Everything You Should Know Before Outsourcing a Commercial Cleaning Services

Employees are frequently at the mercy of job situations over which they have little control so forcing them to clean the office after or before work may cause work dissatisfactions among staff.

Que Nong
Published 03 Aug 2022
Everything You Should Know Before Outsourcing a Commercial Cleaning Services
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Employees are frequently at the mercy of job situations over which they have little control so forcing them to clean the office after or before work may cause work dissatisfaction among staff. Why don’t you let another outsourcing agency take care of these burdens instead of your employees? There are a few things you should prepare for before hiring a cleaning crew to take care of your office. Sparkling and Byond will guide you on how to outsource the right office cleaning agency to get the best result. 

Advantages of hiring an office cleaning service provider

1. Better workplace care

How sanitary is your office has a significant effect on the customer’s evaluations when they enter your store or office. An officer may manage to tidy up his/her office desk but rarely can he/she think of disinfecting the surface to remove germs

The office cleaning company also comes with access to cutting-edge cleaning products and technology. Thus, with professional care, your office will look definitely sanitary and well-organized from the inside out. 

Hiring an office cleaning service provider (Source: Internet)
Hiring an office cleaning service provider (Source: Internet)

2. Customize the cleaning schedule

Managing a rotating schedule of staff assignments or an in-house employee who takes sick days, requires time off, and may depart for a different career possibly brings you more duties. 

Professional office cleaning service, in contrast, can help you save your time as there is no worry about the person in charge. Moreover, professional office cleaning service provides a flexible cleaning schedule depending on your needs. They can also advise you with some cleaning checklist templates which are suitable for your office model in case you need them. 

The only task you should keep in mind then is to track the work following a contracted checklist.

Cleaning checklist (Source: Internet)
Cleaning checklist (Source: Internet)

3. Higher employee satisfaction

In fact, not everyone is willing to handle cleaning at the office. Especially, the one who is given a heavy workload, may feel tired and discouraged cleaning the office after work. Although most companies ask employees to assist maintain shared areas clean, neither you nor your staff was paid to clean your workplace. Hiring a business cleaning firm may relieve staff of the strain of keeping things clean while ensuring that your workplace atmosphere does not suffer as well as increase employee work satisfaction and productivity. 

4. Satisfaction and safety guarantees

There can be a case that an employee may not know how to clean all the office facilities properly so there is a risk of mistakenly damaging them. If it happens, will you request your staff to be liable for compensation? Things are much easier to resolve when you work with an outsourcing agency as they will have provisions relating to satisfaction and safety. 

How to find a reliable office cleaning company

1. Examine your business’s needs

An office cleaning agency often provides customers with several different service packs which serve different cleaning purposes. For example, commercial office cleaning is suitable for deep cleaning while janitorial cleaning services include daily cleaning tasks. 

When you contact a representative of an office cleaning agency, they may request your cleaning plan and expectations first. Therefore, you should clarify your objective and requirements before you start searching for an office cleaning company. 

2. Referrals from around

Asking trustworthy peers in your field is one of the finest methods to locate a fantastic professional commercial cleaning service provider. This will provide you with a starting point and allow you to filter down your list of possible organizations to those who have worked with businesses similar to yours. 

Don’t be scared to ask friends or relatives who own or run businesses for referrals. After all, every business needs the services of a competent cleaning company.

3. Google and social networks

Another option to find more about professional cleaning services for companies in your region is to use the internet. Search Google, Bing, or Facebook for local professional cleaning services.

Reputable firms should have a large number of positive customer reviews. You should also look at the websites of the companies you’re thinking about working with. Frequently, you may discover testimonials from prior clients as well as information for future clients.

Finding a commercial cleaning company (Source: Internet)
Finding a commercial cleaning company (Source: Internet)

How to work with a Commercial Cleaning Company

1. Onboard a Commercial Cleaning Company

When it comes to onboarding your new cleaning company, there are a few details to work out. Generally, your cleaning provider should go over these details with you. However, before the cleaning crew arrives, you should have an internal discussion and make some judgments. Here are some point you should clear: 

  • Cleaning supplies: You should make clear if you provide them with your cleaning solutions and machines or if they will use their available cleaner technique. Do you have any standard for cleaners such as order, environmentally friendly,… Who will refill and replace things? 
  • Cleaning schedule: Does your entire office need daily cleaning? Determine how often should the cleaning crew visit your office. Build in a contingency for weeks that fall during holidays or key events for your business.
  • Office access: Would you prefer your cleaning personnel to enter the premises by which entrance? Will they require a code, swipe card, or key to go in, or will someone greet them? Make sure any additional processes for their secure access are identified and established.
  • Other special cleaning requirements: Along with all your expectation and requirement, you should emphasis any special points that need special care so that your cleaning crew can better pay attention to them
Hiring a cleaning crew (Source: Internet)
Hiring a cleaning crew (Source: Internet)

2. Manage the work of a Comercial Cleaning Company

Once your cleaning firm is onboarded and ready to go, you’ll need to monitor and manage your relationship with them in the same way you would with any other vendor. It’s critical to recognize that your commercial cleaners work in a variety of offices with varying expectations and needs.

To achieve success, ensure that expectations are communicated and documented in both directions. When shocks, disappointments, or hurdles happen, deal with them quickly and carefully. Most crucial, give and receive comments freely. If your cleaning team feels comfortable approaching you with concerns or inquiries, you will never be the last to know when something breaks or malfunctions.


Let Sparkling and Beyond help you

A clean and organized office may bring your customer a great impression as well as increase the happiness of your employee so it is worth professional care. As one of the most qualified cleaning agencies, Sparkling and Beyond provides you with effective and flexible Office Cleaning Services that fit the need of many office models. If you are tired of managing your in-house cleaning staff, why don’t schedule a demo with Sparkling and Beyond at the moment? Our experienced cleaning experts are waiting for you!


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