9 Easy Steps To Clean a Dryer Inside and Out Today

Laundry works have been made so much easier with help of a dryer. However, do you have to have your dryer fixed or cleaned once in a while by professionals and realize that costs a bunch? Don’t worry, here we elaborate steps for easy dryer cleaning which you can do by yourself. Maintaining your dryer in good condition with simple cleaning techniques helps the drying procedure go on more smoothly and is cost-effective for maintenance in the long run.

1. Do dryers need to be cleaned?

Yes, absolutely! Keeping your dryers clean not only improves aesthetics, maintains them in good condition for longer, and incites the drying procedure more smoothly, but also prevents fire destruction, caused by dysfunctional, unclean dryers. 

Besides, it is not that hard to clean your dryers at home. Follow these simple steps to keep your laundry clean and your home safe.

Cleaning dryers helps to optimize drying and saves your home
Cleaning dryers helps to optimize drying and saves your home (Source: Internet)

2. How do you clean the inside of a dryer?

Cleaning the inside of a dryer might be the trickiest part. That includes looking into the dryer’s vent, lint trap, drum, and exterior. However, you will only need common supplies and tools that you can easily find at home and a bit of an effort.



  • Fabric cloth
  • Water and vinegar spray
  • Detergent
  • Nylon brush


  • Dryer cleaning brush
  • Vacuum with hose (optional)
  • Screwdriver

Please follow these steps:

  1. Remove lint from the lint trap

A dryer free of fluffs has better airflow to dry your laundry. To clean fabric residues from the lint trap, first, remove the lint screen and set it aside. Use a vacuum or a brush to clean off fabric from the interior and exterior of the lint trap. Vacuum the moisture sensor strips on the outside of the lint trap as well. Finally, place the lint screen back in its place. 

You could also check out this article for more thorough lint trap cleaning.

  1. Turn off and unplug the dryer

It is essential to remember to unplug the dryer before cleaning to prevent potential electrical shock from removing or disconnecting parts. If you own a gas-dryer, you need to turn off the gas supply valve, and disconnect and secure the gas supply line.

  1. Clean the dryer drum

Dryer drum can acquire a film of residues due to the usage of fabric softeners or dryer sheets over time. Such films can hinders the efficiency of the dryer. You can start cleaning by vacuuming any debris outside. Clean the drum with a soft, soap-soaked fabric if your dryer is electric, and replace soap with any non-flammable liquid cleaner. After that, wipe it off again with wet sponges or towels and dry it out with cloths. 

  1. Pull out the dryer to access vent duct

Moving the dryer about one foot away from the wall to clean of any dirts that are stucked there. Also, such space will leave you cleaning the vent later.

  1. Remove clamps and detach vents

Remove the vent from the back of the dryer by unscrew the attached clamps or removing the tapes.

  1. Clear the vent

Clean off any debris with either a vacuum, a specialized cleaning brush, or with your hands. Pick up large lumps of lint or debris first, then proceed with a vacuum hose, or brushes to clean off residues from the crevices.

  1. Inspect and clean the outside vent

The exterior vent can be found outside of your home, usually at your house’s side or roof. Open the vent cover and proceed cleaning as you do with the interior vent. 

  1. Reattach the vent and turn on the dryer

Reattach the vent with tape or the clamps onto the dryer. Turn on the dryer by plugging in the electric socket or open the gas valve and connect it to the gas supply line.

  1. Run a empty cycle

Move the dryer back to its place against the wall. After that, turn on the dryer, run an empty cycle for about 10-15 minutes to clean off any remaining lint or residues.

Clean the inside of the dryer
Clean the inside of the dryer (Source: Internet)

3. How do you clean the outside of a dryer?

This part is super easy. You can clean off stains and dirts from a well soap-soaked cloth, or use a liquid detergent spray made out of water and vinegar in 1:1 ratio. Wipe thoroughly on the surface and through the knobs and buttons as well.

Clean the exterior of your dryer with soap or any liquid detergent
Clean the exterior of your dryer with soap or any liquid detergent (Source: Internet)

4. How often should a dryer be cleaned?

Each part of the dryer need a specific cleaning schedule. Most of the time, you can inspect if there is residue build-up on the lint trap, drum and exterior and decide if they need a thorough clean. You can consult the suggestion below for cleaning dryers.

Dryer vent and ducts: once every two years

Cleaning your dryer vent and ducts provide better airflow, which equal better performance. You could clean these at least once every two years or more often if you feel the need to.

Dryer lint screen: after every load

It is important to clean the lint screen as a blocked screen can lower performance, prolong the drying time. Also, it is easy to remove lint from the lint trap so try to clean your dryer lint screen after each session.

Deep clean lint screen: every 6 months

Residue from softeners, laundry detergents or lint stuck on mesh might be more difficult to clean off by hands. You will need to deep clean the lint every 6 months. First, roll lint off and wet both sides with hot water. Use detergent and a brush to clean off the lint thoroughly. Finishing the procedure by rinsing off again with hot water and let dry.

Cleaning dryer has never been easier with the aforementioned step-by-step guidance. Clean it thoroughly from the lint screen, to interior vent and ducts to exterior vent. All can be acquired with simple supplies and ingredients. And don’t forget to follow a regular schedule to maintain your dryer in best condition.

However, we understand that some of you might not want to spare your precious time or strength to do such labor. Then why don’t you check out our home cleaning services, which saves you tons of time and effort at a reasonable price?

Clean dryers regularly
Clean dryers regularly (Source: Internet)

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