What are the Differences Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning?

Two primary service categories are offered in the cleaning industry: a commercial cleaning service and a residential one. How different are they? And what is the best choice for my property? – You may ask.  This article will examine the differences between commercial and home cleaning services and the situations in which each is most […]

Published 25 Jul 2022
What are the Differences Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning?
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Two primary service categories are offered in the cleaning industry: a commercial cleaning service and a residential one. How different are they? And what is the best choice for my property? – You may ask. 

This article will examine the differences between commercial and home cleaning services and the situations in which each is most useful. Read on since this may help save your budget! 

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning refers to cleaning done by a commercial cleaning company, which hires skilled cleaners and uses specialized equipment to cleanse and disinfect commercial buildings.

Here are some properties that require commercial cleaning: Office buildings, Malls, Schools, Clinics, Industrial buildings, etc. 

However, this cleaning service is also suitable for houses in many cases, such as deep cleaning, post-renovation cleanup, or cleaning for relocation.

Residential cleaning service (Source: Internet)
Residential cleaning service (Source: Internet)

What do commercial cleaners do?

Often, a commercial cleaning firm does more than just scrub floors or tables. They could even clean your vent, vent grates, computers, and other things for a business customer. Commercial cleaning services will clean everywhere they think a germ could be hiding. In other words, the kind of cleaning service requires intense cleanup. 

Here are what a commercial cleaning company can help: 

  • Cleaning rugs in offices using a vacuum
  • Polishing and wiping mirrors
  • Using a squeegee to clean the interior and exterior of any glass
  • Cleaning the doors and ledges, eliminating any dust and fingerprints 
  • Scrubbing sinks 

Since intense cleanup or cleanroom development conditions must be considered, commercial cleaning organisations need teams of technicians with extensive expertise and training. 

By mastering professional cleaning techniques and tools, they can handle efficiently deep clean settings that need it for the safety of their personnel and guests.

In this way, commercial cleaning firms can ensure optimal sanitary conditions and abide by even the most rigorous hygiene standards of clinics or schools.

Most commercial cleaning businesses are also certified and guaranteed, which means that any loss that occurs while a project is being completed or any harm caused during a project will be partially or wholly compensated to the client.

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What tools and products are used?

To fulfil their jobs, here are some tools and products that they use:

  • Spray disinfectant
  • Sanitisers to 3-dimensional surfaces for an all-around thorough clean
  • Mold flea preventative 
  • Large carpet cleaners
  • Electrostatic sprayers
  • Floor cleansers
  • Carpet Steamers.

Besides the equipment above or product, you may still find commercial cleaners utilising regular cleaning supplies and techniques comparable to those used by domestic cleaners.

Green commercial cleaning 

Nowadays, some commercial cleaning businesses do their jobs using green cleaning methods and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. 

For many commercial cleaning service style=”font-weight: 400;”> providers, the capacity to clean massive places with eco-friendly materials is one of their main selling points. Many company owners and educators know this feature is well-liked since it benefits the environment and the building’s frequent users. Green cleaning solutions are safer for people to breathe in since they contain less dangerous chemicals.

What Is Residential Cleaning? How does it differ from commercial cleaning services?

As the name suggests, a residential cleaner frequently provides home cleaning services for houses or other domestic residences. 

While commercial cleaners may also enter a house, their job is to complete complex one-time tasks like deep cleaning, post-renovation cleanup, or relocate cleaning. Meanwhile, residential cleaning firms will come to your house much more frequently and handle your day-to-day home hygiene. 

Commercial cleaning (Source: Internet)
Commercial cleaning (Source: Internet)

What do residential cleaners do?

Residential cleaners might work as independent contractors or employees of a residential cleaning company

Though their cleaning areas may be much smaller compared to commercial space, residential cleaners would still put forth much effort. And since home cleaning is far more involved than workplace detailing, they can ensure your house is immaculate and all your surfaces sparkling.

Besides your personal possessions, a household cleaner will clean almost everything in your house, from the living room to the bedroom, toilet and kitchen. With housekeeping services, they can make sure that your home is sparkling and dust-free. 

Here are some of their tasks: 

  • Cleaning carpets
  • Vacuuming floors
  • Kitchen surface cleaning and sanitization
  • Sanitizing and polishing the showers and bathtubs
  • Removing the garbage
  • Taking out cobwebs
  • Damp wiping kitchen and bathroom cabinets

That being said, the cleaning method, technology, and procedures highly depend on each residential cleansing supplier and thus differ significantly from case to case.

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What Kind of Tools and Products do They Use?

Typically, residential cleaners employ a variety of standard household cleaning supplies and equipment that most people can obtain at their neighbourhood grocers. 

And obviously, many cleaning services may have access to additional equipment. Some household cleaners swear by specific kinds of rags for different surfaces. But here are some standard tools and products: 

  • Vacuum
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Paper Towels
  • Carpet Steamer
  • Spray Bottles
  • White Vinegar or Bleach 

Differences between residential and commercial cleaning services

Many people may think that residential means home and commercial means office. But that’s not always the case when it comes to cleaning services. 

If you want to know clearly the differences between these two types of cleaners, let’s look at this table. 

 Residential cleaning servicesCommercial cleaning services
PurposeDaily cleaning Deep, heavy cleaning
Staff & EquipmentEasy-to-find equipment and tools, 


Hard-working and experienced staff 

Complicated equipment, 


Well-trained cleaning team

SpaceMostly around homes, from living room to the bedroom.  Mostly for offices, clinics, schools. 


Also for houses post-renovation or relocation

StandardOperate to their own standards and meet the household’s requirements. Adhere to more sophisticated standards of buildings, clinics, etc. 
InsuranceSome are insured or bondedMostly is insured (with damage being compensated)
CostMore budget-friendlyMore costly  

Conclusion – Commercial vs. Residential cleaning

We hope that this article can help you decide what to choose for your properties. No matter which one you will go for, make sure that you communicate with the cleaning service provider about their schedule, standards, staff, insurance, etc. 

Looking for a sparkling space for work or living? Sparkling & Beyond Cleaning Services are all you need. 

We have a team of well-trained cleaners with proper equipment for both commercial or residential cleanup. Learn more about Sparkling and Beyond or book a cleaning service now!


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