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What to use to clean a tv screen?

Nowadays, television has become a popular and practical item in every home. As a result, cleaning the television screen is an important and required task.

Nyah Lai
Published 24 Mar 2022
Clean a tv screen
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Nowadays, television has become a popular and practical item in every home. As a result, cleaning the television screen is an important and required task. Because external environmental factors like an airborne particle (such as a clump of dust) can easily damage the TV’s LCD screen, it is really vital for you to clean the TV screen regularly. So, how to clean a tv screen? What products can you use to clean your TV screen? Can you clean a tv screen with windex? The methods listed below can assist you in cleaning the screen efficiently.

Can you clean tv screens with windex? 

Clean tv screens with windex
Clean tv screens with windex (Source: Internet)

Step 1: Turn off the television.

Before attempting any cleaning, it’s best to turn the TV’s power off since it will allow you to see the dirt more easily. Furthermore, turning off the television helps you avoid any potential electrical mishaps.

Step 2: Clean the screen with a soft cloth or a professional glass cleaner.

+ Gently clean the screen to prevent from damaging it by applying too much force, which might lead to crack or stain.

+ Never wipe your screen with paper towels, toilet paper, or old clothes since they can damage your screen or leave lint on it. 

+ You should pay special attention to cleaning the TV’s hard plastic frame, since its screen is a less delicate material than other screens. It would be best if you clean your TV screen with a microfiber cloth or a regular duster.

How to clean tv screens with vinegar? 

Clean tv screens with vinegar
Clean tv screens with vinegar (Source: Internet)

Vinegar is a natural solution that is both safe and affordable compared to other cleaning products on the market. Furthermore, because vinegar is a neutral corrosive, it will not hurt your equipment when cleaning your TV screen. So how to clean tv screens with vinegar? Gently clean the entire screen with a tiny cloth dipped in a vinegar solution. You can use your hands to gently press against hard-to-remove stains, and always remember to clean the screen in a circular motion.

To clean tv screens with vinegar, you need to follow these steps:

  • Dip a small towel in vinegar solution and lightly wipe the entire screen. When removing tough stains, gently push your palm against the spot and remember to always wipe the screen in a pivoting motion. 

Note: Do not pour or spray vinegar straight onto the screen as this may permanently harm your television.

Furthermore, you can use different screen cleaning solutions, but avoid those that contain ammonia, ethyl alcohol, acetone, or ethyl chloride, etc. as these may harm or discolour the screen. 

  • After cleaning the screen with vinegar, wipe it with a dry towel; do not let the vinegar to dry on the screen as this may leave traces.

Things to keep in mind:

  • To clean flat-screen televisions, do not use cleaners directly on the screen.
  • Scraping the screen too hard can result in scratches.
  • Always turn off the TV before cleaning

How to clean tv screens with glass cleaners?

Clean tv screens with glass cleaners
Clean tv screens with glass cleaners (Source: internet)

To remove fingerprints and grime from the screen, you can use glass cleaner. Steps to use glass cleaner to clean the TV screen:: Wipe the TV screen carefully with a soft cloth soaked in glass cleaner. If it’s not as clean as you’d want, repeat the process.

Can you clean the tv screens with alcohol?

Clean the tv screens with alcohol
Clean the tv screens with alcohol (Source: Internet)

Yes of course! If you don’t have professional TV screen cleaning solutions or glass cleaner, you can use alcohol to clean the TV screen! All you need is a spray of water, some alcohol, and a soft cloth to wipe your television screen. If you don’t have a soft towel on hand, a glass towel or other cloth would suffice.

To clean the TV screen with water and alcohol, you can follow these steps:

  • Mix alcohol with water in the ratio of 2:1
  • Spray the solution on a soft cloth with the diluent in a spray bottle.
  • Gently clean the TV screen. Because the alcohol will evaporate by itself, you will not need to clean the TV screen again after using this procedure.

Can you clean tv screens with wet wipes?

Clean tv screens with wet wipes
Clean tv screens with wet wipes (Source: Internet)

The glass of the TV should be cleaned using a very soft cloth. You can spray glass cleaner on a delicate cloth and gently wipe the screen with it. Wet wipes containing liquids, such as water, should not be used to wipe directly on the screen. Wiping the screen with this moist cloth will cause water to leak into the screen’s edge, scorching the internal boards.

Furthermore, do not use rough materials to clean the TV, such as paper towels, since this may cause scratches on the screen.

When it comes to cleaning the television screen, there are a few things you should avoid.

Few thing you should avoid
Few thing you should avoid (Source: Internet)

Cleaner should not be sprayed directly on the TV screen.

To clean the TV screen, do not use paper towels or discarded clothing. The TV is easily scratched by paper towels and clothing. When cleaning televisions, this is a typical mistake.

It is recommended that you should soak the cleaner in a cloth before cleaning the TV screen, rather than spraying it immediately on it. Allowing fluid to enter the monitor’s circuit is not a smart idea. 

To peel stubborn stains out, avoid using nails or sharp things.To clean the TV screen, do not use solutions containing ammonia, acetone, or ethyl chloride, etc because it can cause harm to the television screen.

Suggestions on how to clean tv screens effectively?

  • Vaseline can be used to cover unsightly scratches and then wiped clean with a soft cloth. You’ll be astonished at how effective it is.
  • Wait for the TV to cool down before covering it with a cloth to prevent dust from accumulating. This is a highly efficient method of dust protection for the TV screen.
  • If you’re going to use chemicals to clean your TV screen, be sure you get the proper one for your model. On the top of the TV screen cleaners by model, look for chemicals to clean TV screens: + TV brand name + TV screen cleaner For instance, liquid can be used to clean LCD television panels.

Hopefully, these pointers will assist you in understanding what to use to clean the tv screen? And how to clean your television screen in the most effective way.

If you are unable to clean your television screen or other household gadgets on your own, or worry that doing it wrong will result in harm to those appliances. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company to assist you in resolving cleaning concerns in your house. Sparkling and Beyond cleaning service is always here to help!  We are dedicated to transforming your living area into a paradise every day, thanks to our skilled crew, high-quality cleaning supplies, and environmental friendliness.
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