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Sparkling Home: 38 Spring Cleaning Hacks

1. Wipe down Walls  Keeping your walls free of greasy fingerprints, dust and stains is as easy as whipping them with a damp microfiber cloth. Be sure to start from top to bottom, and bonus points if you wipe the door frames and baseboards too! 2. Create a Plan  We’re not gonna lie, the thought […]

Jimmy Ho
Published 05 Jan 2023
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1. Wipe down Walls 

Keeping your walls free of greasy fingerprints, dust and stains is as easy as whipping them with a damp microfiber cloth. Be sure to start from top to bottom, and bonus points if you wipe the door frames and baseboards too!

2. Create a Plan 

We’re not gonna lie, the thought of spring cleaning can be daunting. So go in stages. Declutter first. 

As for cleaning, we recommend splitting things up by types of surfaces or rooms to make it all more manageable. And don’t try to do it all in one day! Remember, spring lasts for a couple of months. 

3. Bring stained cutting boards back to life 

If you think that nasty mark is permanent, you’re wrong. Run the cut side of a lemon over the board to help remove food stains and smells. For an extra oomph, sprinkle it with salt or baking soda first. 

4. Deep clean a fridge 

This is one of the greatest spring cleaning tips for you. 

To wipe down your fridge’s interior shelving on a regular basis, give the removable bins and shelves a deep clean every now and again. 

Pop out the door shelves and bins, and wash in warm, soapy water to get rid of food bacteria and spillage. 

This is one the the greatest cleaning tips for you (Source: Internet)
This is one the the greatest cleaning tips for you (Source: Internet)

5. Clean your doormats 

To get your house a spring clean, you can refresh your house by hosing off and air-dry outdoor mats. Vacuum indoor ones on both sides – going over the back will push trapped dirt out onto the floor where it will be easier to pick up. 

6. Clean your washing machine

Before noticing an odor in your appliance, clean your washing machine by adding bleach and turning on the special washer cleaning cycle on your machine or using a washing machine cleaner.

7. Clean your vacuum 

You have to clean your cleansers. This is one of the most priority things on the list of spring-cleaning hacks. 

Replace the vacuum bag, clean the dust cup, and replace or wash the filters. Snip threads snarled in the brush with scissors or a seam ripper. 

It is necessary to clean your cleansers (Source: Internet)
It is necessary to clean your cleansers (Source: Internet)

8. Wash down your broom

Clear any dust bunnies stuck on your broom’s bristles by swishing the broom head around in warm, soapy water, or vacuum it with the end of the vacuum hose. 

9. Replace air conditioner filters

Spring is the perfect time to clean or replace HVAC and window air conditioner filters before you start to use them regularly in the summer month. 

It’s best to check with your unit’s manufacturer for the recommended way to clean filters, if they are washable. 

10. Give bookshelves new life 

After all those cozy winter reading seasons, try our spring cleaning tip by cleaning up your library. 

Take a few minutes to organize your coffee table books, beside novels or favorite magazines. You can alphabetize, coordinate by color or sort by size. 

Make sure you dust the shelves before putting anything back in its place. 

11. Toss old clothes

Go through clothes and shoes from the season that’s just ended – and remove anything stained, in need of repair or worn out. Make a second pass through spring and summer clothes as you take them out of storage. Try on anything you’re unsure about before giving it closet space. 

12. Disinfect your electronics 

Bad news to you is your cell phone probably harbors more germs than your toilet seat. 

To clean your phone, power it down then wipe it with a microfiber cloth followed by a Lysol wipe. Let it air dry for five minutes before wiping it dry with a paper towel or microfiber cloth once more.

This same method works well to disinfect other electronics, like your TV remote and computer mouse.

Your phone is probably dirtier than your toilet seat (Source: Internet)
Your phone is probably dirtier than your toilet seat (Source: Internet)

13. Get a declutter buddy

It really helps to work with a close friend on decluttering, one who can talk some sense into you as you decide what stays and what goes. You can return the favor to her. 

14. Make your own furniture polish 

You do not necessarily have to pay for expensive store-bought furniture polish to keep your wood furniture clean and shiny before spring starts. 

You can combine one part lemon oil with one part white vinegar in a spray bottle. Lightly spray the concoction on your wood furniture as you would with other wood furniture cleaning products. Wipe it away with a clean, dry cloth. Repeat this process every week as a natural alternative to your current cleaning method. 

15. Use baking soda to clean major appliances 

Your kitchen appliances are used heavily, and they require special cleaning efforts. These are spaces where you store or prepare food,so you understandably do not want to introduce chemical-heavy products into these areas. 

The inside of your fridge and the outer surfaces of your stove and oven can be cleaned beautifully with baking soda, warm water and a bit of effort. In addition to cutting away the grease, baking soda has deodorizing properties that may be essential. Before you put away the baking soda, sprinkle some of the power in your stainless-steel sink to remove odors and filth. 

16. Sanitize kids’ toys 

Your children’s toys may rarely be cleaned, but this may be easier to do than you think. Hard plastic toys may be placed in the dishwasher, but remember to turn off the heated dry cycle. For stuffed animals, use a lint roller for a superficial spring cleaning. 

You can also toss them in the dryer to remove more dust and danger. 

17. Spray down windows and dust blinds 

Wait for an overcast day to clean your windows and start on the shady side of the house (direct sun can lead to streaking). Raise blinds or shades and wash windows with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. 

Then you need to lower the blinds and vinyl shades and dust with a duster and finish by vacuuming the fabric shades and drapes.

Wait for an overcast day to clean your windows (Source: Internet)
Wait for an overcast day to clean your windows (Source: Internet)

18. Freshen up musty carpets

Refresh your carpets in between deep cleanings by using a portable carpet cleaner with a rotating brush. 

To rid your carpet of pet odors, sprinkle baking soda or carpet deodorize on your carpet. Using a soft brush, work the baking powder into your carpet and let it set for 15 to 10 minutes. Vacuum the baking powder off the carpet with a fresh bag or clean dirt cup. 

19. Wash those reusable bags

Reusable grocery bags cut down on wasteful plastic, but they can get grimy with time. Look at the care label on your reusable bags to determine the best way to clean them. 

If they’re not machine-wash safe, clean them thoroughly with a sponge or cloth dipped in sudsy water. Rinse with a clean cloth and let air dry. 

20. Machine wash your shower curtain 

Stick plastic or vinyl shower curtains along with a few bath towels in your washing machine on the gentle cycle with your favorite laundry detergent. Let it hang dry before showering.

To keep the curtain cleaner longer, spritz it a few times each month with a bleach-containing all-purpose cleaner. Then just let the shower rinse it off. 

21. Clean your makeup brushes 

To free makeup brushes of oil-based foundation and concealer, squeeze a few drops of baby shampoo or dawn dish soap into your palm and rub the bristle tips into the soap, then gently work the suds through them. 

To rinse, hold the brush under warm running water. Gently shake over the sink to remove excess water, and lay the brush down on a paper towel to finish drying. 

Run to clean your makeup brush now (Source: Internet)
Run to clean your makeup brush now (Source: Internet)

22. Brighten up the grout

White grout picks up, well, everything. To make the grout sparkle again, spray it with a top-tested grout cleaner. Let it set for several minutes, then scrub with a stiff brush and rinse. 

23. Vacuum soft furniture

Apply our spring clean hacks by vacuuming soft furniture. First, you should pull furniture away from walls and vacuum behind and under it. Do the woodwork and air vents while you’re back there. Then switch the upholstery tool on your machine to go over both sides of the cushions and underneath them. 

The crevice tool is a great way to remove any gunk along the trim and stitching.

24. Remove pet hair by hand

Dog and cat hair clings to upholstery, and pulling out the vacuum cleaner every day to suction up the hair can be a hassle. An alternative is to put on your rubber kitchen gloves. Run your gloved hands over the surfaces to capture the hair. 

You can also use a lint roller if rubber gloves are not handy. 

25. Launder your comforter

You may wash your bed sheets every week, but the comforter only needs to be washed a few times per year in most cases. If you have a larger washing machine, you can skip the trip to the laundromat and clean your comfort at home

To prevent the stuffing from clumping up, toss a clean tennis ball into the dryer with the comforter. 

26. Keep the bathroom floor and counters hair-free

If your bathroom is like many others, the counter and floor may gather hair and lint easily. In fact these surfaces can look messy a day or two after you have thoroughly cleaned the bathroom. You can keep hair-free and lint-free easily between major cleaning sessions by wiping them down quickly with a damp towel every day or two.

27. Clean ceiling fan blades with a pillowcase

You can easily use a pillowcase to complete the work if you don’t feel comfortable vacuuming your ceiling fan blades or prefer a more hands-on method. 

Put a pillowcase over each blade of the ceiling fan independently. Pull the pillowcase down the length of the blade as you securely wrap your hands around both sides of the blade. 

As a result, there won’t be any messes because all of the dust will be contained in the pillowcase. 

Clean ceiling fan will be a good hack (Source: Internet)
A clean ceiling fan will be a good hack (Source: Internet)

28. Make light fixture sparkle

Over time, your glass light fixtures may gather dead insects and other unwanted detritus, giving them an ugly appearance. The individual glass casings could be cleaned by hand, however, there is a quicker method. 

To save time and energy, most detachable glass components on light fixtures can be put safely through a dishwasher cycle. 

29. Empty, organize, and clean purses

Take everything outside, discard the rubbish, and classify the stuff. Before putting them back inside, group smaller goods, like lipsticks, into little pouches or handbag organizers. If it’s made of a sturdy, water-resistant material, clean the exterior with a disinfectant wipe.

30. Wipe down outdoor furniture 

It’s time to prepare your patio furniture for relaxing with warmer weather approaching. Tables and chairs should then be cleaned by scrubbing them with warm water and dish soap. After giving them a quick watering, let them air dry. 

31. De-gunk your oven 

A crucial aspect of spring cleaning is cleaning your oven. Use the self-cleaning feature of your appliance to get rid of tough, baked-on filth. If your oven lacks one, apply a hot, moist towel to burned areas to help the muck melt. After that, scrub with a tough pad and a little bit of baking powder. Rinse, then pat dry.  

32. Remove marks on wood furniture

The mixture of white vinegar and lemon oil will clear up loose dust and bring back the gloss to wood furniture. For obstinate places, extra attempts are necessary. The simple fix for ink stains on wood furniture is to rub toothpaste over the area gently. Rinse and dry the wood after the stain has been removed.

Removing a mark on wooden furniture (Source: Internet)
Removing a mark on wooden furniture (Source: Internet)

33. De-stink the kitchen sink

Do you have a persistent kitchen odor? To get rid of any unpleasant scents, try putting a few pieces of lemon rind through your garbage disposal and then flushing the area with cold water. 

34. Kill dust mites in your mattress 

Take the chance of spring cleaning to pay attention to what’s under the sheets. 

Use your vacuum’s upholstery and crevice tools to scrub the top and sides of your mattress thoroughly. Cleanse your mattress with a disinfectant spray like Lysol after vacuuming. 

You can also use an iron or garment steamer to eliminate dust mites close to the surface. After that, vacuum. 

35. Improve water flow at the tap

You may have to deal with taps and shower heads becoming more and more blocked with mineral debris if hard water is a problem in your home. This sediment can be easily removed with white vinegar. 

Simply take the fixture heads off and give them a few minutes to soak in warm vinegar. You might need to use an old toothbrush to brush the debris off particularly difficult areas. Before replacing them, properly rinse these components.

You may have to deal with taps and shower heads (Source: Internet)
You may have to deal with taps and shower heads (Source: Internet)

36. Wash bulky bedding

It’s time to clean those pillows and wash those comforters-bulky objects you usually avoid! These items should be at the top of your list when the spring cleaning session rolls around because you only need to clean them two or three times a year

Before putting them in the washing machine, though, be sure to read the manufacturer’s label. 

37. Transfer photos to the cloud

Consider digitizing your old family photos while you are digitizing crucial objects. You can keep the memories alive in addition to cleaning your house. After all, original photographs will ineluctably decay and fade with time. 

38. Fight back against tarnish on copper cookware

To stop tarnishing, copper pots and pans need an extra step. You can keep the luster of your copper cookware by periodically rubbing a tiny bit of ketchup on it to remove tarnish stains. To give ketchup more strength in challenging areas, combine it with table salt.

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