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Stay Organized and Clean in Your Home on a Tight budget

Everyone appears to have been organized at the top of their list of things to do, but it can be difficult to find the time, money, and motivation to do it, especially if you’re busy. Not to mention the fact that every influencer in the organization industry is telling you that in order to get […]

Jimmy Ho
Published 24 Feb 2023
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Everyone appears to have been organized at the top of their list of things to do, but it can be difficult to find the time, money, and motivation to do it, especially if you’re busy. Not to mention the fact that every influencer in the organization industry is telling you that in order to get organized, you must purchase a new line of branded organizational products. 

We have excellent news for you—new organizational tools and containers are not actually necessary, even though some people may find them beneficial. Using goods you already own or, at the very least, items that aren’t outrageously expensive, you can simply organize your home on a budget.

1. Make a DIY Planner

Organize by Category

Once you start an organizing project, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, which may cause you to give up entirely. But by splitting up any overwhelming work into manageable pieces, you may prevent feeling overburdened. Choose the approach that works best for you from the many options available; none of them is incorrect.

Clothes, books, papers, “komono” (other stuff), and sentimental items are a few categories you can arrange to divide and conquer. You should  clear out the categories fast to aid in overcoming our emotional ties to our possessions. The goal is to start with the simpler items first—clothes are typically the easiest—and work your way up to the more difficult ones, like sentimental artifacts.

Organize by Room

Room by room organization is encouraged. Leeds suggests concentrating on a single room for a full month. Our approach will offer you plenty of time to complete major tasks as opposed to trying to complete everything at once, as we frequently do with spring cleaning. Additionally, by making gradual changes, you can make sure your new behaviors stick.

2. Purge

Start with the first item on your plan’s list after you’ve finished. Establish stations or containers where you can presort your belongings into the following four categories: sell, donate, throw, and retain. 

After that, clear the area so you can see what you have. Go through everything and make a decision on what to keep and what to discard. Following are some recommendations regarding what belongs in each pile:


Throw away anything that is damaged, discolored, excessively worn, or that a person from outside your home can’t or won’t use, including mattresses, pillows, old kid safety seats, and the majority of medical supplies.


Another choice is to give your items so others can benefit. Donate gently worn women’s professional attire to Dress for Success, which assists in providing low-income women with attire for job interviews. Give any more clothing still in decent condition but won’t bring in much money to your neighborhood Goodwill. Habitat For Humanity’s Restore and Goodwill accept secondhand furniture and household items. Your local library will accept donations of books, DVDs, and CDs. Also available for used baby equipment is Baby2Baby. They give it out to homeless shelters and pediatric clinics.

3. Sort

Group items first by category before deciding where to put them. Sort your items into piles, such as makeup, soap, body lotions, face creams, and medications, if you’re working on a bathroom. Think about slacks, skirts, dresses, shirts, sweaters, coats, and accessories while organizing a closet; do whatever works best for you and your belongings. 

After deciding on your categories, group related products together. Before continuing to the following phase, figuring out where and how to best keep your belongings, it’s essential to organize everything in the open where you can see it.

Group items first by category before deciding where to put them
Group items first by category before deciding where to put them

4. Assign

It’s important to consider how you utilize them in order to find the ideal location for everything. For instance, perhaps you’ve always kept your towels in the corridor of your upstairs bedroom. But if there is space, storing them in the bathroom probably makes more sense if you’ve ever emerged from the tub dripping wet and without a towel in sight. 

Think about how frequently you utilize things next. Put items you frequently use in an accessible spot and others you infrequently use in a less handy spot. For instance, if you use your slow cooker almost daily, it makes sense to keep it there.

5. Contain 


– Use Shoeboxes in the Dresser to Divide Clothing Into Sections and Rows.

– Arrange Your Clothes Vertically.

– Use an Egg Carton to Organize Jewelry in a Dresser Drawer.

– Make Your Own Storage “Baskets” to Store Closet Miscellanea.


– Create a Makeup Caddy From Paper Towel Tubes.

– Use Plastic Storage Drawers for Small Items. 

– Use Command Hooks and Inexpensive Dollar Store Bins Inside Cabinets.

– Upcycle Glass Jars for Counter Storage. 

Living room 

– Use a Hanging Clothes Organizer to Keep Board Games Accessible.

– Get Some Multifunctional Furniture From the Thrift Store.

– Turn an Old Picture Frame Into a Tray to Organize a Coffee Table. 

– Make Your Own Stylish Rope Bins to Store Blankets. 

6. Maintain

Creating new habits to replace the old ones is the most important part of maintenance. You need to create a new routine of dealing with issues immediately, even if that means putting things in a to-do basket for later. For instance, suppose you used to bring in the mail and drop it all on the kitchen counter.

Some tips for establishing new habits and routines to help keep you and your family organized include:

– Tie Decluttering to Something You Already Do.

– Create Daily Routines for Curbing To-Do Piles.

– Label Everything.

– Designate Homes for Your Most Frequently Misplaced Items.

Creating daily routines to keep everything clean
Creating daily routines to keep everything clean

Last but not Least

Even though organizing your home might be tedious, the benefits to your quality of life are well worth it. Remember that you don’t have to complete everything at once; in fact, the majority of organizational experts warn against even trying it. Therefore, if you’re feeling overloaded, tidy your stuff for just 10 minutes each day. Laundry baskets or baskets should be marked “keep,” “give,” and “sell.” Then start a timer and add a few items each day.

Have you got your Idea? 

Here is our suggestion to stay organized and clean. If you want to know more tips to improve your living space, visit our blogs for various cleaning-tips

We understand that there are certain tasks that you simply dislike doing or just don’t have time for doing this. That’s why at Sparkling and Beyond, we provide you many types of cleaning services. We’ll make sure that you will be satisfied with our professional cleaners who can handle all of your cleaning needs. 

Feel free to contact us now!


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