Everything you should know about commercial office cleaning services

If you are working as an officer, you may spend more time in your office than in your house. However, rarely do busy business owners have time to take care of their offices on their own that is why commercial office cleaning services were born. If you google office cleaning services, you may receive a thousand office cleaning company names but how to choose the most suitable for your office? Sparkling and Byond will share with you everything you should know about commercial office cleaning services.

What are commercial office cleaning services?

Commercial cleaning addresses non-domestic cleaning requirements, although there are many different types of commercial cleaning services, ranging from vacuuming workplaces to handling hazardous trash. Here’s all you need to know about commercial cleaning and the work that commercial cleaners conduct.

What are commercial office cleaning services
Commercial office cleaning services (Source: Internet)
What is the difference between commercial and residential cleaning services?
Residential cleaning servicesCommercial cleaning services
Aim-at placesPrivate homes, vacation rentals, and similar properties.Business and manufacturing settings.
Service rangeIncluding all the typical household chores.
  • Majoring in a particular industry or type of premises. 
  • Having different cleaning standards and methods.
Including tasks
  • Sweeping and vacuuming.
  • Polishing surfaces.
  • Sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Sweeping and vacuuming.
  • Polishing surfaces.
  • Sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Cleaning industrial waste.
  • Use PPE/hazmat/respirators.

Why should I use commercial office cleaning services? 

  • Safe staff from dangerous materials

Anything from spent needles at a doctor’s office to nuclear waste at a power plant might be considered hazardous materials. It is critical for enterprises to routinely handle hazardous products with specialized cleaning and hygiene practices that are adhered to by highly educated commercial cleaners. This keeps everyone safe and ensures that any biohazards or other harmful chemicals are correctly disposed of.

  • Maintain high hygiene standards

Some business facilities must adhere to strict hygiene standards such as pantries, and medical facilities. To safeguard the personnel inside those sites, as well as the general public that enters or comes into touch with their goods, it is critical that these premises are cleaned by professionals who understand the standards that must be followed. This might involve always utilizing certain cleaning solutions or adhering to strict guidelines.

  • Applying ultimate solutions

Stronger cleaning solutions are occasionally required for commercial cleaning. Most household cleaners are no stronger than 6% bleach, while professional or industrial cleaners can be substantially stronger. These cleaners often need dilution with precise quantities before use, thus training is necessary to assure safety at all times.

  • Utilizing large-scale cleaning machines

In professional environments, floor scrubbers, carpet extractors, steam cleaning systems, and industry-specific tools and equipment are widely used to increase working effectiveness. Because these machines are costly to buy and maintain, training on how to operate them is vital to avoid unintentional harm to either the equipment or the object being cleaned.

Industry-specific tools and equipment for cleaning services
Industry-specific tools and equipment for cleaning services (Source: Internet)

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What are janitorial cleaning services?

A janitor or caretaker is often a full-time employee who is in charge of the cleaning of a business facility daily. A janitor will sweep the floors, collect garbage, mop and vacuum, and keep an eye out for any maintenance concerns that need to be handled. While some janitors may do extensive cleanings, this is normally a distinct service.

What’s the difference between commercial office cleaning and janitorial services?
Commercial office cleaningJanitorial services
Service range
  • Majoring in a particular industry or type of premises. 
  • Having different cleaning standards and methods.
Daily cleaning the office to maintain the office cleanliness.
Including tasks
  • Carpet shampooing.
  • Wash walls and windows.
  • Sweeping and vacuuming. 
  • Emptying trash.
  • Property maintenance.

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How to find commercial cleaning services near me

If your company is searching for a new commercial cleaning service, seek a professional that specializes in your industry. A hotel cleaner may give you the greatest price, but they are unlikely to know how to begin cleaning your industrial facility and may even expose you to taking responsibility if something goes wrong.

Request a client list to ensure that the cleaners you are contemplating are reliable and have the necessary experience to suit your requirements. Consider what degree of commercial cleaning your company requires, what the most important tasks are. Discuss with the cleaning agency your expected result, including the worst elements of the work. This allows the cleaning service to provide an exact price for necessary work.

How to find commercial cleaning services near me (Source: Internet)
How to find commercial cleaning services near me (Source: Internet)

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Choosing a reliable cleaning service to satisfy your cleaning needs efficiently and effectively might be difficult. You want a provider you can trust to keep your building in good condition. Your office’s look leaves a lasting impression on your clients, so be sure the commercial cleaning service you hire is familiar with the task.

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