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Natural toilet bowl cleaners – A comprehensive guide

As mankind is progressing toward a greener world, people have been in search for more-environment-friendly and healthier alternatives that can replace industrial conveniences.

Published 19 May 2022
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As mankind is progressing toward a greener world, people have been in search for more-environment-friendly and healthier alternatives that can replace industrial conveniences, among which are commercial toilet cleaners themselves. Some natural household products have been discovered to have excellent cleansing properties; and the great news is, they work well for toilets too! These natural toilet bowl cleaners are vinegar, baking soda, Coke, and ammonia; all of which could easily be found in your kitchen pantry, or bathroom cabinet.

What is the best cleaner for toilets?

A good toilet cleaner is expected to remove stains, slimes, and dirt from your urinals, toilet bowls, and bathroom tiles, and also disinfect them. So the best toilet cleaner is, obviously, something that does these tasks the most effectively and, beyond that, satisfies our other needs. And when searching for great natural cleaners, we are searching for natural ingredients that can perform these tasks as effectively as a commercial cleaner does. This is definitely a high bar to cross, given how potent bleach is as a biocide.

Clean toilet bowls naturally

Fortunately enough, cleaning toilet bowls naturally might not be a pipe dream at all. Under most circumstances, natural toilet bowl cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, ammonia, etc. can perform the said tasks just as well as any commercial toilet cleaners. while also bringing some extra benefits like not having a bleachy smell, deodorizing your toilet, unclogging your toilet, or not eating away your skin or your lung, etc.

Through different mechanisms, these natural cleaners, while not literally burning away the bacteria the way bleach does, do create an environment too alkalic or acidic for bacteria to live, eat away mineral stains with the acidity, or produce the foam to wash away the stains.

In the next session, we will provide the instructions that can help you clean your toilet effectively with natural cleaners. As a note, for any of these methods, if your toilet bowl is particularly stained at the bottom, you may want to drain the water from the toilet bowl so the cleaning agents can contact better with the stains.

Clean toilet bowls with vinegar and baking soda

While both are excellent cleaners on their own, baking soda and vinegar are often used together for cleaning toilet bowls. This is because the explosive, fizzy reaction between these two agents can be utilized to take care of tough stains, as well as to unclog the toilet.

Clean the toilet bowl using vinegar and baking soda (Source: Internet)

As a note, just like for all other uses, we don’t recommend combining the baking soda and the vinegar together as a cleaner. The reason is that these agents sit on 2 ends of the pH chart and combining them together does neutralize their acidity and alkalinity, which are the sources of power as disinfectants and cleansers in the first place. There are better ways to use vinegar and baking soda to clean toilet bowls.

Clean your toilet bowl with vinegar and baking soda by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Pour 1 cup of vinegar into the toilet bowl. Do so by pouring at the top of the toilet along the rim, so the vinegar would cover and disinfect the entire bowl.
  • Step 2: Let it sit overnight (or 8 hours). It will disinfect your toilet bowl as well as break down tough stains.
  • Step 3: After the 8-hour wait, sprinkle baking soda into the toilet bowl and wait for another 15 minutes. The concoction will fizz up and wash down the stains even more.
  • Step 4: Scrub the toilet bowl with a toilet bowl brush.
  • Step 5: Flush the toilet.

As a note, you can also use vinegar to wash and disinfect other parts of your toilet, such as the toilet’s exterior, the flush handle, and the toilet water tank. For the toilet’s exterior, spray the toilet with the water-vinegar mixture, wait for 15 minutes, and wipe. For the water tank, the job would be slightly more complicated, so we will save that for another article.

Clean toilet bowl with Coke

Clean the toilet bowl with coke (Source: Internet)

Coca-cola makes up an excellent natural toilet cleaner thanks to the phosphoric acid it contains. It busts down stains, especially the mineral-induced stains caused by hard water. However, it doesn’t disinfect.

To clean a toilet bowl with Coke, follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1: Pour 2 cups of Coca-cola into the toilet bowl
  • Step 2: Let it sit overnight (or 8 hours).
  • Step 3: Flush the toilet.

Clean toilet bowls with ammonia

Ammonia is a great toilet cleaner (Source: Internet)

The way ammonia works to clean is that of a surfactant; its saponification effects help the stains to get break down easier. While ammonia does kill some types of germs including E. coli, it doesn’t work against bacteria and viruses.

You can clean the toilet bowl with ammonia by making it into an ammonia/baking soda cleaning concoction, following these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Pour 1/2  cup of ammonia and 1/2 cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl.
  • Step 2: Let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Step 3: Scrub the toilet bowl with a brush to clean any buildup.
  • Step 4: Flush the toilet.

As a note, you must not combine ammonia with bleach, or a commercial product containing ammonia with one containing bleach, because that would produce toxic fumes.

More toilet cleaning tips using natural toilet cleaners from Sparkling and Beyond

So far, we have gone through a range of natural toilet bowl cleaners, and the guides on how to use them. The good news is that you will see even more of these natural cleaners in our other cleaning tips and guides: As a company that advocates the ecosystem, Sparkling and Beyond do put priority to help you greenify your DIY cleaning by introducing natural cleaning products. So stay tuned for more cleaning tips and guides, and remember to use our cleaning services whenever you feel that professional help is needed.


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