What Is Post Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning can be done by you or a construction company you hire after construction is complete. But what is construction cleaning? This is an important part of every construction project. Because without a final cleaning, a construction project would be havoc for a long time. Explanation of post-construction cleaning Post-construction cleaning is cleaning performed […]

Anh Son Ngo
Published 07 Mar 2023
What is post-construction cleaning?
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Post-construction cleaning can be done by you or a construction company you hire after construction is complete. But what is construction cleaning? This is an important part of every construction project. Because without a final cleaning, a construction project would be havoc for a long time.

Explanation of post-construction cleaning

Post-construction cleaning is cleaning performed immediately after the final completion of a construction project. A construction project may not be at its best without a thorough cleaning, so no construction project is fully complete until the post-construction cleaning is complete.

This cleaning typically consists of thorough site scrubbing, wall washing, sweeping, window cleaning, and other parts of the construction project that require cleaning. This cleaning makes the building perfectly visible to the client who commissioned the construction project.

Post-construction cleanup is quite complex (Source: Internet)
Post-construction cleanup is quite complex (Source: Internet)

Construction teams typically perform move-in cleaning to complete a project, but sometimes you may want to do the cleaning yourself. This could be because you’re trying to save money, or it could have been a construction project you did yourself. Additionally, many construction projects also require disinfection services to remove dust and dirt that can spread bacteria and viruses. These are all very important to know and should be taken into consideration.

What are the post-construction cleaning steps?

There are many parts to post-renovation cleaning, but these are all necessary steps to successfully complete a building project. It is important that none of them are skipped. Otherwise, it may not be possible to complete the work to the satisfaction of the customer who requested the work.

Post-construction cleaning procedure:

  • The first step in post-renovation cleaning is to make sure your walls are free of dirt, stains, and other unwanted stains.
  • All windows, window sills and door sills should be pressure washed and thoroughly cleaned.
  • The entire project should be checked to make sure all plastic materials and stickers have been removed from windows, walls, and various other areas.
  • Double dusting is then required to complete. That means you need to dry the dust on the light fixtures, fans, and even the ceiling first. Then apply wet dust to finish the dusting.
  • The next step to do is to do a trim cleaning. That is, wipe down all trim and make sure it is free of dust and dirt.
  • After cleaning the trim, you should vacuum any carpet that may be present. If your construction project is not carpeted, the vacuuming step can be replaced with sweeping.
  • After all these steps, the next step is to clean the sills and other doors on your construction project.
  • The next step should be a thorough cleaning of all devices. That means cleaning the outside and inside to make sure it’s free of dust. 
  • You need to clean up the junk and debris present in your construction project and eliminate a major problem area of ​​post-construction cleaning. You may need to hire a garbage disposal company for this.
  • A final inspection should be performed to ensure all safety concerns are met and no final cleaning is required.
There are lots to do with these stuff (Source: Internet)
There are lot to do with this stuff (Source: Internet)

Various Stages In Post-Construction Cleaning

When it comes to move-in cleaning, there are typically three phases that cleaning teams perform. Each of these stages is necessary to ensure that the building is perfectly clean and free of anything that could cause problems for homeowners and visitors.

Phase 1: The Preliminary Cleaning Stage

General cleaning is the first stage of post-construction cleaning. This is the most important cleaning as it is where the cleaning team does a thorough cleaning. They search the house to ensure everything has been taken care of and that no large items are left there.

Phase 2: The Light Cleaning Phase

The light cleaning phase is the next phase that runs after the initial rough cleaning phase. This cleaning is less thorough and focuses on ensuring everything has been vacuumed, swept, and dusted. You can also see that they wash and clean the windows frequently. 

Phase 3: Final Cleaning Stage

During the final cleaning phase, a replica crew takes the time to clean the building thoroughly. This also helps ensure everything is safe for people moving into the building. It also helps to ensure that after construction the cleaning crew dusts off the building’s final dust and cleans it up to make it shine.

Why is post-construction cleaning so crucial?

We cannot meet customer standards without this part of the build process, so post-construction cleaning is very important. After moving into a building, more work is needed, so no one wants their home to be dirty and shabby after the construction work is completed.

Why is it so important? (Source: Internet)
Why is it so important? (Source: Internet)

This is also important as it helps construction companies look their best to their customers. A construction company cannot stay in business for long if it does not clean up the completed work. People want their homes done from the ground up when they hire a construction company rather than a half-baked job.

Post-construction cleaning is also very important to ensure the safety of the people living in this home. You don’t have to worry about leaving glass or nails that you or someone else might step on or possibly send to the hospital to remove. 

Post-construction cleaning shouldn’t be forgotten!

Post-construction cleaning is a crucial part of every construction project and should not be forgotten when completing a construction project. With three cleaning stages, everything is thoroughly cleaned and nothing is skipped. You can totally hire a crew that is able to do the post-construction cleaning all for you, they know what to do.

Need some tips? We’re here to help!

Above is some information about post-construction cleaning, from there, you’ll be able to decide whether you should hire a service. Refer to 7 tips to keep your home and family safe, especially after the post-construction cleanup.  

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