How to clean shower head with vinegar

While showering, have you ever experienced the water streams spouting out toward anywhere but downward to you? In fact, it is the substance in the water that clogs the showerhead, causing irregular directions of the water stream. In the US, water usually contains high mineral content and this type of water is regarded as hard water. When hard water goes through the shower head, the minerals will gradually pile up and become limescale which can block the shower head and cover its shiny surface. Although you can purchase the chemical cleaners specific for limescale, you can actually save money by using natural, day-to-day products to unblock your shower head. Sparkling and Beyond will introduce how to clean the shower head with vinegar and baking soda in the following article so that you can polish your shower head effectively without spending additional money.

Method 1: Clean the shower head with white vinegar

  • First, separate the shower head with the water tube. Make sure not to lose the rubber washer as this small round rubber can prevent the water from flowing out between the head and the tube.
  • Following this, place the shower head in a container and soak it with white vinegar for no less than 30 minutes, roughly an hour is ideal. If your shower head is made of brass, the time for immersion should be 30 minutes at most.
  • Next, take out the shower head and rinse it with water. At this point, most of the limescale should be removed.
  • After this, use a toothbrush to scrub away any limescale residue and make sure the nozzle is stain free before rinsing the head again and wiping it with a rag.
  • Finally, attach the head back to the hose and open the shower to stream away the remaining limescale.


Clean shower head with white vinegar (Source: Internet)

Method 2: Use the special limescale cleaner to clean the shower head

If vinegar cannot remove certain unyielding clogs on the shower head, you can buy special limescale removing spray at your local shops. Remember to use them safely and make sure not to spatter them over your head as they may go into your eyes.


Use the special limescale cleaner (Source: Internet)

Special limescale removing spray can clean the shower head

Method 3: Clean the shower head with white vinegar and baking soda

If you have baking soda at hand, it can also be used with white vinegar to clean the shower head. Similar to method 1, remove the shower head from the hose and place it in a container or bucket. Then, pour 3 cups of vinegar and a cup of baking soda into the container. There will be bubbles appearing from the mixture. After this, make sure the head is submerged in the solution for an hour. If the pileups of stains are denser, let the head be soaked longer than an hour. After this, wash away the vinegar solution with warm water. Finally, wipe clean the head with a rag and reattach it back to the shower. Open the shower to let the water flush away the remaining solution and test if the shower head is unclogged.


Clean the shower head with white vinegar and baking soda (Source: Internet)


It is not necessary to buy a special descaling spray to clean the shower head. You can use vinegar and baking soda to clean a clogged shower head. Simply immerse the shower head in vinegar or vinegar and baking soda solution for a while. Then, the limescale should come off from the head. If you want to see more cleaning tips, visit for more articles or dial 415-966-1101 to book a cleaning service with us!

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