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Make your frigidaire oven self-clean in a very simple way

Cleaning a complex machine like a frigidaire oven may be a demanding task if you consider lifting the oven out of your kitchen and cleaning it with special tools. Fortunately, most of the recent frigidaire ovens have their self-cleaning feature that needs a few steps to start. Sparkling and Beyond will guide you on how […]

Published 25 May 2022
frigidaire oven self clean
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Cleaning a complex machine like a frigidaire oven may be a demanding task if you consider lifting the oven out of your kitchen and cleaning it with special tools. Fortunately, most of the recent frigidaire ovens have their self-cleaning feature that needs a few steps to start. Sparkling and Beyond will guide you on how to use self-clean the frigidaire oven, how to start self-clean on the frigidaire oven, how to cancel self-clean on the frigidaire oven, and how long a frigidaire oven self-cleans. 

Not all kinds of ovens have their self-cleaning function, especially conventional ones. If your oven has this function, it will clearly be shown on the dashboard. However, it is not as simple as pressing it only once. Follow our steps below. 

Before cleaning

Basically, the self-cleaning feature will turn all the debris and stains into powder by baking them at a completely high temperature (about 500°F). Then, you can easily wipe it out. As the heating process is dangerous and can be harmful to other parts of the oven, there are a few things you must finish in advance:

Remove all the external racks and shelves

Since the cleaning process of the frigidaire oven is at a high temperature, you need to remove all the things such as the grates or food stored in the storage or warmer drawer out in case it can be damaged by the temperature. 

Swipe out all the large scattered debris (if it is removable)

Normally, it takes 2 – 3 hours for a self-cleaning process to be done. Therefore, if you leave too much debris inside the oven, it may burn. We suggest that you remove as much as possible to reduce smoke while cleaning. 

Running the self-clean

After removing all the unnecessary things, remember to close the oven. Now, let’s start cleaning: 

  1. Press Self-cleaning. 
An oven dashboard (Source: Internet)
  1. Press the up/down arrow for 2 or 3 hours or choose the cleaning level: light, medium, or heavy soiled. Then, the “Door close” light is illuminated and the “CLn” is shown on the display. The door-locked status and the display will remain the same until the process is finished. 

During this process, the remaining time can be shown on the display by pressing “self-cleaning” again. When the process is finished, “CLn” will show on the display. 


  • The self-cleaning process makes noises and smoke sometimes but it is normal. During this process, it is better that you open all the windows and doors of your kitchen to optimize the ventilation. 
  • When the oven heats up, the top cook area can become so scorching hot that it can burn you. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your children and warn your family not to touch any components of this area.

Manual cleaning afterward

When the oven finishes self-cleaning, it takes about an hour for it to be cool enough for cleaning. When you see the “Door close” light turn off, it is time to handle the cleaning. 

You can wipe your oven with a damp rag or cloth. You can also use some cleaner if there are still any stains but remember to read the instructions carefully because some kinds of detergent can damage your oven. 

If you do not have the oven cleaner, make your own detergent by mixing baking soda with water. Then, paste it onto the stains and let it sit for an hour, and wipe again with a clean rag or cloth.  

Wipe out the residue
Wipe out the residue

Besides, there are some other needed notes for you while cleaning your oven:

How to cancel self-clean on frigidaire oven

Different frigidaire oven designs will have different ways to cancel the self-cleaning process. In most cases, turning the cooktop will cause the process to be canceled. The display will show “SCC” in this case but the door still stays locked until the temperature cools down. 

How to stop the self-clean process

To stop the process, press the “OFF” button. The oven door also locks after the temperature is cool. When it is sufficiently cool, the door will automatically unlock.

Can I set a time to start the self-cleaning process?

Some frigidaire oven models have a “Delay Start” button on the dashboard that allows users to delay the starting time. Press the key and set the time you would like to start the self-cleaning process. 

If your oven does not have the “delay start” button, unfortunately, there is not any other way to delay this process. 

Delay start (Source: Internet)

How to clean the oven racks

The oven racks can be cleaned using some pantry ingredients such as vinegar or baking soda. Soak the racks for about 15 minutes with and then scrub them with a sponge or brush. If the clinging dirt is stubborn, you can soak it with vinegar for a longer time. 

Cleaning the oven rack
Cleaning the oven rack

What happens if the process is unstoppable?

If the process goes beyond the predetermined time, it is possible that there is a technological error. You should unplug the oven and contact your supplier for help. 

How long does self-cleaning take?

Self-cleaning ovens heat up to an extremely high temperature (between 880 and 900°F), burning food residue and transforming it into ash. After the oven cools, you simply wipe away the ash.

The self-cleaning cycle that you choose depends on the level of the soil. High-heat self-cleaning ovens typically take 1.5 to 3 hours to clean, and some even take six hours. Steam-cleaning ovens usually have shorter cycle times, usually less than an hour, between cleaning and cooling.


With the advance in technology, a self-cleaning oven is definitely a convenient kitchen appliance. Cleaning an oven is now not as complex with just some buttons. However, if you are not a technophile, it may be a little difficult for you to start this amazing function. With all the above guidance, we believe that things are much easier now. So, if you are keen on baking food, keep it clean by frequently wiping the oven. Besides, if you are concerned about How To Clean the Kitchen or other rooms in your house. Visit Sparkling and Beyond website to find everything you need for your house cleaning as well as a range of helpful housing cleaning services which are practiced by enthusiastic and well-trained staff.


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