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Sustainable Impact of Janitorial Cleaning

What is green cleaning? Many economies around the world are being driven by sustainability. The guidelines for limiting global warming call for a 50% reduction in net carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, with no net emissions by 2050, a goal known as Net Zero. This goal necessitates a review of companies’ […]

Jimmy Ho
Published 18 Nov 2022
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What is green cleaning?

Many economies around the world are being driven by sustainability. The guidelines for limiting global warming call for a 50% reduction in net carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, with no net emissions by 2050, a goal known as Net Zero. This goal necessitates a review of companies’ greening strategies. Customers’ demands for greener products and greater sustainability are causing a significant shift in the sustainability cleaning industry. Cleaning companies are already implementing green initiatives to contribute to Net Zero, let check how a janitorial cleaning services agency can do it.

Green cleaning (Source: Internet)
Green cleaning (Source: Internet)

Why do more companies adapt to green cleaning?

Efficiency is the first step toward long-term sustainability, which will increase a company’s net profit. With little capital investment, ISSA’s Distributor, Efficiency, Analytics, and Learning (DEAL) program saved the company over $1.5 million. With an average profit margin of around 7% in the cleaning industry, a savings of $10,000 equates to $285,000 in sales. Sustainability efforts benefit a company’s bottom line even more because they can be carried out while looking for ways to increase revenue.

Employee wages, benefits, and training are examples of social responsibility issues. They also seek to enable honorable work practices while avoiding cost disadvantages for the company. Improving worker treatment increases job satisfaction and decreases turnover, resulting in lower hiring and training costs. It also increases client retention and decreases customer complaints.

Sustainable Janitorial Cleaning (Source: Internet)
Sustainable Janitorial Cleaning (Source: Internet)

Sustainability benefits the environment through the operation of an organization, in addition to products and services. It investigates how facilities such as manufacturing plants, offices, and warehouses generate and consume energy, water, and waste. DEAL’s reduction in participating companies’ environmental impact is equivalent to planting 40,000 trees and allowing them to grow for ten years. If this benefit were extended to the entire cleaning industry, it would be 100 times greater.

Does Janitorial Cleaning contribute to Sustainability?

The answer is definitely ‘yes’. As a business, cleaning services will need to meet all the needs of their clients. Since the demand for sustainable cleaning solutions has been increasing, janitorial cleaning as well as other cleaning and maintenance services agencies, are working on providing sustainable cleaning solutions to contribute to sustainability.

How does Janitorial Cleaning contribute to Sustainability?

Using Sustainable Cleaning Products

Sustainable cleaning products use a variety of resources throughout their life cycle, including energy, water, and other materials. These phases include product manufacturing, transportation, and storage, as well as product and packaging disposal. Sustainability initiatives aim to improve overall resource efficiency throughout the product’s life cycle. Recently, most of the processed are planned by Life cycle analysis (LCA) which is a technique that investigates the total resources required by a product, which include the following:

  • Raw materials (except for water)
  • Packaging
  • Energy
  • Water

Besides, many eco-friendly cleaning products have been applied for janitorial cleaning such as baking soda, ​vinegar, lemons, etc. These are regarded as natural green cleaners. Some households may seek out environmentally friendly manufactured green cleaning products (some are green brands). Green cleaning products typically include the following features:

  • No phosphates
  • No chlorine
  • No artificial fragrances
  • No artificial colors
  • Biodegradable or recyclable packaging
  • Organically grown ingredients using sustainable farming practices
Eco-friendly Cleaning Products (Source: Internet)
Eco-friendly Cleaning Products (Source: Internet)

Using Sustainable Equipment

Employees and customers are increasingly concerned about companies considering environmental factors when making fleet decisions. Commercial cleaning companies should consider making their fleets more sustainable by using cleaner vehicles, particularly those powered by electricity. Cleaner fuels and more fuel-efficient operations are also common components of environmentally friendly fleets. All of these measures can help a company reduce its environmental impact while also lowering its operational costs.

Applying Sustainable Technology

Biological products and techniques are used in sustainable cleaning systems to make the product safer for people and the environment. This technology can reduce air and water pollution as well as ozone depletion, reducing the possibility of global warming. Emerging technologies like pulse mops and microfiber cloths also reduce detergent use, reducing waste and costs. Furthermore, IoT technology such as ToolSense promotes sustainability by keeping suppliers informed about the tools and equipment in their supply chain.

Eco-friendly cleaning technology (Source: Internet)
Eco-friendly cleaning technology (Source: Internet)

Social Sustainability

Social sustainability is concerned with people’s health and well-being. Cleaning products contribute to this practice by removing harmful allergens and microorganisms from the environment, thereby assisting in keeping close quarters as clean and comfortable as possible. Social sustainability also ensures that products and equipment do not endanger workers during production.

Sustainability in Waste Management

There are several waste management processes that must be followed for the sake of the environment and the people who live in it. In places like hospitals and doctors’ offices, these requirements are critical and stringent. Untrained cleaners may do their best or believe they are doing enough to manage waste disposal, but they frequently are not. They aren’t bad at their jobs because they aren’t trained as well as a professional janitorial service would be. Instead of reducing the amount of waste produced by humans and our industries, this only adds to the burden that the planet must bear. Hire a professional service with the necessary know-how to ensure that our refuse/waste is disposed of safely.

Waste Management professional (Source: Internet)
Waste Management professional (Source: Internet)

Final thoughts 

Sustainability has become a required practice for cleaning companies. The road to Net Zero will necessitate numerous improvements, even from companies that have already begun to implement best practices for sustainability. Adapting to new green cleaning demands will benefit businesses.

Need some tips? We’re here to help

Of course, on the way to sustainability, janitorial cleaning should be your partner that helps to clean your office without any harm to our environment as well as your employees. If you are finding a janitorial cleaning agent to help you with sustainable cleaning solutions, work with sparklingandbeyond.com to find ones!

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