Interior Designer Vs. Interior Decorator:What is the difference between?

Searching for an agent or expert who can help you to refresh or innovate your space, you may find a thousand results mainly with two kinds of services which are interior design and interior decorating.

Jimmy Ho
Published 28 Aug 2022
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Searching for an agent or expert who can help you to refresh or innovate your space, you may find a thousand results mainly with two kinds of services which are interior design and interior decorating. Are you wondering if designing includes decorating? If so, why do we need another interior decorator? In fact, although those occupations are often used synonymously, interior designer and interior decorator were all separate technical terms that require many different technical expertise as well as main purposes of their work. Sparkling and Beyond will help you to differentiate them so that you can take further considerations for your plan.

Interior Designer and Interior Decorator overview:

In terms of definition, interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behavior to create functional spaces within a building and interior decorating is the furnishing or adorning of a space with decorative elements to achieve a certain aesthetic.

Obviously, both interior designer and decorator require creativity but they serve separate purposes. Interior designers mainly focus on the convenience and function of spacing while interior decorators work more in spacing aesthetics and fashion. For example, if you are planning to re-organize your kitchen in order to create a safer space for your children and more convenient for your wife, an interior designer can redesign it following expertise rules and regulations to make sure that the new kitchen functions well, not only protect your kids but also help your wife cooks easier.

On the other hand, if you would like your kitchen to look more modern or classic, a decorator can help you to handle it as he knows how to operate furniture, combine colors and so on to create those kitchen styles.

A refined-tastes designer can also be a decorator but a decorator will need to learn more about architectural knowledge as well as design theories to be a designer.

Design or decorate (Source: Internet)

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

To meet the needs and budget of the customer, the interior design process adheres to a methodical and coordinated methodology that includes research, analysis, and the integration of knowledge into the creative process.
Interior designers must apply innovative and technical solutions within a building that are useful, appealing, and advantageous to the residents’ quality of life and culture, whether they are working in a business or residential setting.
The project’s physical location and social context must be acknowledged by designers, who must also adapt to and work in concert with the building shell.
Interior designers may create environments that significantly enhance the experiences of the people who use them by putting smart solutions into practice.
Nowadays, there are a lot of researches which show the effect of spacing such as the effect of colors, lights, shapes, etc into the human mental and physical health.
The interior designer will be the one who learns them and applies them to specific spaces. For example, while designing spaces for a healthcare institution, interior designers will consider all the elements that can be applied to help patients cover better.

Interior designer (Source: Internet)
Interior designer (Source: Internet)

What Does an Interior Decorator Do?

In general, interior decoration makes up a smaller portion of the interior design sector.
Interior stylists or decorators are other names for interior decorators.
Interior decoration is the process of adorning a space to give it a new, appealing aesthetic.
A decoration unit typically takes place to create a cohesive look on the space in the social context of the project after structural planning and renovations have been completed.
Customers can get assistance from decorators in choosing color palettes, accessories, and furniture for inside or exterior spaces.
Since decorators are typically not hired until the interior construction of a new or renovated home has been completed, they cannot typically work with other professionals like builders or architects.
However, they can collaborate with furniture companies, upholstery designers, window coverings, etc.
These professionals mix a fresh interior concept without fundamentally altering the room’s layout.
Your doors, windows, bathrooms, and kitchens, which are utilitarian facilities, are typically unaffected. Either furniture, lighting, soft decor like textiles, rugs, and accessories, artwork, toppers, and curtains ought to be added.
Interior designers can update and enhance your room without ever performing complete renovations.
The art of interior decorating typically focuses on how a space looks rather than how it functions. The foundational elements of interior design are the art and décor of the home.
On the structure of the room, internal decorators won’t be contacted and will typically do the task on site.

Interior decorator (Source: Internet)

Should I Hire an Interior Designer or an Interior Decorator?

You should consider some factors such as your main purposes, your tastes, time schedules, the scope of the project and budgets to determine whether you require an interior designer or an interior decorator.
When the room needs to be completely renovated to be more convenient or serve any special purposes, or the project is extensive and requires cooperation between several departments, interior design is the better option. It is a customized process that considers all factors, including your unique needs and preferences, as well as a more thorough interiors approach.
Meanwhile, it can be accomplished easily with an interior decorator if you merely want to freshen your current area or just a little tidying up is needed. Decorating is intended to preserve as much of the hard shell as possible when removing and replacing non-permanent elements, the decorating process can be comparatively quicker. You might think about it and advise your interior decorator to paint the walls, modify the lighting, or renovate the floor. Because it is decorative, the procedure is quicker than interior design.

If you have any other aspects of exterior design and exterior decoration you would like to discuss, leave us a comment below.


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