Why does my carpet look worse after cleaning? How to resolve it?

Although cleaning the carpet is a necessary chore to maintain the house’s cleanliness and beauty. In fact, after the first cleaning, the carpet easily gets dirty than before. This is actually a common case, especially, carpets  are cleaned with traditional shampoo. Sparkling and Beyond’s cleaning experts have dealt with this trouble and brought to light why does my carpet look worse after cleaning? How to resolve it? 

Anyone who carpets their floors may undergo some troubles after cleaning their carpets for the first time. For example, spots and stains reappear in the carpet after a short time of cleaning. Another case is that the cleaned carpet is a little sticky when we set foot on it. Else, the carpet looks clean but has a bad smell. Here are some reasons for those cases and the possible solution you may apply:

1. Carpet wicking after cleaning

Cause: Soiled dirt and deeply settled stains on your carpet may be more stubborn than you may think, they can be absorbed and reach the backing and underlying pad of the carpet before you notice them. 

These stains can also be partly penetrated into the deeper pad because of the excessive moisture provided when you clean the surface of the carpet. It is not visible and won’t reappear right after the cleaning process. 

Only when the carpet starts drying, water evaporation brings these deep dirt and stains to the surface of your carpet, will you realize that your carpet has become dirty again. 

Deeply settled stain (Source: Internet)

Solution: Since the stains are visible on the surface, reclean your carpet again with a foamy cleaner. If the stains are still there after several cleaning efforts, you may need to contact Housing cleaning services for help.   

2. Residue stains left on the carpet after cleaning

Cause: This occurrence comes from the residue shampoo or soap that is left on the carpet after cleaning. Shampoo residue gives the carpet a stiff, sticky texture, thus, attracts more dust and grime,which leads to a buildup. As a result, the residue returns eventually after the carpet dries.

 This is the reason cleaning the carpet in a conventional way often makes the carpet become re-soiled after a short time after cleaning. Moreover, the soil stuck to the residue within the fibers seems harder to be vacuumed and spots reappear quickly.

Cleaner residue (Source: Internet)

Solution: Clean the carpet again with water and then dry it with a fan or dryer. You may need to repeat this task several times until the carpet is not sticky when touching. 

3. Carpet smell worse after cleaning

Cause: The main culprit of the bad smell of the carpet is the excessive amount of water penetrated into the layer of backing or padding leading to mold and bacteria blooming. If that bottom layer gets wet and isn’t dried properly, it leads to bad odor.

Carpet smell worse after cleaning (Source: Internet)

Solution: As soon as you notice the stink of the carpet, try to deeply dry your carpet. Remember to keep your house well ventilated so that the carpet can dry faster. Try one of these methods: 

  • Using white vinegar spraying onto the carpet: vinegar is a perfect treatment to eliminate the musty smell.
  • Spreading kitty litter over the carpet: It can absorb the moisture from the carpet along with the foul smell.
  • Using the dehumidifiers in the room.

4. Worn carpet

Cause: Depending on the quality of the carpet fabric and the effect of the environment such as temperature, humidity, etc., carpet color may fade away after a long time of using. It can be disappointing when we realize that the carpet doesn’t look as beautiful as it used to be. Color bleaching can also be caused by the carpet cleaner solution in some cases. 

Worn carpet (Source: Internet)

Unfortunately, there is not any effective way for you to maintain the color of your carpet permanently. However, you can try to choose the most suitable cleaning solution for your carpet to reduce bleaching as much as possible. 

5. Dingy carpet

Cause: Any strong scrubbing effort to delete the stains in the carpet may ruffle the carpet fabric or damage it. Besides, the structure of the fabric that lacks drying, can be loosened by humidity leading to a vulnerable carpet.

Solution: We advise you to use a sponge or cloth to clean the carpet to avoid dingy carpet. If the carpet is placed in a humid area, give it 2 – 3 replacements, one that gets wet will be dried and replaced by another.

Water damaged carpet (Source: Internet)

Interesting: Tips to keep your carpet clean for a longer time

  • Keep any stain-causing agent away from your carpet such as colored drinks, liquid, etc., and remember to remove footwear before walking on your carpet. Using separate slippers in the house will keep your carpet as well as your house cleaner. 
  • Many pets find carpet is an interesting thing for them to sleep in or even piss on it. Therefore, you should train your pets to stay away from the carpet.
  • Immediately clean any spilled liquid on the carpet. As soon as you notice any spillages, use a tissue or dry rag to absorb the liquid first before it can settle. Do not use cloth or rag to scrub it without any solution since you may spread the liquid out to the surrounding area or the underneath layer. Using our mentioned cleaners to clean the dirt as soon as possible. The longer a stain is left to set, the more difficult it will be to remove. 


It is a general situation that cleaning the carpet may be easy but maintaining the beauty of a it requires instructions compliance unless it will take your time to result the consequences. To make sure things are great after cleaning a carpet, you must be aware of the reason why does my carpet look worse after cleaning by simply follow your instructions on how to clean a carpet and many excellent tips on How to clean your house. Besides, if you are unable to handle your household chores on your own, the best way is giving us a request. Sparkling and Beyond are offering a range of Housing Cleaning Services which are definitely effective to clean up every corner in your house.

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