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10 Bathroom Hot Spots You Forget to Clean But That Really Make a Difference

When it comes to wearing gloves and cleaning the toilet, people often think of disinfecting the toilet, cleaning the sink, etc. But is it clean enough? If you glance at it, it seems to be clean, but in fact, there are other places that have a lot of bacteria, and dirt. If they are not […]

Anh Son Ngo
Published 21 Oct 2022
10 Bathroom Hot Spots You May Forget to Clean
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When it comes to wearing gloves and cleaning the toilet, people often think of disinfecting the toilet, cleaning the sink, etc. But is it clean enough? If you glance at it, it seems to be clean, but in fact, there are other places that have a lot of bacteria, and dirt. If they are not noticed, the toilet is still very disgusting.

There are several bathroom hot spots you may not forget to clean because they are in hard-to-see places. But if you notice and do cleaning, it really makes a difference.

To help you get the cleanest bathroom possible, here’s a list of potential dirty areas that you should give your attention to ASAP.

1. Bathtub drain

This little metal disc gets dirty with soap, shampoo and hair – and too much gunk can cause it to clog. 

Julie Coraccio, the organizing and cleaning expert behind Reawaken Your Brilliance, recommends washing with hot water start and then pouring baking soda over it. 

This bathtub drain doesn’t take long to clean, so consider spending once or twice a week keeping your bathroom thoroughly clean and unclogged. You can refer to how to clean the bathtub drain here.

Bathtub drains (Source: Internet)

2. Bathroom grout

The high level of humidity and heat of a bathroom is a breeding ground for mold growth and bacteria to multiply. Under ideal environmental conditions, your light-colored and naturally porous grout is prone to build mold, bacteria and stains. While cleaning your dingy grout and trying to make them sparkle again like it used to be is not an exciting idea to spend your afternoon. 

Still, with a bit of elbow grease and effort, you will be amazed by the overall appearance and cleanliness of your bathroom.

Want to know some tips and what materials to use to clean the bathroom grout? Click here.

You will notice the difference as soon as you clean the bathroom grout (Source: Internet)

3. Toilet bowl

Cleaning the toilet bowl that we do our business with every day is probably one of the least enjoyable, if not the most terrifying things we do when it comes to cleaning. But if not cleaned, the toilet can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and yeast; and with each flush, these things spread all over your bathroom, into the air, into the tub, towels, toothbrush holders, and more.

Toilets need to be cleaned and properly cleaned. Just as a neglected toilet can be harmful to your health, a properly and regularly cleaned toilet can dramatically improve your daily well-being. 

But cleaning the toilet properly is not an easy job if you don’t know how. There are many very simple cleaning tips for you, refer here.

Disinfect toilet bowl (Source: Internet)

4. Ceramic tile shower

Ceramic is one of the most common flooring materials because it is hard, waterproof and comes in thousands of colors, patterns, shapes, sizes, etc. Ceramic tiles in particular are the perfect material for bathroom floors or shower walls. However, the humid environment in the bathroom brings with it some problems, such as yellow stains and mold. Unfortunately, water cannot help you solve the problem. 

There are some simple solutions and detailed steps to clean ceramic tile showers that Sparkling and Beyond experts recommend that you can use to clean your home’s ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tile shower (Source: Internet)

5. Vanity drawers

When it comes to cleaning vanities, we usually only pay attention to cleaning the top and sides of the table. So what about the inside?

Toothpaste stains, spilled makeup and stray hair accumulate every day. After you’ve scrubbed the drawers, store your items in organizer trays for easier removal and cleaning.

Vanity drawers needs to be cleaned too (Source: Internet)

6. Vents

These vents will not function properly if they are clogged with dust and other particles. And that means no moisture can circulate out of the bathroom, which can lead to mold growth.

Make sure that cleaning or vacuuming is part of your routine. If you have the right materials and equipment, you can completely DIY without having to outsource an outside cleaning service

Cleaning vents is not easy, but it’s worth your time (Source: Internet)

7. Handles and knobs

Door handles are one of the most overlooked places when cleaning because people often find them still clean. However, it is hard to see all the fingerprints and bacteria on the handle and knobs.

Frequent touching of doors and drawers resulting in grabs and pulls can be filled with bacteria. To remove dirt that has accumulated in these areas, use hot water and mild soap or disinfectant cleaner.

Handles and knobs (Source: Internet)

8. Switch plates

“When was the last time you dusted or wiped the switch plates in the bathroom?” If you don’t remember, get to work right away.

Clean dirt with bathroom cleaner spray and sponge. If the switch covers look really dirty, remove them and wash them with soap and water. Be sure to let them dry completely before putting them back.

Cleaning switch plates (Source: Internet)

9. Trash can

If you line the trash can with a bag, it helps keep it clean; but if not, you will need to spend more time and effort on this recycle bin. Very small ones can be run through the dishwasher, but larger receptacles can be cleaned in a utility sink.

You can use a wire brush or textured sponge and dish soap to get rid of mysterious stains. Rinse with warm water and spray the bathroom, if necessary. Then dry upside down.

Trash can (Source: Internet)

10. Shower curtain rod

Few homeowners think they have to clean their shower bars because they’re out of their reach, but spending a little time here every now and then can make your bathroom really sparkle.

For most curtain rods, use a damp rag to remove dirt and soap scum. But if you’re dealing with rust on a stainless rod, you’ll need to use aluminum foil or steel wool and white vinegar. Cut pieces of foil into small squares, dip in vinegar and scrub away the rust.

Shower curtain rod (Source: Internet)

Above are the bathroom hot spots that are easy to get dirty but are less noticeable. Cleaning doesn’t take too long, so take some time out of your day to clean it, it will really surprise you.


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