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12 Easy Ways to Reduce Dust in Your House 2022

If you are a tidy person, you may see that dust always appears in our house, especially on the table surface. Household dust, according to those who research it, is a mix of animal dander, carpet fluff, clothes fibers, and dirt tracked indoors. Even empty houses accumulate dust. While it is impossible to totally eliminate […]

Que Nong
Published 07 Oct 2022
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If you are a tidy person, you may see that dust always appears in our house, especially on the table surface. Household dust, according to those who research it, is a mix of animal dander, carpet fluff, clothes fibers, and dirt tracked indoors. Even empty houses accumulate dust. While it is impossible to totally eliminate dust, the following measures will help you keep it under control and out of your home.

1. Keep Your Footwear out of the house

In some parts of the country, it’s considered polite to remove your shoes while entering someone else’s home, yet there are always others who object to a No Shoe Policy. They could reconsider their aversion if they learned that up to 80% of home dust enters the bottoms of people’s shoes. Therefore, it is better to let your footwear out of the house and use slippers in the house only to help you reduce enormous floor dust. 

Keep your shoes out of the house (Source: Internet)

2. Stop Dirt at the Doors

People can wipe their feet before entering your property with sturdy mats at each entry. Even if individuals take their shoes off inside, this technique alone will dramatically reduce the amount of dust tracked in. Every couple of days, shake the mats outside or clean them with a hand-vac, and you’ll notice a significant reduction in dust. When cleaning them, make sure to vacuum or rinse both sides because dust penetrates through carpeting and matting to the floor below.

Weatherstripping around doors can help minimize household dust by preventing dirt from being blown in via gaps. This is especially useful if you live in a dry or rural region, or if a drought has left your lawn parched and naked. Check that your windows are properly closed and that they seal correctly, then caulk any gaps around the frames.

Stop Dirt at the Doors (Source: Internet)

3. Embrace Orderly and Frequently Cleaning

Some dust will fall to the floor if you vacuum your living room and then clean your light fixtures. That means you wasted your time and effort vacuuming. When cleaning the house, start at the top and work your way down. Vacuuming or dust mopping should be the last chore you finish in each area, especially if you’re seeking solutions to prevent dust in the home.

Many individuals are unaware that sweeping really creates more dust than it eliminates. If you want to know how to reduce dust in your home, you should get a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum high-traffic areas twice or three times per week. Even in less-frequently used sections, cleaning should be done on a weekly basis.

Embrace Orderly and Frequently Cleaning (Source: Internet)

4. Vacuum Effectivelye

The frequency with which you should vacuum depends on how many people dwell in your home. Vacuum each room from top to bottom once a week, then go over high-traffic areas every other day. But it’s more than just moving the vacuum back and forth—use gentle, overlapping strokes. Most people vacuum too quickly, allowing the machine to suck up all the dirt. After cleaning from wall to wall, turn at a right angle and vacuum the room from wall to wall again. When you vacuum your floors properly, you will get far more dust up.

Cleaning a glass oven door isn't impossible
Wash Bedding Weekly (Source: Internet)

5. Wash Bedding Weekly

Some may believe that washing sheets and pillowcases once a week is excessive. When you sleep, though, you slough off skin, hair, and body fluids. This suggests that the bed you sleep in isn’t as clean as you imagine. Furthermore, if you’re wondering how to prevent dust mites in your house, make sure you wash your bed linens at least once every seven days.

Wash Bedding Weekly (Source: Internet)

6. Get an air purifier

There are machines that collect and trap dust, essentially doing the task of dust reduction in your home for you. Make sure your air purifier (like your vacuum) has a HEPA filter and that it is placed near a door or window for maximum dust-removal action.

Get an Air Purifier (Source: Internet)

7. Groom your Pets in a Clean Space

Brushing (or simply touching) your pet on a regular basis results in stray hair and dust. You can significantly reduce your cleaning by grooming them outside or in an easy-to-clean area like the bathroom on a frequent basis.

Groom your Pets in a Clean Space (Source: Internet)

8. Minimize Clutter

The less stuff you have gathering dust, the less dust you’ll see in your home. So, in order to control the dust in your home, you must first address the clutter issue. Keep non-essential items off your countertops. Give away or donate items that are no longer useful to you or your tastes. Hang up clothing you aren’t wearing and keep your closet flooring free so you can vacuum easily. The floor beneath your bed is also a terrible dust magnet.

Minimize Clutter (Source: Internet)

9. Replace Your Old Carpets

Carpets retain dirt beneath the pad over time that even the greatest vacuum cannot completely remove. Shampooing or steam cleaning your carpet helps, but doing it too frequently causes it to wear out faster. Then it mixes carpet fiber pieces and glue into the dust in your home. Replace your carpets with hard flooring if you can afford it. It’s a lot easier to maintain cleanliness.

Replace Your Old Carpets (Source: Internet)

10. Change your Sheets often

Your bed is a dust-generating machine, thanks to the fabric fibers of your sheets and the skin particles from your body. Wash your sheets weekly and clean your pillows, comforter, and mattress pads once a month, or at least every other month, to keep your sheets and bedding as clean as possible.

Change your sheets often (Source: Internet)

11. Tumble the Dust Out

Dust accumulates on soft furnishings. Laundering or vacuuming them on a regular basis helps to keep them clean, so washing your curtains is an excellent approach to decrease dust. However, a fast spin in the dryer is another simple technique to remove dust, and it works on textiles that cannot be washed, such as silk. Simply remove any curtain rings, zippers, or other hardware before placing the item in your dryer. Set the piece to no-heat or fluff and let it tumble for a few minutes. The tumble action extracts dust from the fabric, while the dryer vent extracts it from your home.

Tumble the Dust Out (Source: Internet)

12. Don’t Blow Dust Around

Most manufacturers recommend changing your HVAC filter every three months, but changing it more frequently will reduce dust in your home dramatically. Use disposable filters that are affordable and should be replaced every 30 days. To ensure that you don’t forget, set a regular reminder on your phone or calendar. Also, sweep or vacuum the area around your heater. In addition, if you have an outside condenser unit, you should clean it every Spring.

Don’t Blow Dust Around (Source: Internet)

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