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What is the best product to clean a bathtub?

The interesting sense of relaxing in the bath while listening to melodious music may be your desire when deciding to install a bathtub in your bathroom. However, your bathtub becomes yellowish gradually despite your weekly or daily cleaning and scrubbing. Definitely, it is time for you to search for the best product to clean a […]

Published 29 May 2022
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The interesting sense of relaxing in the bath while listening to melodious music may be your desire when deciding to install a bathtub in your bathroom. However, your bathtub becomes yellowish gradually despite your weekly or daily cleaning and scrubbing. Definitely, it is time for you to search for the best product to clean a bathtub to help you save your lovely bathtub’s cleanliness. Sparkling and Beyond will recommend some products that we are applying and instruct you on how to effectively use them. 

1. Why is my bathtub dirty?

The most common culprit of yellow stains on the surface of the bathtub is hard water which contains a lot of minerals that can build up in your bathtub. 

Besides, shampoo residue and dust, and other kinds of debris such as food, and trapping residue,… can also be a factor contributing to the dirt of the bathtub. 

There are many kinds of bathtub detergents that work at different levels to help you eliminate dirt. However, an indiscriminate selection of cleaners can lead to more hassle than a dirty bathtub, review some common detergents below to find out which one is suitable for your bathtub. 

Water buildups in the bathtub (Source: Internet)

2. What kind of product should I use to clean my bathtub?

Depending on the features of the dirt and the material of the bathtub, you should choose which product is the most suitable for you. Our cleaning expert has investigated the case and recommended several cleaning products:

a. Organic bathtub cleaner

As the demand for cleaning the bathtub increases, many companies have produced bathtub cleaner solutions to help people do cleaning much more easily.

Instruction: Like other bathroom appliances which have their own detergent, a bathroom detergent is a preferable option since it has been studied and evaluated by scientists. However, remember to check the instructions carefully to find a suitable product for your bathroom. 

Clean the bathtub with cleaner (Source: Internet)

Important: Scrubbing the porcelain with a sponge is better than using a brush since the brush can damage your porcelain. 


  • Easy to find in the grocery store
  • Non-toxic


  • Not compatible with all materials, must follow instructions of each type. 

b. Natural ingredients

The combination of baking soda and vinegar is an amazing compound that provides a strong cleaning power to eliminate even the hard and stubborn stains such as limescale and mineral buildups,… You can use vinegar or baking soda only to clean the bathtub, they still work if used separately. The acidity of these chemicals will help you to remove stains or visible dirt but also slightly corrode your bathtub. Mixing vinegar and baking soda will reduce the corrosion ability and increase the cleaning ability.   

Instruction: Spray vinegar onto the whole surface of the bathtub and sprinkle baking soda afterward. Leave the solution for at least 30 minutes to finish their mission. Then, scrub with a sponge and rise again with water.

Clean bathtub with Vinegar and Baking soda (Source: Internet)


  • Non-toxic and easy to use
  • Suitable for all materials


  • Can leave a vinegar scent after cleaning so do not add too much vinegar while mixing the solution

Non-compatible with: Stone Resin

  • Clean bathtub with borax

Borax has a wide range of usages in our life relating to disinfecting, removing stains, deodorizing, and softening water. A mixture of Borax Substitute and water and lemon juice or white vinegar creates an abrasive multi-purpose cleaner. It’s great for tackling mold, and general kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

Clean bathtub with Borax (Source: Internet)

Instruction: Use warm water and dissolve a small amount of Borax into it. Then, dip the sponge or brush into the solution and start brushing the bathtub. 

Non-compatible with: Wood


  • Multiple usages
  • Easy to use
  • Stronger than baking soda


  • It is not sold widely, pure borax as on the EU’s list of Substances of Very High Concern so you may not find it in any grocery store
  • Toxic in some cases

 c. Clean bathtub with bleach

About bleaching, it is specially made to whiten many things including your bathtub. Compared to other cleaning solutions, bleach is the strongest one but it needs to be used probably with instructions.  

Clean bathtub with bleach Bleach (Source: Internet)

Instruction: Protect yourself with gloves, eyewear, and a face mask when cleaning the bathtub with bleach. Dilute bleach with a little water and pour it onto the surface of your bathtub. Next, dip a sponge and begin scrubbing then rise again with water. This solution works also effectively in cleaning other bathroom appliances such as the shower head, and toilet bowl,…

Non-compatible with: Acrylic, Cast Iron, Copper, Wood


  • Strong corrosive reactions. More powerful than both baking soda and vinegar combined
  • Free of physical effort in scrubbing by brush afterward
  • Additional disinfectant ability
  • Ability to remove strong odors


  • Highly toxic if it is mixed with other kinds of bleach. Chemical reactions between bleach and other cleaner solutions can emit toxic gas that can damage your eyes, lungs, and stomach. 
  • Can not be used for all materials. Any bathtub with traces of iron in it or acrylic or enamel coating, can not be cleaned with bleach as it will create red streaks all along the surface of your bathtub that will be difficult to remove and other damages.


Like other bathroom utilities, the bathtub often gets dirty because of hard water build-ups or another residue. A natural cleaning solution is the most suitable and safe for regular cleaning and we only advise you to use bleach or borax in case other kinds of bathtub cleaning solutions are unable to resolve the problem. Our article has provided you with the best product to clean a bathtub, cleaning the bathtub naturally or using strong cleaning chemicals is your choice now. Moreover, we also have interesting tips and hacks to help you clean other parts of your bathroom, review our How to clean a bathroom article to collect helpful cleaning for your bathroom. Sparkling and Beyond is also offering a list of convenient Housing cleaning services which are managed by experienced cleaning experts, if you do not have much time to take care of your house, let us handle it!


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