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Learn how to clean ninja coffee maker easily and effectively

Cleaning your Ninja coffee machine on a regular basis is a simple task that will not only improve the taste of your coffee but also extend the life of your machine

Published 28 May 2022
Learn how to clean ninja coffee maker easily and effectively
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Cleaning your Ninja coffee machine on a regular basis is a simple task that will not only improve the taste of your coffee but also extend the life of your machine. However, it is necessary to follow a cleaning instruction in order to fully clean your ninja coffee maker without any unexpected damages or scratches. Sparkling and Beyond will assist you to complete this task. 

How to get clean light of ninja coffee maker off

Minerals contained in hard water are the main cause of dirt and  stains in the inner surface of the coffee maker. When the coffee maker becomes dirty, the clean light is lit and it is time for you to clean your ninja coffee maker. Fortunately, the task is not as complex as you may think. Follow our guides below. 

Clean light (Source: Internet)

How to clean ninja coffee maker with vinegar

Create a solution

Before starting the cleaning feature of the coffee maker, make a solution by mixing white vinegar with water at the ratio of 50 – 50. Then, pour the solution into the water reservoir and reinstall it into the coffee maker. Remember to mix enough solution to fill up to the max fill so that it can have enough liquid to clean your coffee maker. 

It takes an hour for the vinegar to remove all the stubborn stains before you start the cleaning feature of the coffee maker. Also, remember to put the carafe under the brew basket to take the finish and turn the dial on your unit to the “Full Carafe” size.

Cleaning the ninja coffee maker (Source: Internet)

Out of this: How to clean ninja coffee maker without vinegar

Vinegar is a common kitchen ingredient and it is affordable. However, if you do not have any bottle of white vinegar or do not want to use it, you can use artificial coffee maker cleaner instead. Take a trip to the grocery and ask the seller to find a coffee maker descaler. The process will be the same no matter what kind of cleaner you use but you will need to pay attention to the cleaning material. Remember to read the instructions carefully to find a suitable descaler.

Start cleaning

First of all, all the ninja coffee makers have a cleaning feature, so you only have to press the “clean” button to start the process. You will see “CLN” and the countdown timer of the clean cycle appear on the clock display. Don’t press any other buttons while the cleaning cycle is running.

The Ninja coffee maker control pane (Source: Internet)

The cleaning cycle normally ends in an hour or varies depending on the model of the Ninja coffee.  

Once the process finishes, the light next to the clock display will flash, and the word “Flush” will appear on the display. Press “Flush” out all the solution and pour it out carefully. The solution is hot at this point so be careful with it. 

Note: If you need to cancel the process, press “clean button again or the power button. 

Restart cleaning with water

Refill the reservoir with tap water and repeat the above steps to start the cleaning process again. This process will make sure all the solution is washed out. Vinegar may leave a smell after cleaning, so you can add a little coffee into the second-cycle water to deodorize the coffee maker. 

Risen again with water (Source: Internet)

How to clean mold out of ninja coffee maker

In humid and hot conditions, mold and germs bloom quickly if you leave anything unclean. Coffee maker is not an exception, mold can appear over the night if you do not remove coffee grounds or leave it dirty for a long time. However, you can eliminate mold by vinegar or other cleaners. 

Important: If you do not have white vinegar, DO NOT replace it with another kind of vinegar as it may damage your coffee maker. 

Coffee mold (Source: Internet)

Clean the glass carafe

The carafe also needs to be cleaned sometimes. It can be scrubbed by a brush or sponge with dish soap. If you use a brush, choose the long-roll one. Then, rinse and dry the carafe with a clean rag or cloth. 

How do I get rid of calcium buildup in my coffee maker?

Hard water over time causes calcium to accumulate in the appliance. You can utilize the machine’s clean cycle feature to get rid of these calcium deposits. It is extremely easy. Simply fill the water reservoir with a solution of descaling agent and water, or white vinegar and water, then click the “clean” button.

Other problems you may face

  • Sediment in the coffee: Sediment in coffee: This problem occurs as a result of the filter being overly finely ground. To reduce this sediment, use a coarser grind or a paper filter.
  • Over-folded paper filter: This can be caused by a mismatch between the filter holder and the paper filter. Adjust it by wetting the sides of the paper filter to allow it to adhere to the filter holder
  • Dripping brew basket (even after the brew cycle is completed): It’s possible that the filter holder valve is clogged. Clear the clogs by rinsing the filter holder with tap water.
Paper filter (Source: Internet)


When the cleaning light is on, every function of the ninja coffee maker remains operational. However, the taste of your coffee may become stale if you leave your coffee maker dirty for a long time. With our simple guides on how to clean ninja coffee maker, doing frequent cleaning won’t take much time so do not overlook the machine for too long. Not only the coffee maker, other kitchen appliances need regular cleaning equally. Recently, Sparkling and Beyond has compiled a list of effective and easy-doing cleaning tips for housing appliances that you may need sometimes, for example How To Deep Clean An Electric Kettle, How To Clean An Iron, How To Clean A Humidifier, etc.  Along with this, we are also offering a wide range of specialized Cleaning Services such as Deep Cleaning Service, Move-In Cleaning Service, Move-Out Cleaning Service, and so on. If you need any help from our cleaning experts, feel free to contact us at any time. Our experienced staff are always willing to handle cleaning for you.


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