry it with a cloth or clean rag, it will make sure your shower head looks nice after cleaning

Risen the shower head (Source: Internet)


[dropcap]3[/dropcap] Cleaning head shower tips

  • Choose non-chlorine bleach to use for your showerhead as chlorine will damage the gasket and filter screen. Some metals like brass or stainless steel can also be discolored by Chlorine.
  • Do not use a metal sponge to scrub the shower head as it can scratch the surface of the head or damage the rubber pores. 
  • Do not let the water leak from the shower head for a long time. If the water drips for a long time, the mineral build-up will soon clog your shower head. 
Golden-plated shower head (Source: Internet)


Cleaning the shower head without White vinegar or Baking soda

White vinegar and baking soda are easy-to-find ingredients in your dining room. However, if your kitchen is out of white vinegar or baking soda or they are expired, you can use apple vinegar or any artificial limescale removal which is specially used for bathroom cleaning instead. Remember to read the instructions of each solution to find a suitable bleach for your shower. 


Unlike other parts of the bathroom that can be dirty by bacteria, the head shower always seems clean, which is why it is often overlooked when cleaning. Besides, its seamless outfit may discourage people from cleaning it. However, it does not demand as many skills as you may imagine with the clean shower head hack from Sparkling and Beyond. Out of this, we also collect a lot of time-saving and effective guides on How To Clean A Bathroom, or How To Clean Your House along with a list of helpful House Cleaning Service. If you are too busy to care about your house, simply give us a request, and our experienced cleaning expert will do it for you!



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