How Much Does Deep Cleaning a House Cost

Cleaning can often be forgotten due to work, school, and a variety of other activities that keep most households busy. Homeowners and renters may find it easy to maintain a clean home if they can keep up, but the task of “catching up” can seem impossible. A professional cleaner can help. increase. A small cleaning […]

Jimmy Ho
Published 30 Mar 2023
How much does deep cleaning a house cost?
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Cleaning can often be forgotten due to work, school, and a variety of other activities that keep most households busy. Homeowners and renters may find it easy to maintain a clean home if they can keep up, but the task of “catching up” can seem impossible. A professional cleaner can help. increase. A small cleaning team can reshape the ship and reset the home with just one visit from her, allowing residents to start over and redo the cleaning or a regular standard house cleaning every few weeks. You can hire a service. According to recent research, the average home cleaning cost ranges from $200 to $400 depending on the type of service you choose.

 Deep cleaning is most often done by a team of cleaners, as this level of cleaning is too time-consuming and impractical for one person to do. Most cleaning services will calculate the cost of deep cleaning per cleaning crew per her hour. So a team of four will cost more than her team of two, but a team of four will get the job done faster and make it easier for the resident to plan her day. The total cost is determined based on certain considerations such as the size and design of the home and variables such as ancillary services and the condition of the home when the cleaning crew arrives. Understanding how these factors affect the cost will make budgeting for this task easier for homeowners and renters.

Factors When Calculating Deep Cleaning House Costs

All homes are different. There are many answers to the question, “How much does a thorough house cleaning cost?” However, most professional cleaners have seen everything from homes that need very little touch-up to homes that require an enormous amount of work just to clean up surface debris. Because of this, deep cleaning prices vary.

There are several factors that affect the cleaning cost (Source: Internet)
Several factors affect the cleaning cost (Source: Internet)

Home size

Smaller homes cost less than larger homes, as house size correlates with general cleaning time at $25 to $50 per hour. However, many companies set a minimum fee to ensure that cleaning contractors make enough money to make their time worthwhile cleaning very small homes and apartments. increase. Homes under 1,000 square feet typically cost between $100 and $200 to cover the minimum cost. 

House type

The size of your home certainly affects the cost of deep cleaning, but so does the style and layout. Condos are generally the least expensive type of home due to their simple layout and small size. Tiny homes and cottages, along with some duplexes, make up the next average price point due to their somewhat complex floor plans (more walls means more room to work with) and compact spaces. May require more hand washing. 

Apartments vary greatly in size and layout. Some apartments are in the lower cost range if they have only one bedroom and one bathroom, while others have four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a fancy kitchen. Footprints and areas may be small, but they are often spread over three stories, and stairs add time and effort. Chalets and lofts have high ceilings, making cleaning difficult, requiring extension poles for cleaning equipment, and adding cost. Traditional homes are built in so many configurations and variations that they can be straightforward, clean, complicated, and cost differently.

Cost based on house type (Source: Internet)
Cost based on house type (Source: Internet)

Room type and number of rooms

Each room must be attended to by a member of the cleaning team. The more rooms in the house, the longer it takes to clean and the higher the labor costs. Also, some rooms have different levels of cleaning, so it takes longer than others.

  • Washroom is quick and easy: A thorough dusting, surface wiping and mopping completes the job.
  • Home offices are straightforward: Dusting, emptying the trash, vacuuming, and wiping down the trim and walls are simple and don’t require much scrubbing.
  • Bedrooms are a little more complex, as they may involve moving furniture to clean behind as well as vacuuming and cleaning the mattress, which can be heavy work depending on the bed size.
  • Living and dining rooms also require extended vacuuming, upholstery spot cleaning, and some furniture movement to access the walls and baseboards behind them.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms are the most labor-intensive rooms to clean because of the variety of surfaces and angles and the likelihood that vertical surfaces need more attention.
  • Basements and attics may or may not be part of the base deep cleaning package; instead, they may be listed as add-on services because the time and effort components depend so much on how crowded the spaces are and whether or not they’re primarily storage or finished living areas. As a result, these rooms tend to be the most expensive.

Home State

Is your home empty and ready to sell or full of furniture and belongings? Professionals can work effectively in either case, but an empty home has no furniture or belongings to move and is unfurnished. No need to vacuum or vacuum your mattress. This reduces the cost of cleaning open houses. 

Houses full of belongings may require an estimate or quote before deep cleaning is scheduled. Why? If a house is reasonably tidy, the cleaners have faster access to the surfaces that need to be cleaned; on the other hand, if the cleaners arrive and the floor is full of toys and stacked books and papers, and the counters are cluttered with dishes in the kitchen and makeup in the bathroom, extra charges may be applied because the cleaners have to tidy before they can clean (this is a different standard than what regular weekly cleaners use, which may include general tidying as part of the job). 

The cost will be lower if the house is not that dirty (Source: Internet) 
The cost will be lower if the house is not that dirty (Source: Internet) 

Also, the degree of dirt and buildup that needs to be scrubbed off will affect the cost. Walls that need a quick dusting and wipe down will likely be included in the price of deep cleaning, but stained barriers that need effective scrubbing and other attention may be charged as a separate service. Carpets that need spot cleaning may be included, but whole-carpet shampooing is not. If it has been a long time since the cleaning was completed, the estimate will help determine the cost

Type of cleaning work

Each cleaning service has its schedule or checklist and is included in the basic deep cleaning fee. Other services not on this list are available for an additional cost. This breakdown allows customers to choose the higher-value tasks they want to complete and avoid paying for uncompleted tasks. These tasks can pile up quickly, but they are time-consuming, so many clients choose to hire a professional from the start. Therefore, even if the overall cost of house cleaning services is higher, we recommend deciding what you need.

  • Grout and tile cleaning is popular for customers who hire deep cleaning professionals. This service adds between $290 and $660.
  • The inside appliance is usually included in their service. Others charge $10 to $50 to clean the inside of their refrigerator or oven.
  • Carpet deep cleaning prices range from $1.25 to $5 per square foot, except for delicate carpets that require hand washing. These cost up to $8 per square foot.
  • Curtains and shutters average between $150 and $360, depending on type, size, and weight. 
  • Cleaning walls and baseboards (excluding dusting and mopping) costs an average of $170-$480.
  • Upholstery cleaning costs range from $119 to $231, although larger sections may cost more.
  • General disinfection, post-illness cleaning, and removal of bacteria and allergens can cost anywhere from $15 to $400.

Labor Price

Because whole home deep cleaning services are at least partially time-sensitive, local labor costs can significantly impact the cost of cleaning services. It’s not something the client can control, but it’s worth noting that it’s part of the budgeting process. Most cleaning services offer different packages based on the team’s number of cleaning crews and the work time required to complete the job. Other cleaners add more hourly charges but may do the job more quickly.

Labor price (Source: Internet)
Labor price (Source: Internet)

Geographic location

Urban and suburban areas generally have several cleaning services (both chain and independent) to choose from. There are fewer options in remote and the remote regions, and prices can be higher as a result. Alternatively, the cleaner may travel considerable distances to reach the site. This may add additional shipping charges to your package. 

Geographic location also affects the cost (Source: Internet)
Geographic location also affects the cost (Source: Internet)

Save money by considering your needs!

If you list places that need a deep clean and consider areas you can clean yourself without spending too much time and effort, you will probably save a lot of money. Above are the costs of hiring deep cleaning services at specific locations in your home; you can refer to them and decide.

Need some tips? We’re here to help!

Are you struggling to find information about the cost of a house deep cleaning service? Refer to our article above to reach your goal of finding information. 

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