Interior designers reveal 12 ways to make your home look better

For most people, decorating is one of the most vital steps to improve their quality of living and add a new flavor to their home. Therefore, Sparkling and Beyond will share with you some simple tips from interior designers to decorate your home in an inexpensive way. 

Why nice houses interior is important?

Different people have different ways to afford their standard of living, but most of them will agree that a few basic things directly impact their living quality. And everyone believes that home design is a must. As:

  • Your home shows people who and what you are
  • Design home in your own way will make you comfortable
  • Using your favorite color to decorate helps regulate your mood
  • Well-designed home gives easy movement

12 ways to better your home looking

1. Recover your pillows

If your pillows are too boring, don’t try to buy another one. You can swipe out the cover by using other colors or pattern pillow slips. Nevertheless, if you are creative, you can also reuse old fabric to customize your own pillowcase to make your room look more interesting.

Recover your pillows
Recover your pillows (Source: Internet)

2. Design your own room in nature

To give your house a fresh look, you can bring the outside into it. Let’s have some flowers, and branches in tall glass vases. It helps you a lot to brighten up your living space. 

Besides, you can grow some ornamental plants by your window. It not only helps you decorate your home but also protects the environment. 

Design your own room in nature
Design your own room in nature (Source: Internet)

Design your own room in nature (Source: Internet)

3. Rearrange the furniture

There is the fact that the way that you arrange your furniture has a major influence on the overview of your house. For this reason, rearranging the furniture will help you have a nice interior house

Moving your bed next to the window to enjoy the fresh air every morning when you get up is not a bad idea to try.

Rearrange the furniture
Rearrange the furniture (Source: Internet)

4. Add things to make your room look cool( art pieces, pictures….)

Another simple and affordable idea to decorate your home is to hang some unique art items on the walls. 

You can choose DIY art or family photos that will make your home become closer. However, you don’t need artwork on every empty wall. Make sure each picture is put in a suitable place. 

Moreover, if you are creative, you can make your own beautiful canvas or framed custom artwork.

Add things make your room look cool
Add things to make your room look cool (Source: Internet)

5. Create your ideal zones for a nice house interior

No matter where you are living, creating zones is also a great way to change up the layout. For example, interior designer Max Sinsteden separated his sleep zone from the rest of his room by hanging a super high curtain. 

If you have larger spaces, you may create different zones. They can be an area for TV watching or an area to play a board game.

Create your ideal zone for nice house interior
Create your ideal zone for nice house interior (Source: Internet)

Create your ideal zone for a nice house interior (Source: Internet)

6. Mirrors on the walls

Maybe you didn’t know the fact that mirrors are really a crucial decoration in your home. By putting the mirrors in your living space, they would reflect the light and brighten your room. On the other hand, this will add a feeling of spaciousness and elegance in general.

Mirrors on the walls
Mirrors on the walls (Source: Internet)

7. Light up the room 

It can’t be better if your house is well-ventilated with natural light and fresh air supply from big windows. This is a key factor in decorating your home

Make sure that all the windows of your house are unclocked and keep it as clean as possible. 

To brighten your home, you can also decorate more light furniture or switch bulbs. This is because both bulbs and LEDs are often given a CRI rating, which tells you how they will illuminate the color of an object and the low color index makes everything isn’t in true color. Change a higher CRI, everything will seem more vibrant.

Light up the room
Light up the room (Source: Internet)

8. Repaint the walls

If the walls of your house are too old, don’t hesitate to repaint them. Changing the color of your home will bring a new life to it and make it full of vitality. In addition, adding color or pattern to your furniture is also a great idea to design your own room. Let’s try to turn your old beige wardrobe into white and you’ll see the difference. 

Repaint the walls
Repaint the walls (Source: Internet)

9. Makeover your shelves 

In fact, your bookshelves can be way more than a storage unit. Restyling it and you will change the whole aesthetic of the room. And the easiest way to get a well-designed bookcase is by editing a color palette. 

However, don’t forget to rearrange your books or items! It is really important for a nice interior house

Makeover your shelves
Makeover your shelves (Source: Internet)

10. Update the entrance to your house

The entryway is the first and sometimes only part of your home visitor’s notice so make it becomes a welcoming spot by covering it with bold color. Besides, a garland hanging on the main door will make your house more friendly and attractive. 

Update the entrance to your house
Update the entrance to your house (Source: Internet)

11. Fill your rooms with a signature fragrance 

You can take note of the hotel style by using your own signature smell for your home. There’s no place like home, so ensure all your senses are alerted to the feeling of home when you open the door. This may be helpful for the owner of the house to release stress after spending too much time working.

Use the fragrance you like to spay the room or light up the candles which have a beautiful scent.

Fill your rooms with signature fragrance
Fill your rooms with signature fragrance (Source: Internet)

12. Keep your house clean

The key to a nice house’s interior is clean. If your house or apartment isn’t cleaned regularly, you will give dust and other allergens a chance to build up. A cluttered space makes it look smaller than it actually is and drives you mad when you want to search for lost items. 

Having a frequent cleaning of your house is really necessary to reduce stress, keep you organized avoid spreading germs. 

Keep your house clean
Keep your house clean (Source: Internet)

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